Monday, August 24, 2009

Blind Faith...Treasure...Friends...

Saturday morning I spent an hour or so completing the first set of blocks in the second installment of Bonnie Hunter's Mystery quilt published in Quiltmaker magazine. I am a huge Bonnie Hunter/Quiltville fan, so am trusting her techniques and philosophy. I love her quilts, and am trusting that my rather odd fabric choices will look ok. Notice the fishing lure and sea otter fabric used as background in the top a Christmas quilt! Let's just call it "blind faith"! I do love mystery will be fun to see how it all comes together...I'll be sure to let you know!
See the 8 flat rate boxes on my sewing table? Those are filled with treasures I accumulated during my week of participating in the Minnesota Shop Hop. Let's just say that I did my part to support the quilt shop economy. We could call it the "Mrs. DillyDally Stimulus Package"! I had such a wonderful time and am overflowing with ideas and is all worth every nickle. I waited until this weekend to open them...I had so much to do to prepare for teaching that I couldn't allow myself to be distracted. Finally on Saturday night, about 9:30 I opened them and had a wonderful evening reliving my week as each item brought back the enthusiasm I felt at the was terrific!
Look what a friend surprised me with yesterday...what a lovely gift! A quilt kit...a quilt book...and an embroidery case! As you can see, Peanut was impressed...I was overwhelmed with gratitude and touched by the thoughtfulness!
I hope this photo captures all the skill, talent and creativity my friend put into the case. It really is stunning to see live...her workmanship is exceptional!
Look at all the detail inside! She even included the embroidery scissors! I know I'm gushing, but it is just so beautiful...I'm at a loss for words (yes, that occasionally happens)...I wish you all could see and touch it. My friend told me it is a Crabapple Hill design...and wouldn't you know...
...I am currently finishing the last block of a Crabapple Hill design! We're having an "Open Sew" at one of the local shops tonight, so I've packed my embroidery case with my supplies and we are going in style! I am so humbled by such a kind and generous is such a blessing to have friends like this in my life...I am so fortunate...

I'm off to dillydally with friends...I highly suggest you do the same!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Home Sweet Home

I arrived home here in Cordova, Alaska on Sunday afternoon and hit the ground running. Well...that is a bit of an exaggeration...between the time change and jet lag, I was forced to take a three hour nap, but after that I started running! ;) Full time dillydallying has come to a close as the school year began on Monday! In my real life I am a public school teacher. I love keeps me young...and no two days are alike!
Coming home always brings mixed emotions to the surface...happy to be home...sad to leave Sister DillyDally. This year it was a little easier, as she is coming home in September. My plants really suffered while I was gone...Mr. DillyDally admits that he doesn't have a green thumb, and he didn't notice that the eight hanging baskets on the deck looked thirsty...seems pretty obvious to me... ;) ...I'm just saying...
Peanut, my sewing mascot and companion, is happy I returned! She says that she really missed me while I was gone! Poor Peanut!
Early Monday morning Peanut and Teacup DillyDally were begging me to do a little sewing before I went to school...look at those could I say no...fortunately I had the first pieces of Bonnie Hunter's Mystery quilt in Quiltmaker magazine already cut. So I turned on "Her Majesty" (my sewing machine) and we all dillydallyed together for an hour. What a great way to start the day and the school year!
Look how far along we've just a few days we have made great progress. Peanut supervises all activity in the sewing room very closely. She is a great cheerleader! Make time to dillydally, especially if you're busy and stressed! Life is so much more enjoyable when we dillydally just a bit every day!

Friday, August 14, 2009

Homekeeping and Peder!

