Sunday, October 31, 2010

A Dillydally Weekend!

I spent Friday evening and all day Saturday with QBees ... our guild had a "Time to Sew" event.  If you would like to see pics, go to the guild blog here.  I made great progress on my Yellow Brick Road 007 project!  It was so fun and just what I needed!  I am grateful for the women I share my dillydally life with ... I am so fortunate!

Today was a wonderful dillydally day ... I managed to make progress on two major 007 projects.
Mr. DillyDally and I carved the pumpkin ...
To avoid tricks ... we made treats!
We hope your Halloween was as happy as ours!

Friday, October 29, 2010

What a Difference a Day Makes!

Remember the photo I posted yesterday?  The view (or lack there of) from my front deck? 8:15 this morning ... this was my view.
Yep ... what a difference a few hours can make.  We had snow on the ground for the first time this year ... I always celebrate the first snowfall with Christmas music.  Actually ... I must confess ... I privately listen to it often through out the year ... but only publicly, when we have our first snowfall.  I make no apologies ... I'm very comfortable with who I am! ;-)
Yep ... as the day progressed, the view just kept getting better.  This was taken when I got home today ... about 4:15 ... yesterday's stormy weather?  Nothing but a mere memory.  
Nature provides us with many timeless lessons.  When life becomes stormy, and the way out isn't visible ... remember what a difference a day can make.  With a bit of time, the storm will begin to clear and a resolution will reveal itself.  
Taken 5:45 pm today.
Silent Night ... Holy Night ... All is calm ... All is bright ...
What a difference a day can make. 

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Reentry & an Old Friend

Yes ... I have had to focus on reentry issues.  Missing a week of school means a ton of make up work on my return, but I'm getting there and am almost caught up!  Good thing ... our quarter ends next week! ;-)  Reentry into my dillydally lifestyle should be easy ... right?  Well, it is sort of strange ... on Sunday, when I ignored my housekeeping duties to spend some time dillydallying ... it was sort of confusing.  I was so accustomed to having something else dictate the use of my time ... now that I owned it (my time) again, I wasn't sure how to spend it.
Rather than spend anymore time thinking about it, I chose to make progress on the Snake River Log Cabin.  I am half way through piecing the interior blocks.  Like I mentioned before, it requires concentration ... which appears to be what I needed to get my dillydally groove back!
Glee is always good medicine ... the music and the writing reflect everything wonderful about my dillydally zone!  As I was piecing to the music ... my mind was finally free to think about the other important things in my life.  It occurred to me that the holidays are fast approaching ... if I wish to accomplish even half of the gifts I would like to make ... I had better get on it!  ;-) 

Secret Dillydally Agent 007 (that's me ... yes ... I'm a fruit loop) had to start making decisions ... I have the fabric ... knew what I wanted to make ... the problem in this top secret case is deciding what pattern to use.  I have spent several evenings this week ... looking through my large selection of books ... perusing through piles of magazines ... thumbing through boxes of patterns ... yes, I spent hours searching for just the right answer to my dilemma.  Now, we all know that our old friends usually have the best answers ... that holds true in this case as well ... meet an old friend ...
... yep ... a very trusted friend.  I know it is the right choice, because it feels good.  Now with that decision made ... I am ready to get busy.  A mission ... clearly defined ... makes for a very happy 007 Agent!

Recently, a couple of my blog followers mentioned that they liked watching the change of seasons from my front deck.  I know, isn't that just the sweetest?  I loved it!  So ... today when I got home from work ... around 4:30 pm ... I couldn't resist taking another picture...
... yep ... tis the season ... at least it supports my dillydally lifestyle! 

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Dillydallying on the Run!

I am finally home ... it feels soooo good to be home!  This is a 007 project I'm working on.  I took it up to Anchorage with me...thinking I might have some time to knit ... NOT!  I didn't even get to complete one row ... but it was a comfort to know that it was there ... just in case there had been a moment to work in a little dillydallying!
Late Tuesday afternoon a teaching buddy and I made a quick trip to the sewing machine dealer so that I could pick up some supplies I needed.  While there ... the woman waiting on us asked if we knew that a new quilt shop had opened near by!  OMGosh ... we were so excited ... got directions and headed over there in a hurry ... it was near closing time!  We made a mad dash and found ourselves at the Quilt Zone!
I loved these seasonal quilts that were on display ... this pumpkin quilt is just screaming at me to make it.  It was great to see it done in two completely different styles of fabric.  Seems that everyone who saw them felt the way I did ... they were completely sold out of the pattern.  I just loved the scrappy candy corn border!  Just too darn fun!
This little witch quilt was great as well! 
Lots of gorgeous samples of intricately pieced patterns.
Yummy eye candy!
A very traditional sampler ... wonderful.
Gosh ... I sure do love work done with light neutrals!
Stunning ... and scrappy too!
Another scrappy sampler with hand appliqued cats!  Love it!  Very vibrant!
They also had on display "works in progress"!  I really like that idea.  It allows us to have some insight into what the quilter is thinking as they create...
... we get to see arrangements of colors, pieces and fabrics that we might not otherwise consider... seeing how they are using only shades of black and white...
... very inspiring!
This is a sampler that the shop owner uses to teach basic quilting skills to others.  I love everything about it!  Think of the masterpiece that every student has when they are finished!  Our brief time in this shop gave me just the few moments of dillydallying I needed in order to face the responsibilities I had this past week.  FYI ... the conference was a huge success ... I either reconnected or met new professionals in my field ... they too were inspiring! 
It was a great week ... even if there wasn't much dillydallying.  But now that I'm home ... tomorrow I plan to ignore the housekeeping chores that surround me and spend a few hours of bliss ... dillydallying comfortably in my little corner of the planet.  Gosh ... it feels so good to be home!

