Mrs. DD's Bio

Mrs. DillyDally


·       Raised on a dairy farm in northern Minnesota
Attended a one room country school grades 1-6
·       Was involved in and enjoyed everything about 4-H from age 8
·       Graduated High School in 1975
·       Attended Concordia College in Moorhead, Minnesota.  Graduated in 1979
·       Moved to Alaska for a two-year adventure in 1979.
·       Have traveled throughout Northern Europe.
·       Spent the summer of 1980 in Greenland.
May 2019 was spent in Iceland and Franc.e

LOCATION – My remote corner of the planet!
·       Have lived in Cordova, Alaska since 1984.
·       I am biased and consider Cordova to be Alaska’s best kept secret!
·       You can only get here by air or by sea.
·       The primary industry is commercial fishing.
·       Located on Prince William Sound, where the forest meets the sea.
·       Climate is coastal and identified as temperate rainforest.

·       Married the nicest man I ever met in 1981!
·       Sister DillyDally was born in 1983 and married in 2019!
·       Brother DillyDally joined us in 1988 and became engaged in 2020!
·       We have shared our lives with 6 dogs, 2 cats, a duck and multiple fish!
Our daughter married in 2019, a SIL was added to our family!
Our son became engaged in 2020, we will be adding a DIL to our family!
·       When you live in a remote area of the planet, friends become extended family!

·       I served as a public school teacher of 29 years and recently retired in 2014.
·       I taught middle school and high school students.  Mr. DillyDally claims that I am a perpetual teenager!
·       I had the honor and privilege of teaching Home Economics!  I taught skills that directly impact the quality of their lives.
·       I loved teaching and looked forward to it everyday!
·       Since retiring, I have begun teaching adult classes, my love of teaching continues!

·       Have been happily married since 1980.  He is still the nicest man I’ve ever met!
·       Watching my two little DillyDallys grow into adults that I like as well as love!
·       Teaching a generation of Cordova’s kids skills they will use their entire lives.
·       Charter member of the Cordova Northwind Quilter’s Guild.  Est. 1986
·       In 1999, I was awarded the Alaska Home Economics Teacher of the Year award.

In 2006-07 I experienced three “life changing” events that have forever altered my approach to life and how I want to live it.  The Dillydally Lifestyle is a concept that is constantly evolving as I walk this lifelong journey.  Here are some general guidelines that I attempt to adhere to:

Choose kindness                                                               Be a cheerleader                                                              Share your talents
Be generous with praise                                                   Embrace being silly                                                          Forget perfection
Free self of unnecessary guilt                                          Accept behavior choices of others                                  Be proactive
Do what you love                                                             Do dillydally                                                                     Love one another

They have improved my life in too many ways to count.  I highly recommend that you adopt a version of the dillydally lifestyle that will work for you!  If you want to follow me in my journey … you will find me … and my nonsense funsense here …

Thanks for visiting DillyDallydom!



  1. Love this tab "Mrs. DD's Bio". I always like to know about the creator of the blogs I faithfully read and yours is one of them. Thank you. Love your blog and I am inspired to dillydally as much as I possibly can each day!

    1. Thank you for your kindness Robin! Am thrilled that you are busy dillydallying in your corner of the planet too!

  2. Hello! :)
    I like your blog very much!
    I was searching for some sami mittens patterns and stumbled on your site. I'd like to live the Dilly-Dally life too!
    Kind regards,

    Anna, Russia

  3. So much to know about Mrs. Dillydally!! Love the Bio :)............

  4. I really miss your blog. I check it everyday. Hope you are just busy getting ready for the holidays. Jean Roy

  5. Just reading your Blog and clicked on the Bio. I didn't know you spent a Summer in GL! Where? I was at Sondrestrom Fjord 1978-1979. Such a small world! :D

    1. Omgosh ... such a small world! I was at Sondrestrom Fjord as well ... summer of 1980! Thanks for visiting my blog and checking out the Bio!