Thursday, December 29, 2011

A 007 Project Revealed!

We have had an unusual amount of snow this holiday season...which has made for a wonderful Christmas vacation!

Finally... I can reveal one of my 007 projects!  Ya-Hoo!  As you might recall, last year I made Sister DillyDally a Christmas themed quilt, you can see it here.
Sooo...this year it was Brother's turn!
Pattern comes from Sherri Falls of This n' That Designs and fabric is from Holly and Taylor.
The pattern I made is called Confetti and is pictured on the back cover.  As you can see, I left the corners square on mine...Brother DillyDally literally wraps himself up in his quilts when he uses them, square corners make that a bit easier! ;-)  It finished up to be 60 X 73 inches ... perfect lap size!
These center blocks were all made with a "jelly roll" ... love that!  I love patterns that use precuts ... half the cutting is done ... I get to the piecing part faster! ;-)
Sherri's patterns are a pleasure to make ... her instructions are always clearly written ... and accurate!  Love that ... makes it a completely enjoyable process!
  I backed it with a black plaid (printed, not woven) flannel.  Local long-arm quilter Linee' Perkins did a terrific job quilting it for me.

I had purchased the pattern and supplies a year ago when QBee Diane and I visited Heavenly Patchwork Quilt Shop on our Mini MN Shop Hop, here is the post.  Sherri often publishes recipes in her books ... she had asked for recipes on her blog while writing and designing this book.  I had submitted a holiday favorite, Crab Stuffed Mushrooms ... and she included it!
Here are the ingredients.  I have made these every year of our marriage (30 yrs!) it would not be a holiday without them!  They really are easy to make ... we make ours with Alaska King Crab, but they can be made with any type of crab or shrimp ... for those of you without access to fresh seafood, canned will work!  I had intended to take a picture of them cooked and ready to serve, but our company was here and I forgot!  Just trust me ... if you have Sherri's book, give the recipe a try!

I have finished three of my knitting 007 projects and have only one remaining!  Yep ... the end is in sight!  I'm not complaining ... each one is a dillydally choice!  It is the secrecy that is difficult for me! ;-)

Look again at the first picture in this post ... do you see something in the water?
Sea otters are a very common sight here in my remote corner of the planet!  They are very difficult to photograph ... especially with a simple point and click camera like mine!  Fortunately he held still for a fraction of a second!

Do what you dillydally!

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

A Blessing!

It was nearly five years ago that I created and implemented the concept of a "dillydally lifestyle".  I had experienced three life altering events that left me contemplating many aspects of my life and how I wanted to live out the remainder of my days. Wow... I just reread that ... ;-) ... sounds awful serious!  I don't mean to be overly dramatic, but one of the most wonderful decisions I made was to surround myself with people who impact me and others positively.  Since making that decision ... amazing things have happened in nearly every area of my life!

Once you stop allowing those who are quick to judge, criticize, or drag you down to have an impact ... the "cream rises to the top" ... sorry, but I am the daughter of a dairy farmer ... ;-)!  When you filter out the negativity ... positive people become more obvious and can enter your life!
Case and point ... Roseann Kermes.  I met Roseann briefly while on a bus tour during the 2008 Minnesota Shop Hop.  She greeted the bus as it pulled up in front of her quilt shop, Rosebud's Cottage. While in the shop, she sought out and had a conversation with every customer.  Her kindness made it easy to remember her.  In 2009 when I returned to her shop, I shared with her that I had begun a blog designed to record my MN Shop Hop experience with the intent of inviting the QBees to join me in the future.  She was the first one to link my blog from hers ... I was ( and still am) so touched!  In 2010 she assisted me in making the plans for our trip ... and this picture is of her sharing her studio with us this past summer!  Roseann is a nationally recognized quilt designer (yep...a Quilt Rock Star) and owns and operates a quilt shop.  She is a very busy and productive person ... yet she takes the time to reach out in kindness to others ... like me!

