Monday, August 24, 2009

Blind Faith...Treasure...Friends...

Saturday morning I spent an hour or so completing the first set of blocks in the second installment of Bonnie Hunter's Mystery quilt published in Quiltmaker magazine. I am a huge Bonnie Hunter/Quiltville fan, so am trusting her techniques and philosophy. I love her quilts, and am trusting that my rather odd fabric choices will look ok. Notice the fishing lure and sea otter fabric used as background in the top a Christmas quilt! Let's just call it "blind faith"! I do love mystery will be fun to see how it all comes together...I'll be sure to let you know!
See the 8 flat rate boxes on my sewing table? Those are filled with treasures I accumulated during my week of participating in the Minnesota Shop Hop. Let's just say that I did my part to support the quilt shop economy. We could call it the "Mrs. DillyDally Stimulus Package"! I had such a wonderful time and am overflowing with ideas and is all worth every nickle. I waited until this weekend to open them...I had so much to do to prepare for teaching that I couldn't allow myself to be distracted. Finally on Saturday night, about 9:30 I opened them and had a wonderful evening reliving my week as each item brought back the enthusiasm I felt at the was terrific!
Look what a friend surprised me with yesterday...what a lovely gift! A quilt kit...a quilt book...and an embroidery case! As you can see, Peanut was impressed...I was overwhelmed with gratitude and touched by the thoughtfulness!
I hope this photo captures all the skill, talent and creativity my friend put into the case. It really is stunning to see live...her workmanship is exceptional!
Look at all the detail inside! She even included the embroidery scissors! I know I'm gushing, but it is just so beautiful...I'm at a loss for words (yes, that occasionally happens)...I wish you all could see and touch it. My friend told me it is a Crabapple Hill design...and wouldn't you know...
...I am currently finishing the last block of a Crabapple Hill design! We're having an "Open Sew" at one of the local shops tonight, so I've packed my embroidery case with my supplies and we are going in style! I am so humbled by such a kind and generous is such a blessing to have friends like this in my life...I am so fortunate...

I'm off to dillydally with friends...I highly suggest you do the same!

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