Thursday, November 4, 2010

Keeping Secrets is Difficult!

Gosh ... I am so accustomed to sharing my rather mundane dillydally life that when I'm immersed in covert 007 projects ... it nearly kills me to keep them secret!  I really have been busy quilting and knitting ... I just can't share my progress.
So until they are finished or I work on something that isn't "top secret", I'll have to share other ways in which I dillydally ... remember these?
They are dear, old friends of mine ... each year they would arrive in the mail ... oh, how I looked forward to them!  As I mentioned earlier...when the first snow hits the ground I begin listening to Christmas music ... watch holiday movies ... and drink warm beverages in my snowflake mugs.  What I didn't share was that I also revisit these old friends...
Can you believe that Book One was published in 1987?  That was before Brother DillyDally was even born!  This book contains many decorating ideas ... oodles of projects ... yummy recipes ... great gifts!  As I page through it again, I find myself flooded with memories.  Projects I did with Sister DillyDally as a preschooler and later with our girl scout troop ... recipes that have become family favorites ... gifts that I've given to family and friends ... wonderful memories. 
A few years ago QBee Barb H. and I were talking about how much we still enjoy these books, after our conversation she went home and looked them up on ebay ... I can't remember what a full set was selling for then, but it was a lot!  But like all friends who have stood the test of time ... they are priceless!

My wish is that you have time to dillydally with an old friend or two!

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  1. Happy Holidays!! I'm ready for White Christmas already!