On Christmas Eve, I received a package from Roseann ... I had ordered cuts of the Pam Kitty Morning fabrics that she had in her shop.  I was so busy with holiday preparations that I didn't open it until late yesterday.
  I have been looking forward to these prints since they were first announced last spring!
They literally make me smile!
Be still my heart ... gingham checks and polka dots ... heaven!
This print is my favorite ... yes ... I think I should redecorate my entire home with this fabric!  It just oozes Mrs. DillyDally!
And then there is the panel of Kitty Fashionistas!  They are sew stinkin' cute ... yep, I ordered two panels!  Of course, I have no idea what I'll make with them...
... for now, they make me happy ... eventually they will tell me what they would like to become!
A pile of happiness!  A bit of dillydally heaven!

It is sew nice of Roseann to go to the trouble of taking on my mail orders ... but you can imagine my surprise when I found additional goodies in the box!
What fun!  Such thoughtfulness!
Three kits ... new notions .... but mostly the gift bag was filled with kindness.  Kindness that traveled thousands of miles ... fills me with joy!  There is nothing better than knowing that someone was thinking of you!  She also sent some goodies for our guild members...I'll share those later!

This post is about so much more than the fabric I ordered ... although I love it.  My hope is that I've driven home the point that when you shake off the negative people that are a part of everyday life and spend your time and energy seeking out the positive forces around you ... amazing people and experiences will enter.  Roseann is one of those people who has a positive impact on others, she is like having your own personal cheerleader ... which is how we should all serve one another.  She has been a blessing in my life ... may we all be a blessing to one another.

Doing what you love is a blessing ... dillydallying is a blessing!

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas from the DillyDally Family!

We slept in and woke to fresh snowfall ... assured of having a White Christmas!  A leisurely breakfast of Glogg and lefse ... exchanging gifts ... it was so nice to have a quiet morning together.
Apparently Christmas is exhausting!  Who knew? ;-)  At least it is for the four-legged member of the family!

Close friends joined us for dinner ... it was an wonderful day filled with great food, good friends and family!  A very quiet and peaceful day ... lovely.
The DillyDally family hopes you had a day filled with all that is important to you!

Merry Christmas!

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Tis the Night Before Christmas...

The rain has...
...turned to snow.  It looks like we'll have a white Christmas!
The tree is up and decorated!  It's filled with memories of past Christmas'... each ornament has a story behind it! Love it!
The cookies have...
...been baked and all passed their taste tests! ;-)
This sweet knitting angel watches over me as I continue my covert knitting projects!  No worries ... I'm still on schedule, they aren't due until after the first of January!

All is well in my remote corner of the planet as we prepare for tomorrow and all that Christmas represents ... wishing the same for you.

Friday, December 23, 2011

Full-Time Dillydallying!

Yesterday was the first day of Christmas vacation!  That means that I get to dillydally full-time...for a couple of weeks! ;-)

Brother got home from Minnesota Wednesday evening ... so nice to have at least one of them back in the nest!  Yesterday's big adventure involved harvesting the Christmas tree!  The weather was not cooperative...
 My camera doesn't do well capturing rainfall ... but the truck's windshield does! ;-) It was pouring and turning the snow into "snow cone" quality mush.  Yuck!  Mr. DillyDally decided that because of my knee I had to remain in the complaints from me, I didn't even pout!  Remember...Santa Claus is coming to town!
The DillyDally men put on their hip-waders and braved the elements.  Even Kysa wanted to stay in the truck with me, but finally they got her to go along! ;-)  It cracked me up ... a Husky dog that doesn't want to go on an adventure in the outdoors ... proof that the weather was n.a.s.t.y!
The fellas didn't waste any time in finding a tree ... they were on their way back before I even had a chance to begin worrying about them!
It was a work out for them...walking in that deep slush!  And the cloud cover was so thick that it felt more like twilight rather than the middle of the day.
But...the annual tree hunt was successful!  When we got home, we warmed ourselves with homemade hot cocoa and cookies while breathing in the scent of a fresh cut Sitka Spruce.  Love it!
Progress on my 007 projects are on target.  Here is one of them, soaking and nearly ready to be blocked later!  No peaking through the bubbles!
Here is another hint...along with a DVD that keeps me entertained while I knit like a wild woman!  What a hoot! There are holiday episodes from multiple shows.  Many of the episodes on here are older than I am ... I know what you're thinking ... be nice ... remember ... Santa Claus is coming to town! ;-)

Gosh ... full-time dillydallying is fun!  I think that should be my next career!

