Monday, December 4, 2017

There's Always Tomorrow!

I love going covert with my dillydallying this time of year ... which means I am unable to share what I am working on!  Like you, I multi task ... sew ... I can share what I did while doing undercover work this weekend!

There's always tomorrow 
For dreams to come true.
Believe in your dreams, come what may.
There's always tomorrow
With so much to do.
And so little time in a day

We all pretend the rainbow has an end
And you'll be there, my friend, some day.
There's always tomorrow
For dreams to come true
Tomorrow is not far away.

We all pretend the rainbow has an end
And you'll be there my friend, someday.
There's always tomorrow
For drams to come true
And tomorrow is not...far...away.

As a child, in the days before videos, my family would plan our lives around when this show aired on television.  It carries such a powerful message, which remains relevant 53 years later. Enjoy the music and relive the moment here!

Do what you love!  Believe in your dreams, come what may!  Do dillydally!
Mrs. DillyDally
Teaser - nine-patch love affair continues!

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  1. Loved that show, and the old animation.
    The 9-Patch is looking great!