Thursday, July 21, 2011

A Birthday Message for You!

Yep ... hard to believe that two years ago ... all this nonfunsense began! 
Mother Nature must be celebrating today as well ... this was the early morning view from the front deck. ;-)

Where does all this silliness come from?  Well ... someday ... maybe ...I'll write that book. ;-)

Years ago ... I mean many years ago (insert violin music here) ... I read an article about the power of negative messages and their effect on people.  Oh ... how I wish I had kept that article ... to legitimize what I am about to say.  What I remember most is this ... when we receive negative messages, we repeat them nine times to ourselves.  That adds up to receiving the message 10 times!  Yikes!  No wonder people choose to be unkind so often ... it works!  The article went on to say that when we receive positive messages, we repeat them to ourselves three times.  So in order to counteract every putdown or unkind statement we receive, we need to  receive 3 compliments or affirmations!  How often does that happen?  Not often enough, for most of us.
By sharing this ... my hope is that you'll better understand why the message of this blog is ... Do dillydally! ;-)
While trying to come up with something that I could make for this "Birthday Give-A-Way", I knew that I wanted my message to be very clear.  Hee-hee ... guess I made that pretty obvious!  I also wanted it to reflect where I live ... hence the Alaska State Flower, Forget-Me-Not and the mountain scene fabrics.
As I was machine quilting this the other day, I was trying to rid myself of some recent negative messages I'd received.  Yes, they seem to come from all directions, don't they?  While stitching down the lettering ... it occurred to me that I had fused all the lettering amongst the clouds ... and I started to laugh ... out loud! I found it both ironic and symbolic!  I've been told ... more than once ... to get my head out of the clouds!  What a common, yet unkind and ridiculous thing to say to someone ... think of the human potential that is lost because someone receives messages like that!

So here is my message for you today...
Put your head in the clouds!
Do Dillydally!
P.S.  Please...pass it on! ;-)

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