Saturday, July 24, 2010


This week was filled with firsts!  Monday was the first time that I met someone in "real life" that originally I only knew through my "cyber life" ... this blog.  Susan found my blog last winter and occasionally left comments ... actually, she has commented more than anyone!  When I celebrated my 100th post, she won the pillow I gave away.  What was unique about it all is that it wasn't my quilting or knitting that sparked her interest in my blog, as she does neither.  She is a professional photographer and lives in North Pole, Alaska.  Her photography is amazing and her blog a joy.  You can catch up with her here.  She and her husband, Steve were in Cordova for a few days to explore.  We had them over for dinner ... lovely people ... wonderful conversation ... by the time they left, it was like they were old friends.  Right after they left that evening, I realized that I hadn't taken any pictures!  Can you believe it?  UGH ... I am so sorry that I didn't document their visit with a photo ... but I am so pleased to have met them personally!
Next came the first birthday of Dilly-Dally Days!  It was a joy to create the quilt post cards for my followers ... to write each one a brief note ... to send them off in the mail!  As a child and young adult, I always kept a journal ... after college, career and family happened ... too tired to journal!  Summer of 2007 I had an epiphany and made some major life changes ... the concept of dillydallying began to take form.  Last year, I began to journal again ... in the form of this very simple and humble blog.  My only intent is to document my very modest existence in this remote corner of our planet, and am honored that anyone bothers to read it.  Thank you.
The next first ... yesterday I woke to scraps of blue sky!  No ... I am not exaggerating!  We haven't had blue sky since I returned from Minnesota!  I had a dillydally date with QBee Barb C. planned ... lunch out and knitting in the afternoon ...
... yes ... it was the first time we could eat outside ... in the sun!
We spent the afternoon, knitting on the deck ... sipping Crystal Light and eating dark chocolate ... soaking up the sun ... temps reached the upper 50s.  No ... again ... I am not exaggerating. 

I love firsts.


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  1. It was such a pleasure to meet you and your family too! We had a great time visiting with you, and dinner was delicious! I haven't had time to blog about the rest of our time in Cordova (blogged only day one), but will be catching up when we get home in a few days.

    I'm happy the sun came out for you. We had rain in Cooper Landing, but it's raining here in Palmer. I hope the skies clear for us tomorrow, as we're going driving. I'd love to see Cordova on a sunny day. :)

    Thank you so much for your hospitality, and the lovely pillow. Steve has been resting on it on the sofa in our camper. Everytime I look at it, I will think of you.

    Be well and I hope you have many more sunny days.

    Susan & Steve