Sunday, March 27, 2011

Creating Spring!

It is still early for us to have signs of spring in our remote corner of the planet ... we have to rely on our faith that spring will eventually appear ... we have to believe without seeing any obvious signs ...
... because, as you can observe ... this time of year our outdoor environment is primarily many different  shades of gray.

I use that as an excuse to make the indoor environment show signs of spring ... it helps me keep the faith.  ;-) Mr. BunnyTails and I  took our relationship to the next level ... I finished the binding just a few minutes ago.
The photo doesn't do him justice ... too dark in the house this time of night ... I'll take another picture of him in daylight.  I still find him irrestible ... and love the bit of spring he'll bring to the house!  He just makes me smile and leaves me inspired!  Yep ... I have bunny fever ... so I moved on to another bunny pattern and kit I have.
I've done a few Patch Abilities patterns in the past ... and love them!  This one is called "Chocolate Bunny".  I bought this kit while in Anchorage in February!  When I pulled it out this weekend ... laid out the fabrics ... they just didn't sing the strong song of spring I need to hear.  The color palette was fine ... but too tame for my vision of spring.  I slept on it over night.
This morning I decided that I would only use two items from the original kit ... the egg shaped holder and a medium brown.  Now remember ... I am a dillydallier and work on a whim ... it is not unusual for me to change things up ... plus, I collect fabric and I know that the fabric from the kit I am not using now ... I will find a better use for later.  It is all good!
These are the fabrics I pulled from my stash ... I did end up changing the turquoise out for pink ... but here are the results!
Yep ... Mr. Chocolate Bunny is tall, dark and almost good enough to eat!  

The past week has been busy ... it was the end of third quarter at work ... which means tons of paperwork.  In dillydallydom, it took days to recover from the excitement of being featured on the "Free Quilt Patterns" facebook page!  I still can't believe that over 600 people visited the 2/27 post that they featured!  I also have 12 new followers ... who would have dreamed I would have 50 followers?  Thank you all for your kindness!  My single hope is that all who stopped by begin to see dillydallying in a different light ... do dillydally! 

Monday, March 21, 2011


The last 24 hours have been dillydallytastic!
It all began last night when the dillydally winds shifted ... a designing weather pattern moved in ... yep ... I had no choice but to submit.
I was inspired by yarn I had purchased on Saturday ... it kept calling me ... finally I relented and spent several hours with a calculator, pencil, graph paper, this luscious yarn (more on the yarn in a future post) and several sizes of knitting needles.  After multiple gauge swatches ... the pattern was finished and the knitting began! Today, I began the day with an hour of early morning knitting and coffee ... what a wonderful way to begin the day!

When I got home from work today, these lovelies were in the mail ... yep ... I had finally purchased some Dilly Dally fabric ... 3 cake stands (I know they're called layer cakes, but they misnamed them, I call them cake stands ... it just fits better!) and some yardage.  OK ... does "she and her sister" secretly know me?  Because this fabric just screams ... Mrs. DillyDally!  I have to thank many of you who emailed me and encouraged me to get some ... you were so right!  I love it ... not sure what I'll do with it ... eventually it will speak to me.  What a fun and wonderful thing to come home to! 

My usual routine when I get home from work is ... check facebook ... check email ... check this blog.  So ... that is exactly what I did.  When I got to my blog I was surprised to see that I had gotten 8 new followers ... new followers are very unusual when they come one at a time ... so 8 in one day just about blew me over.  Next I checked my comments ... two new comments on an older post made in February ... that was very unusual too.  Then I looked at my stats for the day ... I nearly had a stroke!  Over 500 people had visited today?  That couldn't be right?  I called Mr. DillyDally over to take a look, now I was sure I was having a stroke and he needed to look at it and straighten it out for me!  He looked everything over very carefully ... yep ... he nearly had a stroke too!  See why I keep pinching myself?  It is so unbelievable that anyone, let alone that many people would bother with my nonfunsense!  We finally caught our breath and backtracked where they had come from ... it was facebook.  The Free Quilt Patterns fan page had posted a link to this very small, humble and modest blog!  We couldn't believe it!  I was so excited, I couldn't talk ... I was squealing like a baby piglet ... no, I won't describe the look on Mr. DillyDally's face ... it was a side of his wife (of 30 years) he hadn't seen before and would probably like to forget! ;-)

This was my supervisor's response to all the excitment ...
... no ... she wasn't impressed ... one bit.  There is only room for one member of the DillyDally family to have an ego ... and it's Teacup. 

