Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Dressmaking I Class

What better way to celebrate spring's arrival then by adding a new garment to our wardrobe!
Welcome spring and refresh your wardrobe by taking a Dressmaking I Class!
Let's make a garment for ourselves!  After months of pattern research, I finally chose one that allows me to teach basic clothing construction skills ... is available for all body sizes and shapes ... and includes many design options!
 I began sewing at the age of nine and by Junior High was making most of my wardrobe.  My mother taught me to sew initially, I took every Home Ec class available in High School.  Textiles were my first love ... a passion that has remained with me my entire life!
When choosing a college ... my first concern was whether or not I could study textiles!  I took every textile class available!  My passion grew ... clothing construction was always my first love!
 I am thrilled by the interest in and current popularity of clothing construction!  Sew ... my excitement in offering a class for adults makes this dillydally heart sew very happy!  We are going to have such fun!

Here are the details:

  • We will be meeting three times, April 4, 11, and 18th
  • Set up will begin at 6 pm with instruction from 6:30 - 9:30 pm.
  • High School Home Economics Room
Participants will Learn the Following Skills
  • Body measurements & Size
  • Fabric preparation & Grainline
  • Pattern Layout & Cutting
  • Marking
  • Staystitching & Darts
  • Clipping corners & Curves
  • Seams & Finishes
  • Grading Seams
  • Bias Facings
  • Side Seam Pocket Construction
  • Gathering Techniques
  • Hand Sewn Hems

Dress Pattern
  • We will be making the Hinterland Dress by Sew Liberated.  
  • In Dressmaking I, we will be using this pattern to make a pullover, sleeveless version. 
  • The pattern is available for purchase at The Net Loft.
  • Sizes range from 0 to 24.  It is a style that is comfortable and flattering for all body shapes.
  • It is very versatile.  Participants will choose between a tunic, short, or midi length dress.
  • If you would like to view this pattern made by people from all over the world, use #hinterlanddress on Instagram.
Equipment Required to Participate
  • A sewing machine in good working order
  • Sewing Machine Needles, size 12  
  • Fabric scissors
  • Tape measure
  • Straight Pins
  • Seam Ripper
  • Sharpes (hand sewing needles)
Supplies required to Participate
  • After you register, I will be emailing you a supply list that includes the fabric and notions necessary to take the class.
  • Fabric, notions, and equipment is available at both The Net Loft and Forget Me Not Fabrics.

Registration and Cost
  • Space is limited.  Be sure to register online by clicking here.
  • Once you register, I will email you a supply list.
  • The class fee is $75 (due at the first session) and includes over 9 hours of instruction.
Questions and Concerns
  • Feel free to email me at
  • Use Dressmaking I in the subject line.
  • I check my email every morning and evening, and will reply as soon as I read your email.

Thursday, March 7, 2019

Foo-Whee Fun!

Here in my remote corner of the planet, I wear some form of mitten 9 months of the year!  When Mother Nature is blasting us with her coldest efforts, I always reach for a pair of Foo-Whee (thrummed) mittens!  They are heaven on the hands ... and a hoot to make!  Each time I knit a pair, I have a permanent smile on my face!  Creating something so practical ... yet comes with a chuckle!  Perfect dillydally activity!
Time passes so quickly ... I couldn't believe it had been 4 years since I had taught others to make their own Foo-Whee mitts!  These mittens are even more fun to knit with others ... click this link for proof!
Yep ... it was time to share the fun with others once more!  Snoopervisor Flicka agreed!
Working up samples for the class ... lots of smiles in the process!  Foo-Whee Mission II was ready to begin!
Participants came with the ribbing done so that we could dive directly into the fluffy silliness! 
It is so inspiring to see the color choices others make!  The first session of this class focuses on the thrumming technique and creating a thumb gusset.  We are so fortunate that our LYS, The Net Loft, provides us with the tools, supplies and space to learn and create! 
The second session is all about crowning the mitt, creating the thumb, and finishing techniques!
It is so rewarding to see the progress made by everyone!  Each mitt is beautiful!
These mitts come with personality ... each having their own sense of humor!  I have been making thrummed mittens for 30+ years and they still tickle my funny bone!  My hope is that this technique brings years of knitting giggles to every participant in the class!  May their Foo-Whee mitts "live long and prosper"!