Introducing...Peder DillyDally! He was a rescue kitten that Sister adopted last summer. Above is a photo taken of them August 2008. He had serious health problems the first three months she had him.
But as you can see...he is big and healthy now! I refer to my grandkitty as Mr. Naughtypants! He is charming, but very deviant! And...Sister DillyDally spoils him rotten!
He is accustomed to being on the table while people are eating! He knocks everything that isn't on the floor over! It never stops!
If you open the cabinets, stove or refrigerator...he jumps in. Here he is making himself at home on the carton of eggs! He is naughty...but oh so we let him get away with it!
Mr. and Mrs. Julie from Cordova sent three jars of kippered salmon with me for Sister. Here we are about to make a dinner of it! Yes, we had to lock Peder in the bedroom!
Sister and Boyfriend DillyDally on their way to attend a wedding! Notice the crazy curves quilt I made behind them on the wall. Mrs. Valerie mastered that technique and taught us all how during a workshop last fall. It has been fun helping Sister make her apartment feel like a home. I have loved every minute of parenting, and now it is fun to watch her develop her own sense of style and comfort as an adult.

Tomorrow I return to Alaska and Monday I begin another year in my classroom. I'm torn...I love being here with my daughter...miss my son when he is in the lifestyle Mr. DillyDally and I have together in Cordova...I love it all, but can't have it all at the same time. So...I learn to savor and appreciate the moments of time I do have of each...

Take time to dillydally helps us appreciate those moments!

Out and About with Sister DillyDally!

What a wonderful week with my daughter! We have been busy spending as much time as possible doing the things we love. Above is a picture of her last summer in front of her "future store".
Here she is in front of "her store" today! It is beautiful and doing well! We couldn't be more proud of her!
We have really packed in the activities...we went antiquing in Stillwater, MN for a full day. We both love hunting for treasure. We came back with antique linens and glassware...the weather was perfect...a wonderful dillydally day! This is a picture of her in front of the "best cheese and wine shops" in the twin cities. It was too hot to carry cheese around, so we bought honey and wine. It was lovely...
At Mall of America we had to spend a couple of hours at the American Girl shop and bistro! Gosh it brought back wonderful memories for us both. Here she is with the Bitty Babies, she had twins, David and Emily.
Toddlers with hair weren't available back then. We had so much fun looking at the dolls that have been added. Sister DillyDally was very much into the accessories and clothing as a child, often making her own. We had so much fun looking at what was available today!
Kirsten was her first doll, so we had to take a picture of her with a current one!
We then had lunch in the was soooo fun watching all the girls having lunch with their dolls...watching them play...moms...dads...and brothers...what a hoot!
Later in the week we went out for dinner at the top ranked restaurant in Minneapolis, Heidi's!

Boyfriend DillyDally joined us for an incredible french meal! It was to die for. We had gone to see the movie, Julie and Julia earlier in the week, so we were primed for the excellent cuisine! Wonderful food... lively conversation...great was terrific!

We mall hopped...saw several movies...went to a dinner theatre...and in amongst all this Sister was working. It is so fun to spend time with her...I love every minute of it!

Monday, August 10, 2009

For Terry Atkinson Fans

Here is the back Quilt Buddies and I are HUGE Terry Atkinson fans. My dear friend Dena and I claim to be co-presidents for the Alaska Chapter of her fan club. Summer of 2007 a group of us were on a quilt vacation in Soldotna. While shopping at Robin's Place Quilt Shop, Dena and I were discussing Terry Atkinson. The owner, Pat, shared with us that she had met Terry at market. We were mildly impressed, then Dena asked her if she had "touched" Terry Atkinson. When she said yes, we were thrilled and asked if we could then touch her! Of course it just kept getting more ridiculous as the vacation went on...and here we are three years later and the silliness continues! That is why I asked those who have touched Terry Atkinson to raise their hand! Above we have the chicks from Glad Creations!

Next are the "shoots" from Blue Bamboo!

The Darlings of Fat Quarter Quilting!
Bus Mom, Saint Mary in the center!

The Zookeepers from Bear Patch Quilting!
The one who tried to get I've posted her photo twice!

The Sweeties from Charlotte's Quilting Web

The Sugar Lumps from Rosebud's Cottage!

