Sunday, December 3, 2017

Auction Items 2017!

We begin our Holiday celebrations early ...
... our local quilt guild jump starts the season with their Annual Tea and Auction!  Members decorate tables for our guests to enjoy!  I decorated my table with a Thanksgiving theme ... again!  Looking back on prior years ... I need to switch it up!  Now ... let's hope I remember that when next year comes around!
Members make finger foods to serve ... I made mini almond poppyseed muffins and chocolate revel bars.  The revel bars are a recipe from my childhood, they bring back many memories of potlucks at Alida Lutheran Church!
All members make items to be auctioned!  While in Albuquerque this summer, I visited a quilt shop that had a panel of Advent Stockings displayed on the wall.  My immediate thought was that a garland of those would make a great auction item!  I was unable to find the bolt ... when I asked for assistance ... I was told that this was their last panel!  It took a bit of time to find a ladder tall enough, but eventually the display panel was in my hands!  Always fun to shop where there is great customer service!
My ever vigilant Snoopervisor was on hand to make sure I could sew along the printed lines!  By the time I got to 24, she apparently thought I could manage and she took a snooze!  On a pair of scissors!  Silly kitty!
Here the garland is on display at the auction! 
Next up ... a knitting bag!  I love novelty prints ... knitting themed fabrics are a personal weakness!
I made the same bag last year in a Tula Pink fabric ... also made another one for a friend when she moved ... obviously it is a favorite to make! I really wish I had bought more of the dark grey print ... hmmm ... there is a lesson to be learned in there somewhere!?!
Ever since I started quilting, I have had a love affair with the nine-patch!  They are like potato chips ... I cannot stop with making only one!  I used a charm pack to make the blocks and then a coordinating print for the alternate blocks.  The friend who bought it recently posted a video of her twins at the table on instagram ... the table topper was there in the background ... my heart was full!  Love seeing things I've made being used and enjoyed ... total dillydally goodness!
This sweet woodland Santa was made by Girlfriend DillyDally!  My son liked it so well and suggested they keep it, but she insisted it go in the auction as planned.  It was a Daisy Kingdom panel from back in the 1990's ... she picked it up at a guild swap table.  It is three dimensional and turned out adorable!  I thought I would buy it and gift it back to them ... but others wanted to take it home as well!  The bidding was fierce, and it soon was above my budget!  I was so happy for Girlfriend and we celebrated her success!
We currently have little snow at sea level ... but our short days are enough to remind us that the Holiday season is upon us! 

Do what you love! Do dillydally!
Mrs. DillyDally


  1. What great projects to auction off.
    the bag is beautiful!
    I'm glad you had supervision to make those stockings. ;)

    1. Thanks Marilyn ... Flicka is in charge and always present! I wouldn't have it any other way!