I am still pinching myself ... what an exciting dillydally day!  Holy Moly Hot Bologna!  I am grateful to all who made the past 24 hours so wonderful ... I love my dillydally life and all who are a part of it ... thank you!

Oh My Gosh Good Golly!
Oh-oh...pinches leave will I explain those tomorrow? ;-)

Friday, March 18, 2011

A New Man!

I've fallen in love ... yes, I am still in love with Mr. DillyDally ... even though he grilled dinner tonight in his short pants (it is not even spring in this corner of the globe!), crew socks and crocs! ;-)  But my new love is ...
... Mr. Bunny Tails!  I have found him irresistible ever since I met him on facebook.  Now that he has been "stitched" our conversations have become more serious.  We're almost ready to take our relationship to the next level ... I'll let you know what happens!  ;-)

I hope you found time to dillydally this week ... I spent every spare minute with Mr. Bunny Tails!  Here is a sunset we enjoyed from the front deck this week...
Don't worry ... a man standing over his grill ... in freezing weather ... wearing short pants, crew socks and crocs ... yep, I find that pretty irresistible too!  Life in my remote corner of the planet is good!  Have a wonderful dillydally weekend! 


Thursday, March 17, 2011

Dillydally Day Dreaming...

I am a very practical person.  I live a simple and modest life.  I am known to be pragmatic and proactive.  I know how to break tasks down into manageable steps and get them done.  Maybe it comes from growing up on a farm ... I do know how to "plow" through things when I deem necessary. ;-) There is nothing delicate or fancy about me or my life ... and I've always been comfortable with that.

But in my day dreams ... I live like a queen ... I dress like a movie star ... and ... "plowing" is never necessary.  Lately, I have been doing a great deal of dillydally day dreaming ... 
... I have spent hours ... thoughtfully reading ... imprinting the images in my mind ... and reverently touching this book.  
The Haapsalu Shawl: A Knitted Lace Tradition from Estonia by Siiri Reimann and Aime Edasi has everything necessary to inspire those who hold it in their hands.  The history section allows us to time travel to the beginning of this tradition ... increasing the value of and our relationship with the art of lace shawl making.
We are then transported from the past to the present.  I have spent most of my time with this book on these two pages ... three simple photos ... that speak volumes.  On the left are the master knitters from the late 19th century ... top right are the current master knitters ... bottom right are the future master knitters.  These two pages offer a great deal of comfort to those of us who value cultural traditions. 
"A true Haapsalu shawl is so delicate and airy that it can pass through a ring..."  This photo is so lovely, I would love to have a reprint of it ... for me it serves as a metaphor ...
The book includes pictures of many shawls that were designed for specific purposes.  Lily of the Valley are one of my favorite flowers ... and because of this book is now one of my favorite lace patterns.
The book provides directions and techniques for making shawls and scarves in this tradition ... and at 120 ... I stopped counting the number of lace patterns that are in this book.  The possibilities truly are endless.
I have been losing myself in this book for over a month ... it is lovely.  It has been so inspiring for me ... it has evoked dillydally day dreams that allow me to escape my very real practical, pragmatic and proactive life.   
I absolutely adore this photo of master knitter Linda Elgas ... wearing and creating lace.  I look at this photo and find a kindred spirit ... perhaps practical, pragmatic and proactive people can wear and create lace?  Maybe lace is not only for queens and movie stars? ;-)  I'm not sure ... hard to imagine myself wearing or creating fine lace ... but I do admire and appreciate it.  And I love day dreaming about it.

