Thursday, November 2, 2017

Farewell October! Hello November!

Those who know me, are well aware that my favorite month of the year is October!  Since childhood, October meant the harvest was finished, the days were warm, the evenings were chilly, and the colors were vibrant!  What's not to love!
10.31.17 - 6:15 pm
As hard as it was to say good-bye ... October ended beautifully here in my remote corner of the planet!  Mother Nature complied and gifted the trick and treaters with a beautiful evening!
Halloween cannot happen without the DillyDally family tradition of popcorn balls!
It was a bit sketchy for Jack this year!  Pumpkins were in short supply ... costly ($24) ... but Mr. DD and I had fun as always!  Jack seemed happy with the results!
November softened my disappointment in ending October by making a gorgeous entrance ... featuring my favorite color ... blue!
As the afternoon warmed to a lovely 50 degrees, Nissa and I took an unusually long and leisurely walk.
Nissa soaked up the sun and, as always, insisted on getting wet ... if not with rain, then playing in the lake! 
Love this girl ... she makes everything fun!
Welcome November!  I am grateful for the power of natural world ... how it sustains, surrounds, and inspires us! 

Do what you love!  Do dillydally! 
Mrs. DillyDally