Saturday, November 27, 2010

A Twist and Turn

I fondly remember my Sesame Street days ... one of the best things about having young children.  I remember a game of sorts on that show where the children had to guess how one item was related to another ... teaching them association reasoning.  Soooo .... what does this item ...
... yep ... that is one leg from an Alaskan King Crab ... have to do with ...
... this recent book of quilt projects by Sherri Falls of This & That Patterns?  Are you busy guessing?  If you own the book, see if you can find how these two items are related ... ok ... I'll give it to you ...
... the DillyDally family's Crab Stuffed Mushrooms recipe!  Yep ... many, many months ago, Sherri (on her blog) asked for holiday recipes that she might include in an upcoming book she was working on.  On a whim, I submitted this one.  These were served to Mr. DillyDally and I our first Christmas as newlyweds ... 29 years ago ... now they are a tradition, served at every important DillyDally event.

This summer while QBee Diane and I were visiting Heavenly Patchwork Quilt Shop, owned by Kay, Sherri's mother ... you can read about it here ... I bought the book, fabric for projects and discovered that Sherri had put my recipe in it.  OMGosh Good Golly!  I was thrilled!

Now ... fast forward to Thursday morning ... as I began to prepare the recipe I remembered that it had been published in Sherri's book ... another blessing on a day meant to give thanks.

The Crab Stuffed Mushrooms were delicious ... of course!  If you own the book, I hope you'll give them a try.  I'm always amazed at the twists and turns that are a part of my dillydally life ... of course life has very difficult moments ... they remind us to savor those glimmers of joy that come our way.

Friday, November 26, 2010

Blessings found in DillyDally Land...

Like many of you, I spent a great deal of time yesterday counting my blessings.  Recently I was a beneficiary of two random acts of kindness.  Last Saturday I attended a Holiday Open House at The Net Loft, our local yarn and gift shop.  Owner, and long time friend Dotty declared, "I have a gift for you!  When I saw it I just knew it was something Mrs. DillyDally had to have!"  I love it when she calls me Mrs. DillyDally!

For more years than either her or I are willing to count, Dotty has willingly listened to my many stories about my grandmother, great aunts, and the women who were role models for me during my childhood.  As a young child I was surrounded by remarkable women ... here are a few of them ...
... meet the Alida Kitchen Band!  All of these women lived in our small rural community ... neighbors and relatives ... my grandmother is in the back row, fourth from the right.  This band, their instruments made with kitchen utensils, performed all over the state of Minnesota during the late 50's and early 60's.  ;-)  Now you know how I came by my personality!

Dotty had browsed through some antique shops while traveling and found this treasure...
 ... she was right ... it is the perfect reflection of the women I knew and continue to love.  Holding this apron in my hands brings back a flood of warm memories.  It represents so much about the women of that generation and what they taught me.  Having a friend that knows you so well is a blessing in and of itself ... and then to receive such a thoughtful gift ... such a gesture of kindness ... what a blessing to have such a friend. 

While there that afternoon, I was told that a package had been left for me at the counter.  When I picked it up, I learned that it had come from Norway and was from another friend, Christa.  It was securely wrapped in paper and I put it in my bag along with my purchases.  I forgot about it until the next day when I was putting the items I had bought away.  Christa is someone I've known for years, she comes to Cordova every summer while her husband commercial fishes. As our children became teenagers and we became empty nesters, our free time allowed us to find that we have a lot in common ... including our Norwegian heritage.  Look what she gave me from one of my favorite bloggers, Ravenhill ...
...isn't she lovely?  Christa ordered it from Ravenhill's Etsy shop.  This Matryoshka doll was designed and is hand made by two are alike!  Doesn't she have a lot of personality?  Yep ... she fits me very well ... we were meant for one another!  She traveled all the way from Oslo, Norway to live with me ...what a blessing ... she and Christa have a special place in my heart!

I am so touched by the generosity of those who surround me ... I am so blessed to have friends who understand and support my quirky dillydally ways ... I struggle in my efforts to show appreciation ... I am humbled ... thank you for your kindness.  
Let us all work at being a blessing in the lives of others ... hmmm ... I need to work that into the Dillydally Creed.  It definitely needs to be a part of the dillydally lifestyle!  Dotty and Christa ... thanks for your inspiration!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Turkey Day!

The DillyDally Family wishes you and your loved ones a ...
Happy Thanksgiving
from our remote corner of the planet to yours!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Missing My Camera!

