Tuesday, April 22, 2014

007 Easter Bunny Mission

Flicka checks out my machine quilting efforts!
Flicka and I spent most of our spring break in the sewing room … it was top secret … a 007 Easter Bunny Mission!
Flicka thinks that if she is very still, she is invisible! ;-)
As you all know … I buy fabric that inspires me … on a whim … with no plans.  Eventually it speaks to me and communicates what it wants to become!  Seriously … that is the way it usually happens here in DillyDallydom!  Both kids have recently moved into new apartments.  I had fun making them "housewarming" themed gifts for Easter.  I raided my stash and got busy!

For Sister DillyDally … in the stash a very girly kitchen themed fabric collection!
 How fun is this?  It just makes me giggle!
The fabric collection was called "Domestic Diva"!  Two very practical pot holders.
Two tea towels, two terrycloth towels and a hand knit dishcloth.  Rickrack on both her towels! ;-)
A topper for her dining table.
 And to top off the girly theme … a super fun apron to wear while entertaining!
Every "Domestic Diva" needs cupcakes on her apron pocket … don't you think?
For Brother & Girlfriend I used a "kitchen/nongirly" themed fabric.
 Two large potholders designed to handle large cooking tasks.
Two tea towels and two terrycloth towels with a hand knit dishcloth.  Cute, but somewhat understated to fit into their new lifestyle together.  I couldn't resist … had to include just a bit of rickrack! ;-)
Easter 1992 - Sister (age 8) and Brother (age 3)

The DillyDally nest has been empty the past seven Easters …

… but with Brother and Girlfriend DillyDally moving here this winter, we had family at the Easter table once again!

Of course we made them hunt for their basket!  They were good sports … and humored us!
Easter Sunset - 4.20.2014

A great week of sewing that ended with an Easter celebration!  Life is good in my remote corner of the planet!

Do what you love.  Do dillydally!
Mrs. DillyDally

Thursday, April 17, 2014

The Journey

Life is a journey … after 29 years of teaching I have decided to retire.  I still look forward to Monday mornings … I love the students who spend time in my classroom … I continue to be passionate about the subjects I teach … my teaching career has been a source of immense growth and joy!  Teaching is something I am very comfortable with … a path that is well groomed and easy for me to navigate.

 I have never feared change … I have always faced challenges … it is time to create and build a different path … a new journey.  This is not a decision I spent a lot of time thinking about … nor do I have any plans in place … a new adventure without expectations!  Everything will be all right.  Wish me luck!

Do what you love.  Embrace change!  Do dillydally!
Mrs. DillyDally

Monday, April 14, 2014

Preparing for Quilt Camp!

At times … all this 007 work gets confusing!  I have spent the last three days sewing like a crazy Easter Bunny person, but can't share until after Easter.  ;-)

Secret Agent Flicka is a professional … she loves to play "Hide n' Sneak"!  Never a dull moment here in DillyDallydom! Cats don't understand our confusion … they always have everything under control and are never confused.  Too fun … how I love this kitty!
So … let's see … I can't share with you what I'm currently working on, so I'll share what I was working on a few weeks ago, because I couldn't share it with you then.  No wonder I feel like a fruit loop most of the time! ;-)  Supplies for Camp Quiltathon … it is impossible to have a camp experience without plastic lacing, pipe cleaners, beads, dowels, and popsicle sticks.
It was my task to come up with table centerpieces that would identify each table by a color.  Bud vases and beads were a beginning.
I am not a whiz at paper crafting … but card stock and paper was an especially quick way to piece our guild's Northwind block!  Obviously, Flicka wasn't impressed with my paper crafting skills either!  ;-)
Yep … the glue stick was much more interesting … it rolls around on the floor!
The message is quite clear … it's pretty obvious what Flicka thinks of my paper crafting abilities!
 Eventually I finished two blocks in each color …
… attached them to a wooden dowel and into the bud vase they went.  Yep … they look a bit naked.
 Next … I moved on to name tags.  Now here is a paper craft I should be able to handle!
 Secret Agent Flicka thought these were great fun!  Help like this is hard to come by!
I dressed those naked center pieces with pipe cleaners … it helped!  And I made the camp directors hats to match their whistles.  Yep … every camp director needs a whistle!

All camps begin their day with warm-ups … so we planned "Sewing Warm-Ups" for the beginning of each camp session.
 I pulled out the very last of the Dilly Dally fabric I have.  It was designed by Me and My Sister Designs.  Gosh, how I wish I had bought more … I should have purchased bolts!  Here are the remaining layer cake pieces I have left.  (Insert a very deep sigh)
No … these are not panty liners!  ;-)  Hee-hee!
They're cord keepers.  We all have these electronic devices and the cords can become a tangled mess!
These are fun to make and practical to use … the pattern can be found here.
 My second "Sewing Warm-Up" was this sweet fabric box!
 Once again … quick, fun, ...
… and useful!
Dress it up with some cute buttons … very fun!  Pattern and tutorial can be found here.  I have made several since … I keep finding uses for them!  A great gift container too!
Whew!  Am glad these dillydally efforts are finally unclassified!  Agent Flicka is always on duty … she handles secrecy so much better than I do!

We had such fun at our Camp Quiltathon Retreat.  Guild members provide me with so much inspiration.  If you would like a to take a look go here, here and here!  Have fun!

Do what you love.  Go quilt camping.  Do dillydally!
Mrs. DillyDally

Thursday, April 10, 2014

A Door Prize for Camp!

In the midst of all that has been happening, QBee Val and I were in charge of organizing our quilt guild's spring retreat.  It was held last weekend … so have been unable to share our plans and efforts until now.
Yep … double trouble!

Months ago … Valerie suggested we go with a camp theme, and Camp Quiltathon was created!  We would brainstorm ideas, make lists, and divide up the responsibilities!  Lots of giggles as we planned, plotted and prepared!  
You might remember these … there was no plan for them at the time … just the need to sew and a charm pack within reach!
As I pieced them together … the intent was for them to become a table runner.  Then the dillydally winds started to stir … 
… and we (my patchwork and I) were swept in an entirely different direction.  ;-)  In true dillydally fashion … I just can't seem to help myself!
 Machine quilting ensued … binding was put in place …
 … pockets were tested …
 … and my table runner was morphed into a sewing machine cover!
 I was very pleased with the results.
A great pattern from Lori Holt's Quilty Fun book!  We used this sewing machine cover as an early bird registration door prize for camp!
It went to a very good home … I was thrilled when QBee Barb won it!  Here it is on her machine while at camp!  Fun!

Do what you love.  Embrace the wind!  Do dillydally!
Mrs. DillyDally