Tuesday, December 27, 2011

A Blessing!

It was nearly five years ago that I created and implemented the concept of a "dillydally lifestyle".  I had experienced three life altering events that left me contemplating many aspects of my life and how I wanted to live out the remainder of my days. Wow... I just reread that ... ;-) ... sounds awful serious!  I don't mean to be overly dramatic, but one of the most wonderful decisions I made was to surround myself with people who impact me and others positively.  Since making that decision ... amazing things have happened in nearly every area of my life!

Once you stop allowing those who are quick to judge, criticize, or drag you down to have an impact ... the "cream rises to the top" ... sorry, but I am the daughter of a dairy farmer ... ;-)!  When you filter out the negativity ... positive people become more obvious and can enter your life!
Case and point ... Roseann Kermes.  I met Roseann briefly while on a bus tour during the 2008 Minnesota Shop Hop.  She greeted the bus as it pulled up in front of her quilt shop, Rosebud's Cottage. While in the shop, she sought out and had a conversation with every customer.  Her kindness made it easy to remember her.  In 2009 when I returned to her shop, I shared with her that I had begun a blog designed to record my MN Shop Hop experience with the intent of inviting the QBees to join me in the future.  She was the first one to link my blog from hers ... I was ( and still am) so touched!  In 2010 she assisted me in making the plans for our trip ... and this picture is of her sharing her studio with us this past summer!  Roseann is a nationally recognized quilt designer (yep...a Quilt Rock Star) and owns and operates a quilt shop.  She is a very busy and productive person ... yet she takes the time to reach out in kindness to others ... like me!

On Christmas Eve, I received a package from Roseann ... I had ordered cuts of the Pam Kitty Morning fabrics that she had in her shop.  I was so busy with holiday preparations that I didn't open it until late yesterday.
  I have been looking forward to these prints since they were first announced last spring!
They literally make me smile!
Be still my heart ... gingham checks and polka dots ... heaven!
This print is my favorite ... yes ... I think I should redecorate my entire home with this fabric!  It just oozes Mrs. DillyDally!
And then there is the panel of Kitty Fashionistas!  They are sew stinkin' cute ... yep, I ordered two panels!  Of course, I have no idea what I'll make with them...
... for now, they make me happy ... eventually they will tell me what they would like to become!
A pile of happiness!  A bit of dillydally heaven!

It is sew nice of Roseann to go to the trouble of taking on my mail orders ... but you can imagine my surprise when I found additional goodies in the box!
What fun!  Such thoughtfulness!
Three kits ... new notions .... but mostly the gift bag was filled with kindness.  Kindness that traveled thousands of miles ... fills me with joy!  There is nothing better than knowing that someone was thinking of you!  She also sent some goodies for our guild members...I'll share those later!

This post is about so much more than the fabric I ordered ... although I love it.  My hope is that I've driven home the point that when you shake off the negative people that are a part of everyday life and spend your time and energy seeking out the positive forces around you ... amazing people and experiences will enter.  Roseann is one of those people who has a positive impact on others, she is like having your own personal cheerleader ... which is how we should all serve one another.  She has been a blessing in my life ... may we all be a blessing to one another.

Doing what you love is a blessing ... dillydallying is a blessing!


  1. Your post made me smile, Terri. I, too, met Roseann in 2008 on the MN Quilt Shop Hop (and I know you and I were on the same bus...had to be!) and her kindness to me on that trip has led us to a wonderful friendship. Your post captures her warmth and kindness to others and describes her perfectly! My only regret in this scenario is that you and I didn't strike up a conversation on that bus!

  2. Funny...as I was reading your post I thought...sure do wish I was on that bus and lookie who was hanging with you. Melisa is right...your post describes her perfectly!

  3. You are beyond sweet and really truly so easy to be nice to because it shines right back through you! I had as much fun finding things to surprise you as you did opening them ... that's the best part of a gift. I love your positive attitude all the time. Thank you for being my friend. (And also thanks to M and KA for their kind words and friendship all these years as well!)

  4. thanks for the inspiration! I love " the cream rises to the top"!

  5. Roseann is a wonderful, thoughtful, and positive person... I'm so happy to also call her my friend. Glad you do too!

  6. Roseann is really a wonderful person! I feel so lucky we're friends. Also I am so thrilled you love the PKM fabric, that totally makes my day! HAPPY NEW YEAR!

  7. My first visit to your blog...wow! I love it :) And I learned I'm a Dilly Dallier...here all this time I thought I was just sidetracked! Thanks for a great and inspiring post

  8. I think any of us who count Roseann as a friend are indeed lucky. She has been my inspiration on many occasions!

  9. Around here we call her "Kermie"....more so because Holly didn't know how to pronounce her last name. She always has a way of finding her way into our conversations recently (even though she's 150 miles away). She is an inspiration. Thank you Rosanne for being a friend! - Julie, Katie, and Holly at Common Threads.