Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Happy Birthday Dilly-Dally Days!

Yep ... it's true!  This blog began a year ago today!  Sister DillyDally insisted that I come up with some way of celebrating today ... after thinking about it ... we decided that I would make each follower a fabric postcard!  Here they are ...
... simple (remember, I am not a designer) ... my hope is that you'll hang it somewhere to remind yourself ... and the message is clear ... do dillydally!  I included the Forget-Me-Not flowers to remind you of where this postcard comes from ... Alaska! 

There are a few followers that I don't have an address for ... they are Nicolas, Delvi Tandi and Laura.  Please send me your mailing address ( so that I can mail your postcard to you soon!  I am humbled that you would choose to follow my silly dillydally life ... this is my way of saying thanks ... I'm touched ...

I enjoyed looking back at my early blog entries today ... I still have no idea what I'm doing ... ;-) ... but I'm enjoying the journey!  Remember ... do dillydally!

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