Do day dream.  Do dillydally.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Dillydally Side Effects!

My spirits improved as the weekend progressed ... thanks to the side effects of dillydallying! ;-)
Even though we all lost an hour of sleep, the morning was cold, clear and sunny ... no complaints here.
On Saturday I put the last log on my Snake River Log Cabin blocks!  Yeah!  I finally counted the number of pieces in each block, there are 48.  There are 64 blocks for a total of 3072 pieces!  Absolute. Unrestrained. Happy Dancing went on!  It felt great!  Now you know why I never count them before I piece a quilt ... it would over whelm me, and I might never start a pattern like this.  

Today our guild held an emergency Quilter's Anonymous meeting ...
... I took them so that I could lay them out for a preview of how they work together!  I am extremely happy with the results!  I think Brother DillyDally will love it!  I cannot remove the grin that has been permanently on my face since I laid these blocks out!  Now I'm excited to begin piecing the border blocks! 

Check out the guild blog to see the inspiring projects members were working on today.  It was a small group, but their projects were amazing.  I treasure those few hours spent with friends, doing what we love.

There is nothing like beginning a new project to help you forget your stress, so that is what I did.  I know ... that is not a surprise for one that lives by the Dilly Dally Creed. ;-)
Yep ... Mr. BunnyTails has taken on some color and stitching.  I have no idea what I will do with him ... but he is irresistible ... and I'll wait until he is finished ... he'll tell me what he would like to become!  What?  It's the dillydally way!  We embrace the unknown ... it is all part of the journey!

Have a wonderful week!  Do dillydally!  Enjoy the side effects! ;-)

Friday, March 11, 2011

It's the Weekend!

I greeted today's sunset with enthusiasm ...
... yep ... some weeks are like that ... they need to come to a close.  ;-)  

  When I got home today ... Mr. DillyDally insisted that what I needed most was to go on a hike with he and Kysa!  He couldn't have been more right!  Oops!  Did I just say that for all of blogland to hear?  There will be no living with him now! ;-)  Kysa in nine years old, but she has the energy of a puppy.  She is never still ... makes it very difficult to get pictures of her.
She has such a cheerful personality ... you can't help but feel better when you spend time with her! 

Yep ... the weekend had begun ... already I could feel life improving ... when we returned from our hike ... look what was in today's mail!
Isn't it just the cutest?  I ordered it from Kelly Ann's Quilting in Warrenton, Virginia.  I follow her blog and facebook page where a sample of this was pictured.  Kelly Ann is a warm and thoughtful person, with a terrific sense of humor, not to mention an abundance of talent!  I'm so grateful to have met her online ... I just love my dillydally life ... the people we meet because of it!  Hmmm ... starting a new project might just be what I need!  
I did manage to meet my goal this week ... and was able to put another log on the cabin blocks!  Drum roll please ... there is only ONE log left!  Yep ... the end is in sight.  Of course, there are the pieced border blocks remaining ... but remember ... I break it down into parts!  That way I get to celebrate more often!

 Even though weeks like this past one often rob us of time to dillydally ... they do remind us of how valuable our moments spent dillydallying are!  I hope your weekend is filled with time to dillydally! 

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

A Grand Dillydally Adventure!