As you all know ... I am not a photographer ... obviously!  I have a very user friendly Canon Power Shot that my children gave to me several years ago.  It is very basic ...they know their mother ... not a lot of bells and whistles ... as it is, I don't know how to use all the features it has.  Saturday I was participating in our local yarn shop's (The Net Loft) Holiday Open House ...taking pictures of all the activities ... when it happened ... I dropped the camera!  Now, I have dropped this camera a million times ... no, I am not exaggerating!  But this time ... even Mr. DillyDally, who could also be named Mr. FixIt ... wasn't able to revive it.  I can't begin to tell you how upset I am ... I lost my blogging partner.  I am sincerely sad. :-(  We had spent a lot of time together on this blog adventure ... she had been there from the beginning.

Sooo ... tonight I will share some of the last photos taken by her this past week ...
This was taken this week while I was walking to work.  The building is our Jr./Sr. High School where I teach.  The mountains are named the Heney Range.  The sun rises on the other side of the range and was reflected on the clouds.  The time was approximately 8:30 am.
This was taken as the sun was setting ... about 4:30 pm.  Eyak lake is in the front, the mountain is named Queen's Chair.
This is a view of our city harbor ... about 9:30 am.
Machine quilting on a table runner that I will have to share in detail later ... but at least a little proof that I have been dillydallying! ;-)

I may have told you before, but I am married to the nicest man I ever met ... after working on my camera for quite some time ... Mr. DillyDally went online ... found one that is similar and ordered it for me!  Yeah!  A new blogging partner should be arriving within a week!
It will be difficult for me to wait until it arrives ... until then, enjoy the sunset from my front deck.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Don't Miss Out on the Fun!

OMGosh ... I hope you're not missing the fun!  You can find it at ...
It began yesterday with Sherri Falls of This and That Patterns!  There are 12 quilt designers participating ... they each share a cookie recipe every day for six days ... and they each contribute a free pattern once during the week!  Ya-Hoo!  That ends up being 72 cookie recipes and 12 patterns!  On top of that ... there is a grand prize for those participants who leave a comment on every blog each day!

Yesterday, Sherri began the blog hop by sharing with us a darling notebook cover with a snowman theme!  I think I'll make one and put the recipes from this blog hop in it ... making a recipe book out of it!  Yes ... I'm overly enthusiastic ... but this is just too much fun! Be sure to visit yesterday's post on her blog so that you can download the project she shared.  Her post today will lead you to the two designers that are sharing projects on Day 2 (that's today)!

Think of this ... it is day two of the blog hop and I have already collected 24 recipes and 3 free patterns!  It feels like Christmas already!  What a way to dillydally!  Love it!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Kicking Off the Holiday Season!

Our quilting guild held their annual Tea and Auction today!  I finally get to uncover some of my 007 undercover efforts!  Yay!  Two secrets are out in the open!
I'll begin with this wall quilt ... it is approximately 24 x 40 inches in size, made entirely with batiks.  I purchased the pattern in 2009 at Piecemaker's Quilt Shop in Hackensack, Minnesota.  It is a Cotton Tales pattern designed by Pamela J. Curo.   The snow flake is actually a very light lavender with hints of pink in it ... I really like how when it is placed on the navy, it looks almost iridescent.  I used the bling shown in my previous post to embellish it.  The Swarovski crystals were used to highlight the snowflake and scroll work.  I used the metallic treads to applique and quilt it!  I wish I had another 10 yards of the batik snowflake print used in the final border...I bought several yards of it a very long time ago ... and only have a quarter of a yard left ... it proves once again that one should hoard any fabric that they love!  I must add that to the Dillydally Creed!  I was thrilled today when it sold at auction for $175 ... and it is going to the wonderful home of a favorite QBee!
The second item I put up for bid was this tablerunner.  I pieced it a while back and finally got around to quilting and binding it!  The pattern is from Terry Atkinson's book, Confetti in the Corner.  It is made with fabric from a Kansas Troubles line and has a real traditional look to it.  This one sold today for $75, I was busy serving tea at the time and didn't catch who bought it.
This was the tablescape I set for today's tea.  The quilted tablemat in the center doesn't show well in this photo.  It was designed by Sherri Falls from This and That pattern company and is called "Pumpkin Party".  I tried a new recipe for Pumpkin Fudge ... which ended up tasting little like pumpkin and more like candy corn!  ;-)  It was alright, but I doubt I'll ever make it again.  I placed a pumpkin shaped sugar cookie at each place setting as an extra treat!  Be sure to check out all the tables and auction items at our guild's blog here.

