Sunday, August 9, 2009

Bemidji to Mpls - Shop One - 8/6

I honestly admit my bias, Emily's Country Cottage continues to be my favorite. I travel to Bemidji nearly every year to visit family, and I usually visit the shop more than once when in town. Over the years (too many to count) it has been fun to watch this shop grow into the "Super Shop" it is today. It began as a small gift shop with many of her handmade gifts and gradually she built it up to the store it is today!
The atmosphere that the owner has created is so warm and comfortable, it is easy to spend hours here...there is so much to see and touch.
The basement is set up for workshops and classes. When I arrived this morning at 9:30 she had a huge crowd in here for a fat quarter club or something like that. But even in this area, there are samples everywhere!
Soooo much inspiration...I just love to visit and soak it all in.
My Quilt Buddies and I are huge Sherri Falls are samples from her Northern Solitudes book. Of course I love the book, but after seeing the samples...I want to make every single one of the projects!
She has so many samples that she displays them on the ceiling! Love it!
Samples everywhere...see...I wasn't joking. Every time I come here, I want to make everything!
Have had this new Log Cabin book for a while...seeing these two samples from the book make me want to get started right away!
Here is her 30's retro room...I die for!
I know I'm gushing...but honestly...this store is wonderful. Every summer after I return to Alaska, I think of things I wish I had picked up while there. When I call and explain what I want or need, the owner immediately knows what I am referring to and sends it up immediately. They also develop and publish their own patterns...of course I have a collection! Take a peek of their website at will be inspired!

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