Thursday, February 28, 2013

Friends Far & Near ... Part Two

This simple table topper represents so much ... the friendship and generosity of new friends far from my remote corner of the planet.
And how their kindness inspired me to pass all that goodness forward ... to my friends here!
QBee Valerie celebrated one of life's pivotal birthdays this month ... we had to honor it in a big way!  We held a private quilting party for her at Cordova Quilters' Hideout!
We all brought snacks to share ... I used the casserole carrier that I received from one of the Sassy Stitchers to bring my treat!
We showered Valerie with gifts!
The youngest QBee, Amelia was on hand to assist!  Such fun!
I treated the project like a mystery ... a supply list was included in the invitations.
Everyone brought their own charm squares.
The shape and size is determined by the number of squares they decided to use!
Love the flexibility of this technique!
Next step was sewing the squares together!
I love it when a project shows off the maker's personality!  QBee Susie is always such fun!
After layering the top, QBee Stacey began applying the petals!
It was such a fun evening!  QBees in Minnesota ... inspiring the birthday party for a QBee in Alaska ... gosh ... how I love my dillydally life!
Do what you love.  Do dillydally!
Mrs. DillyDally

Monday, February 25, 2013

Friends Far & Near ... Part One

I continue to be inspired by the day I spent last summer with my new friends from southeast Minnesota ...
... how I treasure that day.  What a blessing these four women were ... and continue to be!  Love these Sassy Stitchers!
They gave me this charm pack during our day together ... and I finally found the pattern I wanted to use with it!
Choosing a layout!
Pieced together!
Flicka supervised as I pinned and sewed down the petal pieces.
Yep ... she was a lot of help!  At least we know that the table topper is comfortable!
After each step, Flicka would claim ownership!  Yep ... she loves all things "sassy" too!
Here it is ... all the petals sewn down ... edges trimmed ... it is ready for the washing machine.
I love how the raw edges frayed!
Am so pleased with the end result!  I look forward to using it this spring and summer.  It is a cheerful fabric that will remind me of the happy day I spent with my Sassy friends!

As I shared in an earlier post ... January 31st was a very tragic day here in my remote corner of the planet.  The next day, February 1st, I left town with students and traveled to Juneau with a very heavy heart.
When I returned home five days later, this package had arrived in the mail.  It was from the Sassy Stitchers!
Look at the treasure inside!  An apron kit!  And a sweet note of friendship!  How did they know that I was in need of a new apron?
And then ... there is that Sassy sense of humor!  Such good medicine for a very heavy heart!  I am so touched by such thoughtfulness ... when my world was filled with such darkness ... their act of kindness served as light at the end of the tunnel called grief.

What a blessing these four delightful women have been in my life!

Do what you love.  Be a blessing!  Do dillydally!
Mrs. DillyDally

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Sharing Something Good!

When I find something good ... it is important to me to share it!  After the holidays, I pulled out a new ruler that I had purchased last summer from Kay of Heavenly Patchwork Quilt Shop in Waconia, Minnesota.
I have been visiting Kay and her shop ever since I took a bus tour there in 2009 during the Minnesota Shop Hop!
She and her shop are always an inspiration!  Kay demonstrated this ruler for me during this visit.  My first bed sized quilt was a log cabin ... that was back in 1985! 
 As you might recall...
...I made this flannel lap-sized quilt for Mr. DillyDally.  Yep ... two thumbs up on the new ruler!  
Next up!  Share the ruler with friends at Cordova's Quilter's Hideout!  The class was held February 9th.  We began with tips and hints on cutting strips.  JoAnn is relatively new to rotary cutting and using rulers ... she did a great job!
I had each participant make two blocks.  One block was made with oversized 2 inch strips and the other with 1.5 inch strips that left no wiggle room.  Val's blocks are beautiful!
Kathleen was very camera shy, but her blocks were not! ;-)  They are lovely!  She used the new Honey, Honey fabric line by Kate Spain at the Hideout.
Lila used Thimbleberries fabric for her blocks!  Love Thimbleberries!
Terry used a fat quarter collection from her stash!
A week later ... she wowed us with it completed!  Fabulous finish Terry!  

A couple of women had to leave early due to other obligations, so I didn't get a picture of their work.  Am sorry I can't share their efforts ... their work was wonderful as well.  When I am teaching a class or giving a demonstration, it is difficult to stop and take pictures.  Often wish I could clone myself!

Everyone agreed that this little ruler is a great investment!  It really helps with accuracy and all the blocks are exactly the same size!  Thanks Kay for sharing it with my friends and I!

My next log cabin quilt?  I'm dillydally dreaming of one made with floral scraps from the stash!
Do what you love.  Share the Good!  Do dillydally!
Mrs. DillyDally

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Sailing the Dillydally Winds!

Our quilting guild hosted the first "Time to Sew" event of the year on Saturday.  While having dinner with QBee Valerie and husband Friday night, we discussed our many PhDs (Projects half Done) and what one we intended to work on the next day.
At dawn ... while getting ready ... those dillydally winds began to blow.  Yep ... I threw out all the plans I had made the night before!  I grabbed a jelly roll  that was sitting on my table (recently bought it on sale and hadn't "stashed" it yet) and a pattern.  It made for light packing ... it felt great!

Oh ... how I love precuts!  Decisions are made for you and half the work is done!
The fabric line is Blitzen, so it has a holiday theme.  I was focused on the process, not the fabric.  It felt so good to be surrounded by the creativity and companionship of other guild members and their projects!  You can see their projects here!
We laughed.  We sewed.  We ate.  We sewed.  We problem solved.  We sewed.  We snacked.  We sewed!  It was a lovely day in every way!  I am so happy I let those dillydally winds fill my sails and carry me on an unplanned adventure!
Do what you love.  Let the wind blow!  Do dillydally!
Mrs. DillyDally

Friday, February 15, 2013

Heavy Heart

Even within the realm of dillydallydom ...
... things are not always well.  Our hearts in this remote corner of the planet are heavy ... we have had a great loss ... I am grieving.

On January 31st, we lost a loving member of our community.  We watched her grow from infancy into the talented, capable and beautiful woman she became.  Two beautiful young children have lost their mother.  Our dear friends, her parents, have lost their only child.  The community lost the magic of her personality and intellect.  The loss is so great ... the grief all consuming ...

As we struggle with our pain and seek comfort, I am once again reminded ... all that matters ... all that remains ... the only thing that is eternal ... is love.
Love one another.
Mrs. DillyDally

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day!

Do what you love!
Do dillydally!

Mrs. DillyDally

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Our Capitol City!

Greetings from Alaska's Capitol, Juneau!
Our Capitol Building
I have been here with students and school administration since Friday!  We have been visiting with legislators and advocating about school related concerns.
Mr. DD and I began our marriage here ... many fond newlywed memories in this city!
The Governor's Mansion
All for now!  Have a wonderful dillydally week!
Do what you love.  Celebrate citizenship! Do dillydally!
Mrs. DillyDally