I always look forward to this event ... for multiple reasons!  Seeing all the table settings members create ... the wide array of auction items (50+) ... the fellowship over food and tea ... guessing what things will sell for ... being shocked by how much or little is bid on an item ... having this event kick off the holiday season in our small corner of this planet!  It is all wonderful ... I admire the talent of the women who surround me ... and all that we accomplish with our efforts ... I am grateful.

Friday, November 12, 2010

A Bit of "Bling"

Many of you may not know this, but I'm allergic to metal.  Sooo ... I am unable to wear jewelry ... any fabric or tags on clothing that contain metallic thread ... even the front snap on my jeans will cause my skin to have a severe reaction.  I have had this since I can remember, but as I age it is getting worse!  How I envy those who can wear all the beautiful bling that is available!

So I like to add a bit of bling ...
to things I don't wear.  This is the bling I am using for  a 007 project I am currently working on.  It is for our Guild's annual Tea and Auction to be held this Sunday!  I am pleased with the way this project came out and will share it with you all on Sunday after the event!

I continue to spend most of my dillydally time on covert operations ... will share them all eventually ... keeping secrets is tough!
Mother Nature showed off a bit of her bling this week as well!  Have a dillydally weekend!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Meet Nita Beshear!

I continue blogging for reasons that have little to do with why I started nearly 1 1/2 years ago.  One of the things that has happened is that I've met people from far and wide.  I often feel somewhat isolated from the world outside of my little corner of the planet, but through blogging I have met lovely people who share many of my same interests.  Blogging has really been a blessing.

Today, I want to introduce you to one of those blessings, Nita Beshear.  Nita contacted me a few months back and asked if I would be interested in participating in a blog event promoting her book, Devoted to Quilting.  I'm always amazed that anyone bothers to read my humble blog ... thrilled when someone leaves a comment ...  overwhelmed when someone sends me an email ... lets just say that I flew to the moon and back when Nita invited me to be a part of her event!

She quickly sent me a copy of her book, Devoted to Quilting ...
... upon its arrival I began reading it.  It can be used as a daily devotional, or it can be read like a novel.  It is filled with wit, wisdom, humor, suffering, and love.  Each entry begins with a biblical reference and ends with both a moment of gratitude and quilting tip!  

I have always felt that the greatest compliment we can receive is when someone opens their heart and allows you to see their soul.  It is such an honor and privilege to share that space with them ... that is how one is left after reading Nita's book.  Even though Nita and I couldn't live in more different circumstances, I feel like I know her heart, and have shared her experiences with her.  If you are a person of faith who loves to quilt, I recommend this book.  It has a permanent place on my night stand ... it is a lovely way to end each day.  

Nita ... thank you for finding me in the www ... thank you for including me in your life ... I hope every day blesses you with a bit of time to dillydally ... ;-) ... please continue to share with us!  Congratulations on the publication of your book!

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Missing Dad...Grandpa too!

I love this picture of my father and grandfather ... a simple photo taken with a simple camera ... on a typical summer day ... working the land that had been originally homesteaded by my great-grandfather.  It was taken in 1970 ... Dad was 40 years old ... Grandpa was 80 ... I was thirteen.  I've been missing Grandpa for thirty-six years ... Dad left this world a year ago today ... I miss him.

"Blessed are they that mourn: for they shall be comforted." Matthew 5:4
I find comfort in my faith ... but I miss their presence and treasure the memories of our time together.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Keeping Secrets is Difficult!

Gosh ... I am so accustomed to sharing my rather mundane dillydally life that when I'm immersed in covert 007 projects ... it nearly kills me to keep them secret!  I really have been busy quilting and knitting ... I just can't share my progress.
So until they are finished or I work on something that isn't "top secret", I'll have to share other ways in which I dillydally ... remember these?
They are dear, old friends of mine ... each year they would arrive in the mail ... oh, how I looked forward to them!  As I mentioned earlier...when the first snow hits the ground I begin listening to Christmas music ... watch holiday movies ... and drink warm beverages in my snowflake mugs.  What I didn't share was that I also revisit these old friends...
Can you believe that Book One was published in 1987?  That was before Brother DillyDally was even born!  This book contains many decorating ideas ... oodles of projects ... yummy recipes ... great gifts!  As I page through it again, I find myself flooded with memories.  Projects I did with Sister DillyDally as a preschooler and later with our girl scout troop ... recipes that have become family favorites ... gifts that I've given to family and friends ... wonderful memories. 
A few years ago QBee Barb H. and I were talking about how much we still enjoy these books, after our conversation she went home and looked them up on ebay ... I can't remember what a full set was selling for then, but it was a lot!  But like all friends who have stood the test of time ... they are priceless!

My wish is that you have time to dillydally with an old friend or two!