Friday, October 15, 2010

SeriousTherapy for President DillyDally

Yes ... it is true ... I have been in serious need of therapy ... for about six weeks!  About a year and a half ago I decided to run for the office of President for a statewide professional teaching organization!  What was I thinking?  Obviously ... I wasn't!  It must have been a moment of insanity or guilt.  Now that I think about it ... I bet it was guilt. Scandinavians are driven by guilt ... just ask Garrison Keillor.  I have been a member of this organization for over twenty years and had never served at the state level in any capacity ... I guess the guilt made me feel like it was my turn.  Guilt ... the gift that keeps on giving! ;-)

The first 12 months weren't stressful ... I was President-Elect.  In July, I became President.  By the end of August, things began to heat up!  We were planning our annual statewide "Professional Development Conference".  Don't misunderstand me ... I am not doing this alone ... there is a whole team of fellow members who are doing most of it!  But it has consumed a great deal of my time ... aside from teaching all day, I feel like all I do is work on and worry about this conference.  The conference is next week ... I am feeling the weight of it ... my stress is over the top!

On Monday of this week, I decided I was in need of some serious therapy.  I needed a dillydally activity that would require so much concentration that it would be nearly impossible to think about the upcoming conference or anything else.  So this week ... in the early morning hours ... late afternoons and evenings ... over a thousand of 1 1/2 inch strips ...
... became thousands of rectangles measuring from 3/4  to 7 1/2 inches.  Yep ... all that cutting ... took a ton of concentration! 
Yep ... Dr. Judy Martin prescribed her Snake River Log Cabin quilt ... very effective medicine!  
 Nurse Practitioner Teacup monitored my behavior while under medication ... while piecing in the evenings conference responsibilities began to reappear.  It was time for additional meds ... the ones that alter reality ... emerge you into a state of fantasy...
Yep ... it worked!  The quilt requires concentration and the Harry Potter clan provides the distraction ... perfect therapy for an over stressed dillydallier!
Beautiful sunsets help too! 
Madame President DillyDally ;-)

Sunday, October 10, 2010

QBee/KBee Camp!

Q/KBee Julie (on the left) organized and invited us to her cabin across the inlet for a weekend of Quilt/Knit Camp! 
We met her and hubby, Captain Jerry, at 12:30 pm Saturday at the harbor for the 20 minute trip to their cabin.  I had taught a knitting class that morning, so they were all gracious enough to wait until I was finished!
Fortunate for us, it wasn't raining.  Even though it is chilly this time of the year, at least we were able to stay dry during the short trip.  Here we are leaving the harbor.
In order to get into the cove, we had to arrive during high tide.  Here is Captain Jerry waving goodbye as he leaves ... it's just us, the wilderness and ...
...tons of food!  ;-)  Yes, we know how to survive!  Freshly baked goods ... four kinds of cookies ... a bar ...and blueberry muffins.  Remember ... in our remote corner of the planet ... we are our own bakery!
Just in case the baked goods aren't enough ... candy is a necessary survival tool.
QBee Diane spent time hand quilting a Lone Star masterpiece ... yes ... it is stunning!
Q/KBee Terry was busy correcting a knitting project!
Q/KBee Julie was also knitting ... a sweater that her 18 year old son helped design!
QBee Barb H. was busy sewing down the binding and hanging sleeve on three projects!
Julie was in charge of dinner and had slow cooked all day on the wood stove her famous Smoky Cabin Beans and a delicious fruit salad.  We ate around the campfire ... it was lovely!
The sun rose about 8 am, I was in charge of breakfast.  We enjoyed several cups of coffee, an oven omelet and then went for a long walk while the tide was out.
It felt so good to surround ourselves with the wonders of nature...
...nature always inspires creativity and after a couple of hours we were ready to return to the cabin and continue our handcrafts.
As time passed today ... the tide quietly came in ... and before we knew it, Captain Jerry was returning to pick us up.
 Barb finished all three of her binding projects!
Julie accomplished a lot on her sweater!
Diane also made a lot of progress ... her hand quilting is incredible.  Terry worked hard on re-knitting her hat and I was able to finish the binding on a queen sized quilt! 
Soon it was time to return to reality...
... Captain Jerry helped us load up our gear and carefully steered the boat towards home.
Again ... no rain on the return trip ... the weather gods were on our side this weekend!
Returning to reality ... our remote corner of the planet ... Cordova, Alaska!
And there to greet us as we pulled into the landing ... our husbands.  I think they missed us!  

Gosh ... I treasure times like this.  Having dear friends ... working and playing together ... sharing the joys and troubles of our lives ... it is a bit of heaven on earth.  I am so grateful to Julie and Jerry for graciously inviting and sharing their cabin with us ...especially since it is the middle of deer season! ;-)  Jerry deserves "Husband of the Year"!