Monday, October 5, 2015

DillyDally Quilt Update!

Since Nissa arrived ... time to quilt has been limited.  But puppyhood isn't permanent, so before long there will be more time available to sew.
Flicka and I have worked hard to squeeze in time to accomplish a few things!  Before the puppy, she had mostly lost interest in my sewing ... but now that time in the sewing room has become limited, she has resumed her supervisory responsibilities!
We've been working on a flower themed quilt for a very special little girl!  It is a Bonnie Hunter pattern that I love and have made before.
Nothing would be possible with out the support and assistance of my cheerleading squad!  Too fun!  Yep ... in my remote corner of the planet one must learn to entertain themselves! ;-)
Here the blocks are laid out ...labeled ... and ready to be pieced.  Currently it is impossible to lay anything out at home, so these tasks must be done during guild events!
This past weekend our guild held their Fall Retreat and I was finally able to piece the top together!
Every piece of fabric came from my stash!  Many of the prints are leftover from clothes I made Sister during her childhood ... so many wonderful memories!  Even the border holds special memories!  I am so happy with the floral version of this quilt ... and hope that it provides years of snuggles for the sweet little princess that will be receiving it!
In other dillydally quilt news ... ;-) ... I recently received two quilts back from the long-arm quilter!  Love how she makes my ordinary quilts look fantastic!
I look forward to hanging this snowflake themed sampler up during our dark winter months!
When looking through my "stuff" I found this top that I had completely forgotten about!  Yikes!  Now you understand why one of the dillydally rules is ... no guilt! ;-)
Again ... the long-arm quilter took a very mundane snowball quilt and made it wonderful ... she is such a blessing in my life!  I look forward to getting these bound!  Complete finishes are the best!
And ... of course I am still basking in the glow of my Vintage Farm Girl blocks!  They were just so dang much fun!  This little stack of forty-four 6 inch blocks represents sew much ... love my dillydally quilty life!

Do what you love.  Quilt for fun!  Do dillydally!
Mrs. DillyDally

Friday, October 2, 2015

Farm Girl Happy Dance!

On Wednesday, a three day coastal storm left us with a light dusting of snow on the mountains ... what a wonderful way to end the month of September.  I don't know where the month of September went ... am grateful I take a lot of photos ... I enjoy looking back at them ... and occasionally finding that I did actually accomplish a few things! ;-)
Such as progress on my Farm Girl Vintage quilt!  Today is a party day ...
... here in DillyDallydom!
We are celebrating ...
... the completion of the 6 inch blocks ...
from Farm Girl Vintage!  Woo-Hoo!
I have successfully participated ...
... in my first online "sew-a-long"!
It was so inspiring to see the progress of others ...
... from all corners of the world!  Having this shared experience motivated me as well!  When life got in the way, and I would fall behind, I couldn't wait to catch up!  The last block was this cute little sheep ... one of the cheerleaders got so excited ... she is doing the happy dance on her sewing table!
With Nissa around ... it is impossible to lay the blocks out on the floor!  ;-)  The assistance of 4 paws and one very wet nose can complicate things!  So I squeezed them all onto the dining table ... but you get the idea!  This project was sew dang fun!  I am grinning from ear to ear today!
My Farm Girl finish was a wonderful way to begin October!  Love my silly, quilty dillydally life!

Do what you love.  Do the Happy Dance!  Do dillydally!
Mrs. DillyDally

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

My Friend Flora!

Sometimes ... the stars are just in alignment ... and things happen that have nothing much to do with anything we've done ... they are just meant to be.
Nissa's arrival day!
For example ... when this little girl adopted us ... it wasn't expected ... there were no plans!  I've learned in my life to accept things outside my control ... the hardships and the blessings!  This furball ... Nissa ... definitely falls in the "blessing" category!  Something else ... another blessing ... also new to DillyDallydom arrived a few days after ...  and recently I discovered I have neglected to introduce it here on the blog!  Yikes!  I guess having a puppy in the house has absorbed what braincells energy I have available!  ;-)

