Friday, January 27, 2012

Celebrate Your Local Quilt Shop!

Did you know that today is a holiday for quilters everywhere?
When in Anchorage, I make sure to visit all three quilt shops.  I enjoy each one, and even though they don't know me personally...they are always friendly and helpful.  I always leave with a bag and receipt in hand... ;-) ... yep, they don't know me but they appreciate my visits!

Quilt shops are sew inspirational ... and in Anchorage,  The Quilt Zone never disappoints ... take a look!
Love neutral quilts ... see the Blooming Nine Patch on the left ... almost tempted to make another one!  Dena!  Stop me before I re-enter the Blooming Idiot Sisterhood again!
Simply stunning!  This hand appliqued quilt is "to die for"!  It just oozes inspiration!
I love finding new versions of old friends...
... Terry Atkinson's pattern "Lucky Stars"!  Have made three of these ... there may have to be another one in my near future! ;-)
A gorgeous wool applique' quilt!
Simple shape... huge impact!
A not so simple shape ... a gigantic impact!
I love seeing patterns I've made interpreted by another quilter ... very beautiful version of Rain Drops!
The shop owner, Diana Bradley is an amazing quilter and designer!  This is the shop's Fall Mystery Quilt, designed by Diana!  I hope she publishes a pattern for it! 

I hope you enjoyed visiting one of my favorite shops ... if possible, spend some time dillydallying at a quilt shop in your area!  You are sure to find tons of inspiration!

Do what you love!  Do dillydally!
Mrs. DillyDally

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Where is Mrs. DillyDally?

I need to explain where I've been ... you see, I haven't been home.  Can you guess where I am?
It looks like I could be somewhere in Minnesota, but actually I'm in Anchorage, Alaska!  Visiting Target here really messes with my head ... it looks like Minnesota ... when I go inside, it feels like Minnesota ... I immediately become homesick for my children ... and buy them things they could pick up for themselves at a lower price.  Crazy, isn't it?  But I've given up trying to explain how things work in my dillydally brain!

I'm here in the big city, getting some things done that can't be taken care of in my remote corner of the planet ... health related ... nothing serious, mostly maintenance!

I have been working in a bit of dillydallying, some knitting while in waiting rooms.  The real fun has been finding that a few of the offices I've visited have had quilts on display!
 This quilt of Sandhill Cranes was stunning.  I am returning to this office tomorrow and would like to get some closeup pictures of the detail.  It is over the top ... beautiful!
This one was equally as stunning!  A fireweed wall quilt mounted on a background quilt.  The talent this quilter has is amazing.  When I return tomorrow, I will try to get some information on the quilter too.
This trio of quilts depicting Alaska Native designs are made with patterns that are available ... and were also extremely well done!  Someone in this office values quilts and sees them for the art they represent!
At yet another medical office this original wall quilt was in the examining room.  Another very "life like" depiction of interior Alaska!
I tried getting a close up to show the detail...but my little "point and click" camera just can't capture it.  Seeing this talent on display sure makes medical exams easier!  ;-)  All for now!
Do what you love.  Do dillydally!
Mrs. DillyDally

Thursday, January 19, 2012

I Love Snow and Snowpeople!

After our recent takes courage to say that out loud, let alone post it for all of blogland to see! Yikes!  But it is true ... I have and continue to ... love snow.  Maybe it is because I grew up on a dairy farm in northern Minnesota ... perhaps it is because of my nordic heritage ... but I have always looked forward to snow and winter.  I consider myself fortunate to feel that way ... because in my remote corner of the planet ... our longest season is winter! ;-)

And ... I love snowpeople ... like us, they come in all shapes and sizes.  Have you ever noticed ... they are always happy ... when we see them, they bring a smile to our face ... they make us happy!  I can't help but love what makes me happy!
I don't make many snowmen out doors any more ... but I love making the kind that don't melt!  I save all my snow themed decorations to use in my home after the Christmas holidays!  I surround myself with their cheerful whimsy from January through March!  Over the past weekend, I continued working on these pleasant snowpeople ... here they are appliqued on their pieced backing ... waiting to be quilted and bound.
I used pearle cotton and did a large running stitch around each wool applique'.
I machine quilted "in the ditch" around all the piecework and in the border.
While finishing up this wall quilt on Sunday, I entertained myself by watching this movie!  Recently Sister DillyDally gave me this copy ... you see, I was one of her Girl Scout leaders ... for 12 years!  This movie came out when she was a Brownie, and we must have watched it ... oh, at least a million times! ;-)

When I finished the binding ... I liked it ... but it seemed to need a bit more ... it sort of looked like a cupcake without frosting.  My first thought was to hand stitch some snowflakes in the black squares ... which would have been great, but at this point I was ready to be done with it ... the dillydally winds had already begun blowing in a different direction!  I knew that I had collected snowflake shaped buttons over the years ... so I started digging.  Can you believe it?  I actually had beige colored snowflake buttons!  And I had enough!  It was destiny!  I am sew happy that I hoard collect things without any intent in mind ... it is the dillydally way!

