Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Too Much Reality! Seeking Escape!

Yep ... Mother Nature continues to focus on our remote corner of the planet.  It has been all over the internet and even made national news!  I'm not going to sugar coat it ... conditions have been harsh and our community has found itself overwhelmed and exhausted.  
Yesterday, Mother Nature gave us a much needed break.  The Alaska National Guard arrived Sunday night to assist with snow removal.  With their help, our community was able to make progress...
...we have been struggling to shovel off roofs, three industrial and one residential roof have already collapsed.
There are piles of snow everywhere ... once it is off the roofs ... our city crews struggle with where to put it!  Everyone is working around the clock trying to protect their homes, business and public buildings.
And of course ... snow removal is a constant effort at the DillyDally home as well!
School was closed both yesterday and today ... for obvious reasons ... as you can see, it is buried in snow.
See that corner classroom on the right ... that is my classroom.  A lot of progress was made yesterday!  And then Mother Nature hit us with another storm today.
High winds and snow mixed with rain.  Conditions that make snow removal dangerous ... prevents planes from flying in or out ... increases avalanche possibilities ... keeps everyone indoors ... and creates an abundance of stress and worry!  We've all had too much reality ... we need an escape!  Seriously, we do! 

In true dillydally fashion ... I chose to distract myself!
"Her Majesty" and I have been sewing...
... and knitting of course!  But try as I might ... I am unable to escape the concern and worry that wants to consume me!  I need to take my dillydally projects and travel to a place that in no way resembles my reality.   I am in serious need of fantasy ....... but where?  And who will take me there?
 You know?  I haven't visited Middle Earth in quite awhile.  It is filled with fantasy!
And ... I know exactly who I want to take me there!
Yep ... I'm already feeling better!
Look at that face ... reality is quickly melting away!
Mother Nature can go ahead and dish out whatever she wants.  Aragorn and I are escaping reality! ;-)  Thank heavens I own the extended DVDs ... hours of fantasy!

Do what you love!  Do dillydally!
Mrs. DillyDally
P.S.  Please continue to keep our remote corner of the planet in your thoughts...thanks!
P.S.S.  Don't worry about Mr. DillyDally, the ESPN Channel is helping him escape! ;-)


  1. I was gonna offer you a room here but when I saw where you really want to go...well...no one here looks that rugged...
    As I'm writing this Brian Williams is talking about your little corner of the world.
    be safe

  2. I just saw the report on the Today show. I am hoping this crisis ends soon for you and your community. Middle Earth, knitting , and sewing sound like good escapes to me.

  3. Hang in there Mrs. Dilly Dally! Could you send some of it our way? Mother Nature seems to be a little mixed up!

  4. Woke up to your town in the news. Hope little Ben Tracy (formally of a Minneapolis TV station) can help. Yikes! I think Bonnie Hunter should do another mystery quilt about your awful snow. Thinking of you, always. Mary Ellen

  5. You were the first person I thought of when I heard about all this snow. Glad you are safe and sound. The second person I thought of was my son's friend David Schmidt who is with the National Guard. I hope he is safe as well. We are waiting to hear from him. Please take care.

  6. National News! I hope the snow is all under control. Please ship some to Minnesota. We set record highs yesterday-snow perhaps today. My go to movie for being snowed in is 7 Brides for 7 Brothers. I hope you enjoyed inner earth with that handsome face and got lots done with your dilly dallying (sp?)

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