Monday, December 5, 2011

My Orca Bay Update!

I have completely fallen in love with string blocks!  This is the first time I had ever made them ... sew fun and relaxing!  I had to cut the strings ... how I wish I had known and been collecting them over the past 30 years of quilting!  Think of all the fabric I unknowingly threw away?  Oh ... it makes my heart ache!  But you can bet ... I will be collecting them now.  I can clearly see myself raiding the garbage cans at all future quilting events!  Easily finished all 72 of the three and a half inch blocks!  I have my fingers crossed that there are more string blocks in this mystery! ;-)

Am busy working undercover on Christmas gifts, so I used the half triangle blocks as leaders and enders this weekend! ;-) They added up to 118 ... not too bad ... I'm a third of the way there!  My goal is to get some of every step done before the reveal ... I'm placing absolutely no pressure on myself!

Now for an update on the view...
...this was the view yesterday afternoon.  We were enjoying rain and 50 mile an hour winds.  Yep ... the rain was falling horizontally!  No kidding ... that is common this time of the year.
Today ... the wind remained ... blue skies replaced the rain ... and yes, the temperature has dropped.  This is coastal Alaska after all! ;-)

Do what you dillydally!


  1. What a gorgeous! I wouldn't get any sewing done at all!

  2. Your blocks look great. So smart of you to use them as Leaders Enders. I love the pictures out your window especially because of the mystery.

  3. Love the name of your blog, great fabrics for your Orca Bay quilt.

  4. I love your blocks! I am still thinking about doing the mystery quilt, but I have too many other projects going. I just finished a donation string quilt and I love doing them! I should just start making some blocks as leaders & enders...maybe I could get the quilt done eventually!