Monday, August 10, 2009

End of MN Shop Hop for me - 8/7

What a wonderful dillydally day. Drum roll please...I ended today with two quilts I "Must Make". The first one is on the left in the photo above. Surprised aren't you? Those who know me know that I have a weakness for star patterns, so may have guessed the one on the upper right. The one on the left is a Moda University pattern and was displayed at Fabric Town. I purchased the pattern and plan to use fabrics from my stash. The photo just doesn't give it justice...outside of the design, I loved the brightness of the scraps and the way it was quilted. I can't begin to tell you how inspiring a day like today was great!
Drum roll...this is my second "Must Make" designed as a block of the month pattern by Sherri Falls of This n' That patterns. I plan to subscribe to it through her mother's shop, Heavenly Patchwork. They will be using the fall line of fabric from Kansas Troubles. I hope I can coerce some of my Quilt Buddies to join me. I am better at getting things done if I'm doing it with someone else. Think about it Girlfriends, and we'll talk when I get home!
On today's bus we had four people who traveled from out of state to attend the Minnesota Shop Hop. They were two sets of Mother/Daughter pairs. (How is that for a sentence that probably doesn't make sense.) They were just the cutest...from California...vacation of two days shop hopping and 2 days at Mall of America! They were so fun! One of the moms made them all matching shopping bags and t-shirts. I got one of the daughters to model...bags were decorated with machine embroidered bumble bee and rickrack. The shirts were also machine embroidered as you can see... "We bee... and quilting in Minnesota...don-cha-know!" That is the play on "How to talk Minnesotan". I asked them if any of them were originally from Minnesota or had spent time here? They hadn't...just saw an ad in a quilting magazine and went from there! These are my kind of women...I can't say it enough...they were the cutest!
Here are my fellow bus mates...they were so friendly and patient with me. Like I mentioned in an earlier post, Mary our bus mom was a saint! She was a great shepherd and herded us all back to the bus, I think I was the black sheep who tended to wander and lollygag...DillyDallys have a tendency to do that...she would gently nudge me back towards the bus. Thank you Mary for making the day even more're a peach!

Also...a shout out to all 22 wonderful shops...I applaud your ability to organize and serve your customers so make dillydallying easy! When the Hop is over, I hope you and your staff take some time to dillydally too! Thanks a million!

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