Friday, July 2, 2010

My DillyDally Partner and/or Supervisor

It was almost three years ago that I decided to take dillydallying seriously.  Someday I'll explain the epiphany that brought about all this dillydally funsense ... but today I just want to share how I structure my day around dillydallying ... and the importance of a dillydally partner.  Remember, I am a public school teacher, so am enjoying summer vacation ... obviously my dillydally day is organized much differently when I'm working!

Both Teacup and I are early morning people ... we never sleep past 6:00 am and are usually up around 5:00!  We begin every morning the same way ... she sleeps with Brother in his room, so she meets me at the top of the stairs and gives me a leg rub.  We make our way down to the living area and turn on NPR ... I start the coffee ... and prepare her "wet" food.  She is talking to me the entire time ... if I don't move fast enough, she gets crabby and starts yelling at me!  I try to be patient with her ... she is 16 years old ... but sometimes I call her Mrs. Crabbypants ... she is related to Mr. Naughtypants ... they're cousins!
After coffee, at least one sudoku puzzle and "wet" food we begin to take our dillydallying seriously.  This is a 007 (secret) project we've been working on this week.  The recipient received it today, so we can share photos.  Whew!  It is hard to keep secrets, don't you think?  Here Teacup is supervising how I pin baste the layers together.  Fortunately it met with her approval!  ;-)
"Her Majesty" and I work together on the machine quilting.  Even after 16 years of experience, Teacup often gets her paws and nose too close, and for her own safety is often forced to leave the sewing room.  When that happens ... we both go by Mrs. Crabbypants!
Final approval is a process ... first, she must roll around on the project ... then she must in some way bathe herself ... who knew quilts were for bathing?  They are in the feline world!
When she regally sits on the edge of the quilt ... I know that I have received her final paw print of approval.  Ya-Hoo!  We usually dillydally until 8:00 am ... then check email and blogs we follow or stalk.  Usually at 9:00 we turn off the radio and switch to the television.  We listen and half-watch music videos while we take care of household chores and other "have to" obligations.  Our goal is to have our chores done, be showered and dressed by noon.  Some times we stay on schedule ... sometimes we don't ... life happens!
Later in the day, before dinner, we dillydally again.  In the afternoons, we usually dillydally to a movie.  Recently we've focused on old musicals.  I love Doris Day.  For Mother's Day I got the second collection of her movies ... so we have been watching one every afternoon this week.  When I was a "tween", I wanted to grow up and become Doris Day ... I loved everything about her ... still do.  Most of these movies are older than I am ... I love the styles of both the sets and clothing ... the music ... the plot ... perfect for dillydallying!  It is fun to see the influence of the styles in these movies of the 1950's on today's "vintage/modern" designs.  Love it! 
This was a new project we began this morning ... a table topper in honor of the 4th of July!
It was fun ... a pattern I've had for a while, but hadn't had a chance to use before.  The piecing was fun and obviously it went together quickly ...
... only under the close supervision of Teacup ... yes ... so far it has her approval!

Both of the patterns in this post are by Terry Atkinson.  The baby quilt comes from her Spring Cleaning book and is called 10,000 Lakes.  It is one of my all time favorite patterns ... works well with jelly rolls ... you'll love it!  The table topper is called Happy Holidays.  It comes with instructions for 3 sizes, this one is the medium ... I will be making this one again ... and again!  

Soooo ... that's how Teacup and I spend an average dillydally day ... she's convinced I couldn't do it with out her ... truth be told ... it would be lonely.  We wish you many dillydally days ... and partners to dillydally with!

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