Sunday, July 31, 2011

First Stop! Rosebud's Cottage-White Bear Lake

Months ago, while talking about this trip ... I asked the QBees where they wanted to begin their trip.  QBee Barb, who is the quiet one in our group spoke first, "I want to go to Rosebud's Cottage."  I don't know about you ... but when the quiet one speaks up, we all listen!  Hmmm ... maybe that is why no one listens to me ... ;-)!
So we were at the door, bright eyed and bushy tailed ... before they even opened!  Rosebud's is owned by Quilt Rock Star, Roseann Mehan Kermes.  She was recently the featured designer in American Patchwork and Quilting and has another quilt featured in the October issue!
Roseann honored us by an invitation to visit her studio ... to say we were "star struck" is an understatement!
Her studio just oozes creativity ... you don't want to leave ...
... there are little "snip its" of artistry everywhere!
When you meet Roseann, you can feel her energy ... there were projects everywhere ... am sure you'll be seeing and making some of them soon!
There were baskets of inspiration every where!  Gosh I love pom-pom trim ... don't you?
Roseann finds creative uses for everything!  Using aprons to decorate chairs is just too dang cute!
After lingering in the studio at our leisure, we returned to the shop.
Roseann's use of the MN Shop Hop fabric was ... what can I say?
It was wonderful!  She had kits made up for both small and large projects ... yep ... wanted them all!
A tour bus of quilter's arrived, so I quickly tried to take a few pics without catching too many people unaware ... you have no idea how hard that was!  So my overall pics of the store are a bit blurry and caddywhompess!
;-)  I warned you!
QBee Barb spent most of her time in the wonderful wool department!
We all fell in love with this version of Terry Atkinson's new pattern!
Roseann's assistants are as friendly and helpful as she is!  This QBee is a doll ... I always look forward to seeing her when I visit!  She is a peach!
We had so much fun ... these QBees even decided to rest awhile ... yep ... you could say we all felt so comfortable, we were ready to move in! ;-)

The QBees and I were so touched by Roseann's hospitality ... she had gifts for each of us and donated door prizes for us to take back to our guild!  She is so generous with her time, talent, and friendship!  On an extremely busy day, she went above and beyond for us ... simply amazing and over the top!  We are so grateful and honored!  What a wonderful way for us to begin our Minnesota Quilt Adventure!


  1. Wow, you are up early for a busy day shopping.
    I'm so enjoying your vacation with you.

  2. Great pictures! Have your QBees take a picture with you in it, sometime. Mary Ellen :-)

  3. And I thought I'd never get to visit Rosebud's Cottage. What a great first stop! That design studio made me drool - and made me consider putting my dilly-dallying on hold while I worked on my sewing room organization...

  4. Yes, we want a few pics with YOU in it! Looks like a lot of fun and a great group of ladies. Enjoy!

  5. Hummm..... Maybe Roseanne would like to come to Alaska and teach a class for our Guild. Just a thought! A studio just for quilting, how decadent! You could dilly-dally for days on end in your own studio!

  6. You are beyond sweet in all of your comments. Thank you!! So much fun seeing you again and meeting a small portion of your quilting friends. Maybe one day I'll meet them all!!!