Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Where is Mrs. DillyDally?

I need to explain where I've been ... you see, I haven't been home.  Can you guess where I am?
It looks like I could be somewhere in Minnesota, but actually I'm in Anchorage, Alaska!  Visiting Target here really messes with my head ... it looks like Minnesota ... when I go inside, it feels like Minnesota ... I immediately become homesick for my children ... and buy them things they could pick up for themselves at a lower price.  Crazy, isn't it?  But I've given up trying to explain how things work in my dillydally brain!

I'm here in the big city, getting some things done that can't be taken care of in my remote corner of the planet ... health related ... nothing serious, mostly maintenance!

I have been working in a bit of dillydallying, some knitting while in waiting rooms.  The real fun has been finding that a few of the offices I've visited have had quilts on display!
 This quilt of Sandhill Cranes was stunning.  I am returning to this office tomorrow and would like to get some closeup pictures of the detail.  It is over the top ... beautiful!
This one was equally as stunning!  A fireweed wall quilt mounted on a background quilt.  The talent this quilter has is amazing.  When I return tomorrow, I will try to get some information on the quilter too.
This trio of quilts depicting Alaska Native designs are made with patterns that are available ... and were also extremely well done!  Someone in this office values quilts and sees them for the art they represent!
At yet another medical office this original wall quilt was in the examining room.  Another very "life like" depiction of interior Alaska!
I tried getting a close up to show the detail...but my little "point and click" camera just can't capture it.  Seeing this talent on display sure makes medical exams easier!  ;-)  All for now!
Do what you love.  Do dillydally!
Mrs. DillyDally

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  1. You had me fooled. From the picture, I would have guessed that you were in Minnesota too!

    One of our local Healthpartners used to display art in the waiting area; the atmosphere was so much more welcoming and not so sterile. Sadly, they no longer do that - although I did notice a single piece of stained glass the last time I was there. Thank you for sharing the quilts that you found!