Friday, October 15, 2010

SeriousTherapy for President DillyDally

Yes ... it is true ... I have been in serious need of therapy ... for about six weeks!  About a year and a half ago I decided to run for the office of President for a statewide professional teaching organization!  What was I thinking?  Obviously ... I wasn't!  It must have been a moment of insanity or guilt.  Now that I think about it ... I bet it was guilt. Scandinavians are driven by guilt ... just ask Garrison Keillor.  I have been a member of this organization for over twenty years and had never served at the state level in any capacity ... I guess the guilt made me feel like it was my turn.  Guilt ... the gift that keeps on giving! ;-)

The first 12 months weren't stressful ... I was President-Elect.  In July, I became President.  By the end of August, things began to heat up!  We were planning our annual statewide "Professional Development Conference".  Don't misunderstand me ... I am not doing this alone ... there is a whole team of fellow members who are doing most of it!  But it has consumed a great deal of my time ... aside from teaching all day, I feel like all I do is work on and worry about this conference.  The conference is next week ... I am feeling the weight of it ... my stress is over the top!

On Monday of this week, I decided I was in need of some serious therapy.  I needed a dillydally activity that would require so much concentration that it would be nearly impossible to think about the upcoming conference or anything else.  So this week ... in the early morning hours ... late afternoons and evenings ... over a thousand of 1 1/2 inch strips ...
... became thousands of rectangles measuring from 3/4  to 7 1/2 inches.  Yep ... all that cutting ... took a ton of concentration! 
Yep ... Dr. Judy Martin prescribed her Snake River Log Cabin quilt ... very effective medicine!  
 Nurse Practitioner Teacup monitored my behavior while under medication ... while piecing in the evenings conference responsibilities began to reappear.  It was time for additional meds ... the ones that alter reality ... emerge you into a state of fantasy...
Yep ... it worked!  The quilt requires concentration and the Harry Potter clan provides the distraction ... perfect therapy for an over stressed dillydallier!
Beautiful sunsets help too! 
Madame President DillyDally ;-)


  1. Your photos are amazing!! and here's a friend that hasn't watched or read any of the HP books, movies!!! Can you believe that!!")

  2. Someone wise once told me; "Leadership is a call to serve," not only did she say it, she lived it! They are so lucky to have you as President! With you in charge I'm sure the conference will be phenomenal. Remember those Jurassic Park and Harry Potter themes that didn't work for dances? Well, I think that they go perfect for conferences...
    Have a good week Madame President :)