Do what you dillydally!

Sunday, December 18, 2011

A DillyDally Family Milestone!

Do you see the light behind those blue eyes?  And that sweet dimple on his chin?  This is Brother DillyDally's kindergarten picture.  Of all his school pictures this is my favorite ... they really captured his personality!  He is our second and youngest child ... and has always been a source of joy and adventure!
Here he is as a high school senior ... mountain biking ... covered in mud!  No...he didn't have a disease of some sort ... ;-) ...that is mud sprayed all over him, and he loved it!  Yep ... he is "all boy" ... always seeking adventure ... those blue eyes and that dimple are still there!
He loves being outdoors ... from early on he was in a constant state of motion ... still is ... he creates adventure!
See ... I'm not kidding!  He is the one in the background ... I can't even think about how high up they are without getting dizzy!  Whew!  I am so glad I wasn't there ... this sort of thing I like to hear about after the fact!
He has spent his summers working and playing in the woods while attending college.  It makes him happy ... inside and out!  And every day is filled with adventure!
He is an Alaskan child ... very comfortable and at home in the wilds of our great state.
 He has traveled the world ... and taken that dimple with him! ;-)
He obviously took his sense of humor with him as well! this "guy humor" or what?  ;-)
Every time he comes home from college, Mr. DillyDally and I marvel at the growth in him as an individual.  Like all parents, it is a thrill to watch your child evolve into the person they were meant to be.
Friday was Brother DillyDally's last day as a college undergraduate!  The college does not have a winter graduation ceremony, so we will see him in his cap and gown next May!  When he comes home next week for the holidays ... his new adventure will have already begun!  

We are so proud of you Son!  Congratulations! 

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Orca Update & Val's Quilt!

My Orca Bay Update little snowmaid is helping me make progress on the Orca Bay Mystery and the many 007 projects!  She keeps my coffee nice and hot! ;-)  I was thrilled on Friday to learn that we were back to making string blocks!  Thanks must have known they would be just the break from right triangles that we needed!
I don't have a stash of strings ... yet ... I have been working on it! ;-)  So I raided the 1.5 and 3.5 strips from my Red (Blue) Ridge Beauty that I began last September when Bonnie was here!  Have just been rough cutting them with my scissors as I go!
They look so much more manageable when they've been trimmed!  Now what to do with that pile of red "crumbs"?  I'm not telling! ;-)
I have to avoid caffeine in the evenings ... sew ... I called on Ed Sullivan to assist me in maintaining my stamina this evening!  I love watching DVDs while sewing ... and have a love of vintage films and TV!  I think many of us remember watching the Ed Sullivan Show while growing up!  I love revisiting the styles and sets from the 50-70's.  Vintage television and string blocks ... complete win/win! ;-)
I did go ahead and cut a few of my blocks into triangles.  Have to say that I have found more uses for this ruler ... love it!  Sew ... that is my progress.  Again, I am just enjoying the process ... working in a bit of Orca Bay here and there.  I have found it to be very rewarding and love seeing the progress of others!

Val's Quilt!
You may have seen, on the last post, Val's Cobblestone quilt that she had just received from a long arm quilter here in Alaska.  Well today ... she received more fantastic news!  Make sure you're sitting down when you see this ... it is ...
... heart. stopping. gorgeous!  This is a photo that the quilter, The Green Fairy(Judy Madsen), sent her today!  Sorry about it being a bit fuzzy.  You must read the Green Fairy's blog post about this quilt, you will find it here.  Prepare to be transported to quilt  heaven!  When Valerie receives it, I will dedicate an entire post to it.  I am sew thrilled for her ... what a treasure!

View Update
Well ... that's an update from my remote corner of the planet!

Do what you dillydally!