Monday, February 25, 2013

Friends Far & Near ... Part One

I continue to be inspired by the day I spent last summer with my new friends from southeast Minnesota ...
... how I treasure that day.  What a blessing these four women were ... and continue to be!  Love these Sassy Stitchers!
They gave me this charm pack during our day together ... and I finally found the pattern I wanted to use with it!
Choosing a layout!
Pieced together!
Flicka supervised as I pinned and sewed down the petal pieces.
Yep ... she was a lot of help!  At least we know that the table topper is comfortable!
After each step, Flicka would claim ownership!  Yep ... she loves all things "sassy" too!
Here it is ... all the petals sewn down ... edges trimmed ... it is ready for the washing machine.
I love how the raw edges frayed!
Am so pleased with the end result!  I look forward to using it this spring and summer.  It is a cheerful fabric that will remind me of the happy day I spent with my Sassy friends!

As I shared in an earlier post ... January 31st was a very tragic day here in my remote corner of the planet.  The next day, February 1st, I left town with students and traveled to Juneau with a very heavy heart.
When I returned home five days later, this package had arrived in the mail.  It was from the Sassy Stitchers!
Look at the treasure inside!  An apron kit!  And a sweet note of friendship!  How did they know that I was in need of a new apron?
And then ... there is that Sassy sense of humor!  Such good medicine for a very heavy heart!  I am so touched by such thoughtfulness ... when my world was filled with such darkness ... their act of kindness served as light at the end of the tunnel called grief.

What a blessing these four delightful women have been in my life!

Do what you love.  Be a blessing!  Do dillydally!
Mrs. DillyDally


  1. I like the pattern you found to make your table topper with your "Sassy" charm packet. It looks great! I also know that you will stitch up that apron quickly too. Glad that you enjoyed them both. You bring much joy to others with your "Dilly Dally" outlook on life, thank you!

    1. Sew great to hear from you! Often wonder what you are all making and when your next retreat together will be. Take care and hugs to you all!

  2. What a great pattern! I am inspired. Returned today from a great w/e of quilting with friends at a beautiful site in the woods. Some great fun we had. We had sunshine too! What a difference it can make! Happy Sewing and Dilly-Dally-ing.....