Friday, December 23, 2011

Full-Time Dillydallying!

Yesterday was the first day of Christmas vacation!  That means that I get to dillydally full-time...for a couple of weeks! ;-)

Brother got home from Minnesota Wednesday evening ... so nice to have at least one of them back in the nest!  Yesterday's big adventure involved harvesting the Christmas tree!  The weather was not cooperative...
 My camera doesn't do well capturing rainfall ... but the truck's windshield does! ;-) It was pouring and turning the snow into "snow cone" quality mush.  Yuck!  Mr. DillyDally decided that because of my knee I had to remain in the complaints from me, I didn't even pout!  Remember...Santa Claus is coming to town!
The DillyDally men put on their hip-waders and braved the elements.  Even Kysa wanted to stay in the truck with me, but finally they got her to go along! ;-)  It cracked me up ... a Husky dog that doesn't want to go on an adventure in the outdoors ... proof that the weather was n.a.s.t.y!
The fellas didn't waste any time in finding a tree ... they were on their way back before I even had a chance to begin worrying about them!
It was a work out for them...walking in that deep slush!  And the cloud cover was so thick that it felt more like twilight rather than the middle of the day.
But...the annual tree hunt was successful!  When we got home, we warmed ourselves with homemade hot cocoa and cookies while breathing in the scent of a fresh cut Sitka Spruce.  Love it!
Progress on my 007 projects are on target.  Here is one of them, soaking and nearly ready to be blocked later!  No peaking through the bubbles!
Here is another hint...along with a DVD that keeps me entertained while I knit like a wild woman!  What a hoot! There are holiday episodes from multiple shows.  Many of the episodes on here are older than I am ... I know what you're thinking ... be nice ... remember ... Santa Claus is coming to town! ;-)

Gosh ... full-time dillydallying is fun!  I think that should be my next career!

Do what you dillydally!

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  1. When I was young and wondering what I wanted to do I had thought of being a teacher so I could have summers and Christmas vacation...LOL...funny, I ended up in banking then my own business and I work allllll the time...
    Merry Christmas