Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Sailing the Dillydally Winds!

Our quilting guild hosted the first "Time to Sew" event of the year on Saturday.  While having dinner with QBee Valerie and husband Friday night, we discussed our many PhDs (Projects half Done) and what one we intended to work on the next day.
At dawn ... while getting ready ... those dillydally winds began to blow.  Yep ... I threw out all the plans I had made the night before!  I grabbed a jelly roll  that was sitting on my table (recently bought it on sale and hadn't "stashed" it yet) and a pattern.  It made for light packing ... it felt great!

Oh ... how I love precuts!  Decisions are made for you and half the work is done!
The fabric line is Blitzen, so it has a holiday theme.  I was focused on the process, not the fabric.  It felt so good to be surrounded by the creativity and companionship of other guild members and their projects!  You can see their projects here!
We laughed.  We sewed.  We ate.  We sewed.  We problem solved.  We sewed.  We snacked.  We sewed!  It was a lovely day in every way!  I am so happy I let those dillydally winds fill my sails and carry me on an unplanned adventure!
Do what you love.  Let the wind blow!  Do dillydally!
Mrs. DillyDally

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  1. I love this quilt.
    Love hearing what you are up to.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Miss you.