Saturday, December 16, 2017

Play Day with QBees!

Today, the local quilt guild hosted our monthly "Time to Sew Event"!  I always look forward to this opportunity to see everyone and their current projects!
I decided to put aside my 007 projects for the day ... and just dillydally!  Yep, a play day!  I returned to this project ... with my equilateral triangle ruler!  After nearly three hours of effort ... I put it aside ... time to come up with plan C!  I will meet this challenge ... somehow!  I am determined!
I have noticed these Crayola fabric packs online for a while ... and thought they were adorable!  I recently received this one as a gift from a friend ... sew dang fun! 
I followed the instructions on the box and downloaded the free pattern.  I don't often work with solids, so it is a bit outside of my usual quilting zone!
I loved seeing the subtle hue differences in each color group!  The reds were like standing in front of a lipstick counter in a department store!  The greens were like being in the forest just as the leaves are budding!  Love it!
I finished piecing one of the stockings ... it was fun and simple to piece!  A relaxing way to end the afternoon with QBees!

Do what you love!  Play!  Do dillydally! 
Mrs. DillyDally

Christmas Tree 2017

Oh ... Christmas Trees ... they quietly tell a family's story ... filled with memories of past holidays!
This year we made the decision to decorate an artificial tree.  We have many wonderful memories of tree hunting as a family, but now that our children are grown ... it just isn't the same.  Lifestyles change ... so we decided our Christmas tree can too!  What fun we've had with the technology that comes with this tree!  Multiple lighting choices and voice activation have given us the giggles over and over again!  Too fun!
We have taken our time decorating with ornaments ... this tree won't hold as many, so some will be used elsewhere or put in storage.  This one represents where we live ... a salmon with a crystal heart!
A holstein to remind me of my childhood on a dairy farm.
Minnesota's state bird, the common loon ... pewter Nordic mittens ... all chosen to represent a part of our family story!  It has been fun for Mr. and I to take our time and savor the memories!

Do what you love! Do dillydally!
Mrs. DillyDally  

Thursday, December 14, 2017


Finding content to blog about today is a challenge ... much of what I am doing involves undercover work!  Gift making means that I cannot share it until after December 25th!
Our local weather has not improved!  We have had heavy rain for 13 days without a break!  Some days have included hurricane force winds!  And our temperatures have been unusually warm ... mid to high 40s!
Retrievers love wet weather ... no complaints from Nissa!  Her name means "happy little girl" in Norwegian ... and it fits her perfectly!  I actually took this picture to show what a recent wind storm did to the lake.  It stirred up the bottom of the lake, making it muddy and tearing lose the aquatic plants growing there.  The waves then pushed them to the shoreline!  Large floating clumps of the plant material were floating all over the surface of the lake!
Our days are still getting shorter ... we cannot see the sun due to heavy cloud cover ... but the sun set today at 3:40 pm and will rise tomorrow at 9:44 am!  The winter solstice is a week from today ... a day that we celebrate here in our remote corner of the planet!  I created my own version of sunshine today by working with this summer filled, blueberry themed fabric!
More blueberries!  Yep ... they came to the rescue and saved our Candy Cane Forest!!!  Someone thought the Candy Cane Forest was for her recreation!  Can you believe it?  Naughty kitty!  And only 10 days until Christmas!

Whew!  I've written a blog post 14 days in a row ... hard to believe that tomorrow is the half way mark for December ... and 2018 is just around the corner! 

Do what you love!  Do dillydally!
Mrs. DillyDally 

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Happy St. Lucia Day!

My paternal grandmother, was 100% Swedish!  My grandfather was 100% Norwegian ... oh the fun they had teasing one another!
Summer 1967 -Dad, Grandpa, Grandma, Uncle
Sister, youngest brother and me
Scandinavian values run deep in my family, but the focus always swayed to the Norsk side of things.  Grandma grew up speaking Swedish ... when she married she became fluent in Norwegian.    I was always interested in her Swedish heritage, it thrilled her when I joined the Swedish Club while in college. 
Capturing the "light" with saffron!
 When my daughter was 10, we planned to send her to Concordia Language Camp.  We allowed her to choose the language she wanted to study ... she chose Swedish!  I could imagine my grandmother's smile in heaven!  My mother in-law was thrilled as well ... she was 100% Swedish too!
St. Lucia buns are a tradition we added to our family because of Sister's Swedish Camp experiences!  In 1995, we started the tradition of her playing St Lucia for her and Brother's classrooms.  Every December 13th, Sister would dress as St. Lucia and sing the hymn in Swedish, and brother would come as a tomte!  They would serve their classmates the saffron buns and Glogg.  Christmas morning they would get in their costumes again, and wake Mr. and I with buns and Glogg!  Precious memories. 
 To maintain the tradition now that our children have grown, I make the buns on St. Lucia Day.  We enjoy a few now, freeze the remainder, and enjoy them again Christmas Day with Glogg! 
Easter 1978 - Dad, Mom Brother and myself
youngest brother, Grandma and sister
I am so grateful for the influence my grandmother had on my life!  She was an example of all that is good in this world!  Her values live on through my brother, sister and I ... we are so very fortunate ... she was a blessing in every possible way!