Star Date 3.02.2019:  Foo-Whee Mission II Accomplished
Do what you love!  Share the fun!  Do dillydally!
Captain DillyDally

Saturday, March 2, 2019

February 2019!

I miss blogging ... it is my personal journal ... where I share my thoughts and experiences.  I don't necessarily seek an audience, yet this humble site has brought several wonderful people into my life.  At the beginning of each month, I look back at years prior and revisit my past.  My hope is that future generations of the DillyDally clan will one day look back and revisit my life!  Today is March 1st, and I am going to attempt to return to blogging ... here goes!

Always a short month ... but packed with activity!  Here is a recap!
Several freeze and thaw cycles here in our remote corner of the planet!  Normal for February!
Another successful Iceworm Festival was held here in Cordova, Alaska!  I love how our community celebrates winter!

Busy hands make for happy hearts!  I am always busy ... currently I have major 007 quilting and knitting projects under way.  But I have to divert myself occasionally and work on other small projects ... those I can share!
Made a fun little Dot-to-Dot table topper for Valentine's!  No pattern, just the results of a dillydally windstorm!
Love creating on a whim!
A UFO discovered deep in the corners of DillyDallydom!  I made progress ... only the final border remains!
A knitting UFO finish as well!  Living on the edge ... finished the final thumb on a pair of mittens with only 2 inches of yarn remaining!  Too fun!
Travel knitting ...
... a chance to make progress on projects with no deadline!
Where I live, we use mittens of some sort, nine months of the year.  There are never enough mittens!
Foo-Whee (thrummed) mittens are fast to knit ... and honestly, they make me giggle!  Win/win when dillydallying is not just fun, but silly as well!

A new series of Knitting 101 has begun!
Eight new knitters began their knitting journey!
Love taking pictures of each lessons projects, watching their skills grow is so very rewarding!
Another group of new knitters graduated from Knitting 101 ... this is the final Lesson 5 project!
Also, I am currently teaching a Foo-Whee (thrummed) mitten class!
Oh my ... the possibilities!  The fun!  The silliness!
I haven't taught any quilting classes in years ... the shops I used to teach for are no longer in business ... and honestly, I really miss it!  Sew ... I became DillyDally Days LLC, got a state and local business license!  Now that everything is official ... I am able to do the teaching, consulting and designing I love!
The first quilting class began last night!  What a great way to end February! 

Valentine's Day was always a special day during my childhood ... it was also my father's birthday!
When my children were young we always had such fun making paper Valentines!  Wonderful memories!  This year I decided to make them with wool!
Pulled out my collection of buttons, beads, and sequins ... what fun!
A heart for each of the important love stories in my life!
Pulled out some of my favorite antique buttons!  What am I saving them for ... time to use them and send to friends far and near!
I had so much fun ...
... that I invited a few friends over for a Dillydally Playdate!  Fun is even better when shared!

My Fur Babies
Flicka and Nissa are usually near the center of everything Mr. DD and I are doing!
Flicka is in charge ... always!  Don't let her napping fool you!
Long walks with Nissa are a part of nearly every day! 
I refer to this picture as "The Lion and the Lamb".  Flicka is the lion ... Nissa the lamb!  Rarely a quiet moment like this ... that is why I took the picture!
Twelve years ago, when I began developing the dillydally lifestyle, one of the first things I did was focus on relationships that were a positive influence in this very complicated world!
That decision has been such a blessing!  One of those dear friends gave me the most thoughtful Valentines gift.  She is a blessing to me and many ... I am so grateful.

As I mentioned earlier in this post ... February is a short month!
We squeezed in a week in southern California!

We enjoyed the sights ... ate great food ... and most of all spent time with family!
And enjoyed a bit of glamor ...
Our Daily Walks
The best part about retirement ... is that it allows me to spend time outdoors daily!

I love spending time in the arms of Mother Nature!
And then there is a view from our front deck ... I am so very grateful for my dillydally life!  Farewell February ... on to March!

Do what you love!  Do dillydally
Mrs. DillyDally