Sunday, July 17, 2011

Second Birthday is Just Around the Corner!

I hope all you dillydallies had a terrific weekend!  Here in dillydallydom, I've been busy working on five 007 projects ... trying to get some things done before my travels begin!   Today I get to reveal one of those secret projects! ;-)

Remember these?
They were the postcards I made a year ago to celebrate this blog's first birthday.  You can revisit it here.  I had 18 followers at the time!  The intent of the postcard was to remind the follower to dillydally!  I have mine hanging up in my sewing room! ;-)

As the second birthday loomed around the corner, I wanted to do something ... but what?  I've been thinking about it for weeks ... with 50+ followers ... it has taken me awhile.  I have celebrated every hundredth post with a give-a-way of something I've made.  In May of 2010, to celebrate my 100th post, it was this pillow ...
Last winter, for my 200th post it was this sweet angel...
... people would have to leave comments and if they were also a follower their name was submitted twice.  It has been fun!   

Because it would take this blogger a lifetime to make 50+  followers something handmade, I've decided to have another drawing ... for followers only! 
It is a 16" X 20" wall quilt ... designed to remind you ... do dillydally!  I'm always humbled and somewhat overwhelmed when a new follower signs on ... thank you for tolerating all my silly nonsense funsense!
The drawing will take place at 10:00 pm (Alaska time) on Thursday, July 21st!  At that time, if you are a follower, (either through blogger or Networked blogs on facebook) you will be entered in the drawing!  The recipient will be announced Friday morning!  Those of you who have been stalking ... this gives you a chance to become a follower and be in the drawing.  Of course I am thrilled when I receive comments, but they are not necessary to be entered in this drawing!

Have a great week!  Do what you love ... do dillydally! ;-)


  1. Oh Mrs. Dillydally, you have such fun ideas!!

  2. I love are so very creative!

  3. Alright--that's it--I'm going to have to create 45 follower "alter-egos" to better my odds of winning that to-die-for wall hanging! So BEAUTIFUL!!

  4. Love, you know how I am about that!! And I HAVE the time to dilly dally") Have a great time in the real world!!

  5. What a great idea! Can't wait to see who wins the drawing :o)

  6. Congrats on two years! If I am the lucky winner, you can just bring it to Minnesota!
    :-) Mary Ellen

  7. Can I come visit you? I love the positive messages you give to us. I never really thought of all the negativeness in our daily lives. I love thursdays because my friend, Momma Barb, comes to quilt. She is always happy, cheerful and brightens my day. Today three other friend joined us too! What a wonderful day of laughing, learning and quilting. I think I need to 'dillydally' alittle more in my life. Thank You.