Do what you love!  Celebrate your heritage!  Do dillydally!

Mrs. DillyDally 

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Be a Blessing!

When developing my dillydally philosophy back in 2006, my first intent was to remove the negativity in my life and replace it by surrounding myself with those who had a positive impact on others!  That decision was life changing! 
Meet my new friend, Nils the Snowman!  He arrived by U.S. Postal Service today from one such positive person!  Her friendship has been such a blessing in my life!  I am so very grateful!

Nils arrived today to remind us ...
... be kind.
... be thoughtful
... be grateful
... be joyful
... be a blessing!

Do what you love!  Be a blessing!  Do dillydally!
Mrs. Stavig

When It's Fun - Do It Again!

Some people find it easy to mass produce an item, they are able to make multiples (even hundreds) of something.  I am not that person.  I have a hard time making just about anything more than once ... unless ... I really like it ... and it has to be fun!
The first machine cover happened by accident.  I had taken a charm pack and pieced them into quarter-squares triangles!  Inspired by Lori Holt and her Quilty Fun book, those 3.5 inch pieces became a sewing machine cover! This first one was made back in 2014!
Our guild sponsored a gift exchange a few years ago and I made another one with a sewing themed fat eighth pack!  Even after the second one, I had a feeling there would be more in my future!  It was still fun!
Long time followers know how much I love gingham ... sew ... I used 6 inch pieced gingham blocks for the background of the cover for "Her Majesty"!  And after I finished this third one ... it was still fun!
I have been collecting Kim Diehl fabrics for several years ... it was time to cut into some ... and the plan is to make another machine cover!  It's for a friend who loves KD fabric as much as I do!
This time I intended to use nine-patch blocks for the background!
I alternated 3.5 inch (unfinished) nine-patch with plain squares to create the18' X 24" required for the mat!
My sweet Santa assisted the entire process ... so fun!
The mat is pieced and next was layering it.
I use Soft n' Stable for the machine covers ... I love how it maintains the shape!
Machine quilting done!
Next ... the row of spools ... pieced and quilted!
Auditioning on what end to place the spools ... decisions, decisions!
Binding is not my favorite dillydally activity ... I needed Santa to cheer me on!
Time to try it on Her Majesty!  Perfect fit!  By the end of the day it was wrapped, boxed and on its way to a dear friend for her birthday!  It was so hard to wait for her to receive it ... it arrived Saturday and she loved it ... I am thrilled!

And yep ... there are plans swimming around in my head for the next one I plan to make!  As long as it is fun ... I'll make more!

Do what you love!  Have fun!  Do dillydally!
Mrs. DillyDally
Oops!  Almost forgot to add the tag!  

Sunday, December 10, 2017

Sunday's Sunshine!

12.10.2017 - 11:00 am
The rain continues ... the wind is blowing ... the sun is nowhere in sight!  Sunlight filtered by a very thick layer of stratus clouds created these beautiful shades of blue today.  And ... blue is my favorite color!
Dillydalliers know how to make their own sunshine!  I don't mean to boast, but I am a professional ... at dillydallying and creating my own sunshine!  I spent time today knitting ornaments for our tree.  A hot cup of coffee ... knitting needles in my hands ... music playing ... yep, the sun was shining here in DillyDallydom!
The knitting for this ornament had been done for some time, so all I had to do was stuff and finish it!
I finished the knitting for this one and began another!  They are fun and relatively quick to knit!  They are designed by Arne and Carlos and are found in their book, 55 Christmas Balls to Knit
We attended a community fundraising event for the Salvation Army this evening.  It was an event filled with great food, friends and Holiday cheer!  The best form of sunshine possible!

Do what you love!  Let the sun shine!  Do dillydally!
Mrs. DillyDally