Sunday, March 27, 2016

Happy Easter!

Here in DillyDallydom we are celebrating the day and all that it represents!
We wish you a very blessed Easter!

Saturday, March 26, 2016

A Small Hexie Journey

 Every once in a while those dillydally winds blow me into unknown territory ... and I really feel the need to try something new!  You know ... sail in some uncharted waters!  Long time readers know that when Bonnie Hunter visited my remote corner of the planet (omgosh ... it will be 5 years ago in September) she shared her hexie project at the time!  We were so inspired and then she demonstrated her techniques ... some QBees took off with it and have made lovely items!
I, on the other hand, plodded along ... and began making scrappy flowers with yellow centers.  I find English Paper Piecing relaxing and it is an easy thing to pack.  I just began making them with no project in mind a few years ago.  
I have about 35 flowers pieced, and recently had the urge to make something with a few of them.  One thing that has always intrigued me about antique flower garden quilts is how that finished hexagon edge is achieved.  Yep ... there was that dillydally wind ... blowing me off on a new journey!  A small table mat seemed like a manageable way to give it a try.  Piecing seven flowers together was easy.
 I pin basted the layers ...
... and Her Majesty made light work of the quilting.  Then I spent time on the computer seeking techniques for finishing ... there are many approaches ... I ended up choosing a combination of methods.
Eventually, I filled my sails with courage and charged forward.  I trimmed the backing ... very carefully!
My cheer squad was standing by ... love their encouragement! ;-)
Next ... piecing together the hexagons for the edge.
My ever present helper was always near.
Whew!  Finally they were all sewn to the front ... a quick plea to the quilting gods ...
... and I began turning them rightsize out ...
... yep, it worked!  A lot a celebration ensued!
The last step?  Tacked them down on the back ... and this hexie project was finished!  Mission successfully accomplished!  Although this is a small and modest hexie project ... I love the results!
I was so excited about my finish ... quickly decided I needed more hexies, in a brighter palette!
Before long I had prepared quite a few ...
... apparently they needed to be reorganized!  My very silly supervisor!
I've been playing around with some layout possibilities ...
... we'll see what happens.  What hexie adventure will the winds take me on next?  Who knows ... I'm just enjoying the journey!

Do what you love.  Enjoy the journey.  Do dillydally!
Mrs. DillyDally

Saturday, March 19, 2016


Here in DillyDallydom, I am always looking for opportunities to celebrate!  I specifically like to focus on the simple things.
Of course, most everything I celebrate involves some form of dillydallying!  Coloring ... I, like many, were coloring before coloring became cool ... again!  Makes me happy ... makes me giggle!
Making progress on a dillydally project is always reason to celebrate!
Making holiday themed treats for the Littles in your life ... yep, 100% fun!
Lovinly made by a friend.  I just took the picture!

Fridays are always fun!  And when you're retired ... everyday is Friday!  Whoot!
Starting a new dillydally project always feels like a party!
Flicka says, "Here, let me organize those for you!"
And the fur babies ... for them ...
Playing Hide n' Seek
... life is just a continuous game of shenanigans!
I like to join in on nationwide celebrations as well!  Today is Nat'l Quilting Day and my guild is hosting a Time to Sew Event!  What a perfect way to honor something we all love to do!

To add to all the silliness, I created a bio page.  You'll find the link right under the header picture up top!  It makes me feel a bit nervous and self-conscience, but is one step toward reaching a personal goal of mine.  Progress on personal goals is always something to celebrate!
Yep ... there is a lot happening here in DillyDallydom!  And all of it is worthy of celebration!

Do what you love.  Celebrate your life!  Do dillydally!
Mrs. DillyDally

Monday, March 14, 2016

An Easter Inspired Finish!

We enjoyed a beautiful weekend ... sunny skies and warm temperatures ... but don't be fooled.  Mother Nature cannot be trusted here in my remote corner of the planet.
It feels like spring has arrived and the temptation to believe that it is here to stay is real ... however, we've been down this road before ... so we just enjoy the good weather while it is here.
The Easter season is upon us ... and I have been preparing for it by finishing up a wool applique' project that I started a few years while ago.  ;-)  Yep ... the dillydally doctrine says we work on a whim ... no guilt or shame allowed!
I spent a few evenings stitching the panel to the background ... using that time to catch up on Pat Sloan's Quilt Radio show!
Next it was time to add embellishments to the border!
Flicka loves to play with small pieces of wool ... and was up to all kinds of shenanigans during this step.  She used stealth and was successful at taking a few pieces!
Finally everything was sewn down ... time to add the backing fabric and the final stitching!  Yay!  The end was in sight!
Embellishments on the lower right corner ...
... the upper left ...
... and a quick look at the fabric used on the back!
Completely finished and ready for the Easter holiday!
I have been back in the classroom for 2.5 weeks ... which doesn't leave much time for dillydallying.  So ... I dillydallied with my credit card!  Works for me!
While on facebook, I saw a post by Purl Soho showcasing these beautiful wool felt Easter Eggs.  I could not resist!
After placing the eggs in my cart ... I was kindly told that others who ordered that had also purchased these super cute sheep!  Oh ... how ... I ... love sheep!  Yep ... had to have them!
Next ... it recommended that I would probably like these bunnies ... of course I immediately fell in love with them ... and had to have them!  Finally ... I forced myself to click "check out" before I looked at all the other things that I am sure I would have loved!  The kits are beautiful and will be fun to dillydally with!  No deadlines or pressure involved ... my plan is just to enjoy the process!
With the time change, our sunset last night was scheduled for 7:43 pm ... I took this photo at that very moment.  For me ... the ever increasing hours of daylight are what bring the promise of spring!  Easter is scheduled into our calendars, so no matter what Mother Nature does, we celebrate!  This year I'm excited to add my wool applique' Easter eggs to the decorations!  This finish feels fantastic!

Do what you love.  Do dillydally!
   Mrs. DillyDally       

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

A Splendid Saturday!

After my first full week back to work, I slept in until 7:30 Saturday morning!  I am a morning person, so that is late for me!  Guess I needed it ... ;-) ... lifestyle changes must be exhausting!  Who knew?
It was a beautiful morning!  I worked on a few household chores ... and by 9:00 am Nissa and I went for our daily outing.  I wanted her happy and tired because I had plans for the rest of the day!
My goal?  To make some progress on the Splendid Sampler Mystery Quilt-A-Long!  I auditioned fabrics ...
... did a bit of buttonhole stitching on small circles ...
... and Block 4 was finished!  Well almost ... there are a bit of hand embroidery details still needed.
Next up ... Block 5!  My mind kept coming up with possibilities for an entire quilt made with this block ... oh, if only my days were longer!
Block 6 was also fun ... we all know how my true love is patchwork ... so it was a joy to piece!
And here they all are!  Block 7 was introduced on Sunday ... it is an embroidery design ... love that!  I plan to add the embroidery details on Blocks 2 and 4 when I work on that block!  I really am having such fun ... creating the blocks and being introduced to the designers ... seeing the progress of 15,000+ participants ... fun an a global scale!
In closing this post, let me introduce Mr. and Mrs. Trumpeter Swan and their young adult children.   They greeted Nissa and I during our adventure along Eyak Lake on Monday.  They remind me how much I enjoy and appreciate my remote corner of the planet, but I also appreciate having technology that allows me to share a quilting experience with others from all corners of the world!  Life is splendid indeed!

Do what you love.  Do dillydally!
Mrs. DillyDally