Now... back to snowpeople and their relationship to Girl Scouts ... yes, there is "sometimes" a connection within my dillydally thoughts.
These sweet little snowpeople were made as a Girl Scout activity ... when they were Junior level scouts. They are made with tube socks.  Those of you who know Sister DillyDally ... even at an elementary age she was "glamorizing" things!  I love how she added matching fringe to the pink scarf and fancy buttons!  Wonderful memories!
Here is another pair of snowpeople we made ... when she was a Cadette scout!  See how she added "lashes" to her snowmaid?  I loved every moment of our Girl Scout experience ... wonderful girls ... terrific memories!
We spend our entire lives learning to accept what we can't control ... like the weather and the seasons.  So my advice is ... embrace winter.  Find whimsy where you can!  ;-)

Do what you love.  Do dillydally!
Mrs. DillyDally

Saturday, January 14, 2012

My Escape Paid Off!

Clear skies (relatively speaking) and cold temperatures have arrived here in my remote corner of the planet!    Everyone in town is enjoying this chance to get a handle on our "Snowpocalypse"!
On my last post I mentioned my plans to escape reality by saving Middle Earth and dillydallying with Aragorn.
Sew... while he implemented the "Fellowship of the Ring", I pieced and cut my 128 red string triangles for the Orca Bay Mystery!  Outside my fantasy, it was raining.  Which helps the snow to melt, but also turns it to ice...making it more difficult to remove from roofs.  Ugh...glad I could escape for a few hours.
On Thursday...the rain continued.  Here in Dillydallydom the winds were blowing in a new direction ... time to work on something new.  So I pulled out two kits that I had purchased this summer at Ann's Quilt Cottage in Bemidji, Minnesota.  They were both designed by Emily of Red Button Quilt Company!
Emily creates the sweetest snowman themed designs I have done several of them over the years.  I chose to do the one on the right ... the other one used red fabric ... having done all those red string triangles the day before, I was ready for a change.
While Aragorn was trying to defeat the "Two Towers", I pieced the 18 inch top and...
... began the wool applique' snowpeople.  As I've mentioned before ... I am still a beginner at this wool work!  Sew it was a bit of a challenge to do pieces this small.  The Lord of the Rings movies are long ... it took me several hours both Thursday and Friday to do the applique" work.
By the time Aragorn had taken his rightful place in "Return of the King" on Friday, I had given the snowpeople their features.  My escape to Middle Earth with Aragorn really paid off ... I escaped reality for a few hours each day ... my stress level had been reduced ... and I made good progress on two projects!  It was win/win all the way around!

In order to update you on the Snowpocalypse... are some recent photos of places that were in my last post... you can see a lot of progress has been made in removing snow...
... but there is still plenty left to do.  No we haven't completely returned to normal, but we are getting closer every day!  The forecast is dry and cold for the next several days, just what we need to reclaim our community!

Many of you dillydalliers out there in blogland sent messages of concern and support over the past couple of weeks ... I have been so touched by your thoughtfulness.  Thank you!  I love you and your part in my dillydally life!

Do what you love.  Escape when you need to.  Do dillydally!
Mrs. DillyDally

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Too Much Reality! Seeking Escape!

Yep ... Mother Nature continues to focus on our remote corner of the planet.  It has been all over the internet and even made national news!  I'm not going to sugar coat it ... conditions have been harsh and our community has found itself overwhelmed and exhausted.  
Yesterday, Mother Nature gave us a much needed break.  The Alaska National Guard arrived Sunday night to assist with snow removal.  With their help, our community was able to make progress...
...we have been struggling to shovel off roofs, three industrial and one residential roof have already collapsed.
There are piles of snow everywhere ... once it is off the roofs ... our city crews struggle with where to put it!  Everyone is working around the clock trying to protect their homes, business and public buildings.
And of course ... snow removal is a constant effort at the DillyDally home as well!
School was closed both yesterday and today ... for obvious reasons ... as you can see, it is buried in snow.
See that corner classroom on the right ... that is my classroom.  A lot of progress was made yesterday!  And then Mother Nature hit us with another storm today.
High winds and snow mixed with rain.  Conditions that make snow removal dangerous ... prevents planes from flying in or out ... increases avalanche possibilities ... keeps everyone indoors ... and creates an abundance of stress and worry!  We've all had too much reality ... we need an escape!  Seriously, we do! 

In true dillydally fashion ... I chose to distract myself!
"Her Majesty" and I have been sewing...
... and knitting of course!  But try as I might ... I am unable to escape the concern and worry that wants to consume me!  I need to take my dillydally projects and travel to a place that in no way resembles my reality.   I am in serious need of fantasy ....... but where?  And who will take me there?
 You know?  I haven't visited Middle Earth in quite awhile.  It is filled with fantasy!
And ... I know exactly who I want to take me there!
Yep ... I'm already feeling better!
Look at that face ... reality is quickly melting away!
Mother Nature can go ahead and dish out whatever she wants.  Aragorn and I are escaping reality! ;-)  Thank heavens I own the extended DVDs ... hours of fantasy!

Do what you love!  Do dillydally!
Mrs. DillyDally
P.S.  Please continue to keep our remote corner of the planet in your thoughts...thanks!
P.S.S.  Don't worry about Mr. DillyDally, the ESPN Channel is helping him escape! ;-)