 Here's how the stars fell into alignment ... it was the last evening of the DillyDally Trail ... as we were traveling to the Columbia River Gorge for our dinner cruise, a Southeast MN QBee shared details with us about her family cabin on the Mississippi River.  Like our cabin here in Alaska, her's  doesn't have electricity either.  She shared how she uses an antique hand crank sewing machine to piece while there!  Brilliant!  That is exactly what I need here on the Eyak River!  I shared my thoughts and the Metro QBee said, "I have a friend who has one for sale!"  She immediately called to make sure it was still available ... and I bought myself an antique hand crank while driving down the freeway!  Yep ... it was meant to be ... another blessing!
The machine arrived a few days after Nissa ... we were crazy busy ... but I was so excited when it was delivered!
My biggest concern was damage during transit, but they had packed it well ...
... and it arrived safe and sound!  I immediately named her Flora.  As a child and young adult, one of my closest friends was a woman on a neighboring farm.  Flora and her husband were empty nesters ... she was 20 years older than my mother and 10 years younger than my grandmother.  Like them, she was a farm wife ... made of steel and generous with time and affection.
I would often ride my horse through the fields and visit Flora.  She was always busy ... making things with her hands ... and would willingly welcome and involve me in what she was doing.
She was the only person in our rural area that still pieced quilts.  We would trace around cardboard templates on fabric ... and when I was able to prove my accuracy, I was allowed to help cut them out with fabric shears.
Eventually I got to sew some of the pieces together.  I spent many hours at Flora's kitchen table ... learning life's lessons ... she was a patient teacher ... and helped me pursue my love of handcrafts and textiles.
Flora was just the friend I needed at that time in my life ... while sewing and crafting together, I could talk to her about things I would have never discussed with my mother or grandmother!  We could talk about everything ... family issues ... boys ... even sex!  Flora was a great listener ... open minded ...  intelligent ... and patient.  She quietly helped me successfully navigate the trials of adolescence.
This is a casual snapshot taken right before our wedding reception in 1981... Flora is the woman on the right, my great aunt Marty is on the left.  They served coffee during the reception ... these two were the only women in my childhood who were active quilters.  I have such fond memories of my time with Flora ... and I am so grateful for the many ways she influenced my life ... she was such a blessing!
It is in her honor that I refer to the "new to me" machine as Flora.  I have never used a hand crank ... so I immediately set the machine up and explored how it functioned ... it performs beautifully!  I brought out my current "leaders and enders" to work on while Nissa napped ... it was such fun!
Short seams like this patchwork unit requires is perfect for this machine!  Today, I finally got around to checking on where and when this machine was made.  My heart skipped a beat when I found out that this machine was built the same year my dear friend Flora was born ... 1910.
Yep ... the stars are in alignment ... this machine was meant to be in my life ... I am grateful ... I feel blessed.  I look forward to the many adventures this Flora and I will have!

Do what you love.  Do dillydally!
Mrs. DillyDally

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Time Marches On!

The laptop is functional again!  We're out of our forced "time out'!
Even though I wasn't blogging ... time stops for no one!  Fall comes early here in my remote corner of the planet.
Autumn's visit is also brief ... so the DillyDallys have been soaking it in as much as possible!
We've been dillydallying at the cabin on the weekends ...
... taking hikes and long walks when Mother Nature cooperates ...
... playing with friends ...
... knitting ...
... we've spent time sewing ...
... tis the season for soup and pumpkin everything ...
... celebrating sunrises ...
and appreciating sunsets!

I love this time of the year ... and do what I can to immerse us in it!  Days are getting shorter ... time marches on!

Do what you love.  Do dillydally!
Mrs. DillyDally

Thursday, September 17, 2015

A Forced Time Out!

Yesterday ... was ... one of ... those ... days!  As my followers on facebook know ... we had a another huge coastal storm! No problem ...
... I am a champ at creating my own sunshine!  Yep ... I had a list of things to be accomplished ... and ... seriously ... not one of them happened!  I just could not get my self-made sun to shine.  You see ... my laptop crashed!  I spent hours ... using every trick I knew ... no success!
Yep ... I will lose a lot of content and work that was in progress ... oh the pain!  I finally accepted the facts (at 2:00 pm) and found my resolve to improve the day.
I had a great idea ... baking would make the house smell wonderful and improve the mood here in DillyDallydom!  I made a pumpkin pie ... the house smelled wonderful ... all seemed to be improving!  Last night I cut a piece for the Mr. and I ... one bite and YUCK!  I had forgotten to add the sugar!  Apparently ... I lost the ability to bake yesterday too! ;-)
So today ... these photos are brought to you by Google images ... and I think I will do as this photo suggests ... and drown myself in hot cocoa (hopefully I am still able to boil water) with colorful marshmallows!  So I am in a forced time out ... until my laptop is running again ... you'll only find me on instagram and facebook.   Of course ... in the big picture ... my silly problems are completely insignificant.  So today my plan is to be grateful ... and find that silver lining! ;-) 

Do what you love.  Do dillydally!
Mrs. DillyDally