Monday, July 12, 2010

Recent Happenings!

I love it when our remote corner of the planet is referred to as a quiet, sleepy little town ... nothing could be further from the truth!

On Tuesday (7/6), Princess Leinna Daisy arrived!  Her Momma is a KBee (knitting buddy) and you can see pictures of the princess with the blanket her mother knitted here.  We're all excited to meet Leinna Daisy ... hold her in our arms ... and smother her with hugs and kisses!  Speaking of babies ... KBee and QBee Sara left on Saturday for Anchorage where she is awaiting the arrival of her princess!

Amelia is due in early August ... and I have already dubbed her ... Princess Eeemee-meemee ... gosh ... babies ... what a great way to begin life!

On Thursday (7/8) we celebrated the wedding of a former student who is now a very close QBee!  The weather has been absolutely horrible this summer ... but it broke just before their outdoor wedding!  They were married on the breakwater ... a beautiful setting ... for a wonderful couple.
Several of us QBees got together and made them a queen sized quilt.  Many contributed batiks from their stashes ... got together and pieced the blocks while I was in Minnesota ... I was in charge of borders and binding ... local long-arm quilter Sheryl quilted it and QBee Diane applied the binding!  The pattern is called "Twinkle" by Sew Be It.  This was a labor of love ... Ria is very dear to us!
Mother /Daughter team, Susie and Shannon ... two of my favorite people ... both are Qbees and Shannon is a very serious KBee!  Yes ... she knit that gorgeous green sweater she is wearing ... she looks stunning in it!

Ria designed her wedding cake!  It directly reflects our lifestyle here in Cordova ... the extra-tuf boots on top were just perfect!  She and her friends made it ... what fun ... and how special!
Former students ... now dear friends ... fellow QBees ... each a positive force in this world ... and now wedding cake decorators extraordinaire!  A very powerful threesome ... exceptional women ... what an honor to watch them grow!  Gosh ... weddings ... what a great way to celebrate life!

How I dillydallied this week...
 ...finished the table topper ... it received Teacup's approval... ;-)
...made a lot of progress on a 007 (top secret) project...
...nothing is accomplished with out Teacup's supervision...  ;-)
...retail therapy ... future sweater for Brother DillyDally...
...walking in the woods...
...stopping to enjoy the wild flowers.

What an emotional week ... losing Colter ... the birth of Leinna ... Ria's marriage ... Amelia's upcoming birth ... grieving with Colter's family and friends ... there were moments when I was completely overwhelmed ... it was too much.  

We all express and manage emotions differently ... we find a way that works for us.  I have found that I do best if I'm using my hands.  When my hands are busy ... I can express my emotions ... I can focus my thoughts ... I can meditate and pray clearly.  Last week dillydallying helped me hold myself together ... this week it will help me heal.  My prayer for all of you who read this humble blog ... do dillydally ... may it serve as a very real blessing for you too.

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  1. pretty sure i know what your 007 secret project is but will not give it away!! So good to see you again! Shawn