When my hands are busy dillydallying ... this is where my mind is ...
... yes ... I have been spending most of my spare time thinking about Quilt Minnesota 2011!
My history with Quilt Minnesota began accidentally ... in 2007 ... I was in Bemidji, Minnesota visiting family ... went to one of my all-time favorite quilt stores, Emily's Country Cottage ... and found out that a statewide shop hop was in progress!  In 2008 ... the day before I left Alaska to visit Minnesota ... I inadvertently came across their website and noticed that there were metro area bus tours offered ... gave them a call ... buses were full, but told to call and see if there were any cancellations.  After arriving in the Twin Cities the next day ... I called ... there was an opening for the northern metro bus tour ... we visited 8 stores the next day ... one of which has also become one of my all-time favorite quilt stores, Rosebud's Cottage!  Gosh ... there certainly is a cottage theme going on here! ;-)  
This blog began because of the Quilt Minnesota Shop Hop!  In 2009 I had figured it out and was prepared!  We dillydalliers love having a mission!  My mission was to do as much of the shop hop as my time and $$$$ would allow and share that experience with my QBees (Quilt Buddies) back here in Alaska!  I'm relying on my memory here ... I know, a bit scary ... but I think I visited 24 stores.  I wrote a blog post about every quilt shop I visited ... you can go back in the blog archives (early posts, August 2009) and read all about it.  I didn't know anyone, but had a terrific time ... met so many lovely people ... met several who have touched Terry Atkinson ... a select club that I now can claim to be a member of!  It is an inside joke ... you'll have to read the posts to get it ... sorry, I can't help myself! ;-)  I go back and read them occasionally was such a fun quilt vacation!

In 2010, I was unable to travel to Minnesota in August, but went in June ... so I knew I would miss the shop hop.  Yep ... it was sorta sad ... but then something great happened!  QBee Diane came to Minneapolis for a few days ... I surprised her with a three day shop hop of our own!  We had such fun ... you can check the archives in June 2010 to read about that adventure!  Again, I hoped that her experience would encourage others to participate this year.  I plan a special event each year for my QBees called a Happy Unbirthday Party!  I used that annual event as an opportunity to invite them all to attend the 2011 Quilt Minnesota with me!  
So far ... five of us are Minnesota bound ... two are still on the fence ... more may be in the wings!  My philosophy is ... the more the merrier!  I have already established a rough itinerary ... we arrive on Friday, July 29th and leave on Monday, August 8th!  Ten days of dillydallying our way around Minnesota!  I can't wait to share it ... what a grand dillydally adventure! 

Sunday, March 6, 2011

QBee Birthday! Party Time!

QBee Lila had a birthday on Saturday!  Yeah!  Another reason to celebrate with one another! 
Lila is the one seated on the right ... she has "Barbie Doll legs", but we love and accept her anyway! ;-)  No ... really ... they are just like Barbies! 
I made her a "Quilter's Catch All" and luggage tags for our trip to the Minnesota Shop Hop this summer.  Her husband gave her the best gift ... a generous gift card to use during our trip!  Isn't that just the sweetest?  He definitely is in the running for "QBee Husband of the Year"!

QBee Terry brought some show and tell ...
Several nieces and nephews are having babies ... don't you just love the Dr. Seuss fabric?  I love the yellow poke-a-dot ... too much fun!
Winne-the-Pooh ... (choke) ... is just adorable!  Brother DillyDally was a huge Pooh Bear fan when he was little!  This quilt is just too cute for words!  What a wonderful Great Aunt!

It was fun to shower Lila with gifts and affection ... I love it when we carve time out of our busy lives to spend with one another.  The next birthday isn't until July ... we'll have to come up with other excuses to get together ... with the QBee crew, that shouldn't be a problem! ;-)  

I'm always full of it ... ;-) ... advice that is ... soooo ... make time for friends ... and do dillydally!

Holy Moly Hot Bologna! Times 10,000!

I love Sunday mornings ... this was my view today at around 8:00 am ...
... next my coffee and I turned on the computer ... downloaded photos ... went to facebook ... then on to blogger.  Honestly ... I, Mrs. DillyDally was feeling a bit guilty ( I know...dillydalliers are supposed to avoid guilt, but dang sneaks up on me sometimes)... it has been a busy week ... I hadn't posted all week ... I was feeling like a "bad blogger".  

And then it happened!  I thought there was something wrong with my vision!  I literally used my finger ... and touched the screen to count the zeros behind the number 1!  
Holy Moly Hot Bologna!   
In the past year ... this very humble blog ... from a remote corner of the planet ... has been visited ...
10,000 times!
Thank you ... for spending a few minutes of your valuable time ... reading my rambles and funsense.  You are a blessing!  Have a wonderful dillydally day!