These ladies from The Sampler were a hoot! The one on the right is raising both hands because she has also touched Terry Atkinson's husband! Too much fun!

The angels from Heavenly Patchwork!

The Mother/Daughter team from Eagle Creek Quilt Shop!
They were so fun...maybe they'll adopt me!

The Lovely Ladies of Quilter's Haven!

I want to thank everyone for their spirit of fun! Because of our isolation ( we use that excuse for everything that is odd about us) we find unusual ways to entertain ourselves in the far north! Please tell Terry that we aren't really dangerous...just really weird! Make time to dillydally!

End of MN Shop Hop for me - 8/7

What a wonderful dillydally day. Drum roll please...I ended today with two quilts I "Must Make". The first one is on the left in the photo above. Surprised aren't you? Those who know me know that I have a weakness for star patterns, so may have guessed the one on the upper right. The one on the left is a Moda University pattern and was displayed at Fabric Town. I purchased the pattern and plan to use fabrics from my stash. The photo just doesn't give it justice...outside of the design, I loved the brightness of the scraps and the way it was quilted. I can't begin to tell you how inspiring a day like today was great!
Drum roll...this is my second "Must Make" designed as a block of the month pattern by Sherri Falls of This n' That patterns. I plan to subscribe to it through her mother's shop, Heavenly Patchwork. They will be using the fall line of fabric from Kansas Troubles. I hope I can coerce some of my Quilt Buddies to join me. I am better at getting things done if I'm doing it with someone else. Think about it Girlfriends, and we'll talk when I get home!
On today's bus we had four people who traveled from out of state to attend the Minnesota Shop Hop. They were two sets of Mother/Daughter pairs. (How is that for a sentence that probably doesn't make sense.) They were just the cutest...from California...vacation of two days shop hopping and 2 days at Mall of America! They were so fun! One of the moms made them all matching shopping bags and t-shirts. I got one of the daughters to model...bags were decorated with machine embroidered bumble bee and rickrack. The shirts were also machine embroidered as you can see... "We bee... and quilting in Minnesota...don-cha-know!" That is the play on "How to talk Minnesotan". I asked them if any of them were originally from Minnesota or had spent time here? They hadn't...just saw an ad in a quilting magazine and went from there! These are my kind of women...I can't say it enough...they were the cutest!
Here are my fellow bus mates...they were so friendly and patient with me. Like I mentioned in an earlier post, Mary our bus mom was a saint! She was a great shepherd and herded us all back to the bus, I think I was the black sheep who tended to wander and lollygag...DillyDallys have a tendency to do that...she would gently nudge me back towards the bus. Thank you Mary for making the day even more're a peach!

Also...a shout out to all 22 wonderful shops...I applaud your ability to organize and serve your customers so make dillydallying easy! When the Hop is over, I hope you and your staff take some time to dillydally too! Thanks a million!

South Metro Bus Tour - Sixth Shop - 8/7

Welcome to Quilt Cove in Eagan, Minnesota! This is the 22nd shop I have visited and I continue to be inspired by all the creativity and talent that surrounds me!
Look at a portion of the palette available here...imagine the possibilities!
Samples it!
There can never be too many samples!
Never ending artistry!
Continuous stimulation!
Wow! How fortunate we are to be able to see and touch this amount of creativity...such positive energy. The staff was too busy for a picture, but you can see more at

South Metro Bus Tour - Fifth Shop - 8/7

Look at these can just tell that they know how to have fun! They were so attentive and helpful...what a team! The quilt behind them was made with the Minnesota fabrics, isn't it stunning?
Another gorgeous sample! This shop had traditional fabrics, but lots of unusual ones as well...very eclectic...and you know me...I like that!
Aren't these beautiful? Love it!
More beautiful and unique samples. This shop is a delightful place to dillydally! No wonder it is called Quilter's Haven! Spend some time with them at