Monday, April 14, 2014

Preparing for Quilt Camp!

At times … all this 007 work gets confusing!  I have spent the last three days sewing like a crazy Easter Bunny person, but can't share until after Easter.  ;-)

Secret Agent Flicka is a professional … she loves to play "Hide n' Sneak"!  Never a dull moment here in DillyDallydom! Cats don't understand our confusion … they always have everything under control and are never confused.  Too fun … how I love this kitty!
So … let's see … I can't share with you what I'm currently working on, so I'll share what I was working on a few weeks ago, because I couldn't share it with you then.  No wonder I feel like a fruit loop most of the time! ;-)  Supplies for Camp Quiltathon … it is impossible to have a camp experience without plastic lacing, pipe cleaners, beads, dowels, and popsicle sticks.
It was my task to come up with table centerpieces that would identify each table by a color.  Bud vases and beads were a beginning.
I am not a whiz at paper crafting … but card stock and paper was an especially quick way to piece our guild's Northwind block!  Obviously, Flicka wasn't impressed with my paper crafting skills either!  ;-)
Yep … the glue stick was much more interesting … it rolls around on the floor!
The message is quite clear … it's pretty obvious what Flicka thinks of my paper crafting abilities!
 Eventually I finished two blocks in each color …
… attached them to a wooden dowel and into the bud vase they went.  Yep … they look a bit naked.
 Next … I moved on to name tags.  Now here is a paper craft I should be able to handle!
 Secret Agent Flicka thought these were great fun!  Help like this is hard to come by!
I dressed those naked center pieces with pipe cleaners … it helped!  And I made the camp directors hats to match their whistles.  Yep … every camp director needs a whistle!

All camps begin their day with warm-ups … so we planned "Sewing Warm-Ups" for the beginning of each camp session.
 I pulled out the very last of the Dilly Dally fabric I have.  It was designed by Me and My Sister Designs.  Gosh, how I wish I had bought more … I should have purchased bolts!  Here are the remaining layer cake pieces I have left.  (Insert a very deep sigh)
No … these are not panty liners!  ;-)  Hee-hee!
They're cord keepers.  We all have these electronic devices and the cords can become a tangled mess!
These are fun to make and practical to use … the pattern can be found here.
 My second "Sewing Warm-Up" was this sweet fabric box!
 Once again … quick, fun, ...
… and useful!
Dress it up with some cute buttons … very fun!  Pattern and tutorial can be found here.  I have made several since … I keep finding uses for them!  A great gift container too!
Whew!  Am glad these dillydally efforts are finally unclassified!  Agent Flicka is always on duty … she handles secrecy so much better than I do!

We had such fun at our Camp Quiltathon Retreat.  Guild members provide me with so much inspiration.  If you would like a to take a look go here, here and here!  Have fun!

Do what you love.  Go quilt camping.  Do dillydally!
Mrs. DillyDally

Thursday, April 10, 2014

A Door Prize for Camp!

In the midst of all that has been happening, QBee Val and I were in charge of organizing our quilt guild's spring retreat.  It was held last weekend … so have been unable to share our plans and efforts until now.
Yep … double trouble!

Months ago … Valerie suggested we go with a camp theme, and Camp Quiltathon was created!  We would brainstorm ideas, make lists, and divide up the responsibilities!  Lots of giggles as we planned, plotted and prepared!  
You might remember these … there was no plan for them at the time … just the need to sew and a charm pack within reach!
As I pieced them together … the intent was for them to become a table runner.  Then the dillydally winds started to stir … 
… and we (my patchwork and I) were swept in an entirely different direction.  ;-)  In true dillydally fashion … I just can't seem to help myself!
 Machine quilting ensued … binding was put in place …
 … pockets were tested …
 … and my table runner was morphed into a sewing machine cover!
 I was very pleased with the results.
A great pattern from Lori Holt's Quilty Fun book!  We used this sewing machine cover as an early bird registration door prize for camp!
It went to a very good home … I was thrilled when QBee Barb won it!  Here it is on her machine while at camp!  Fun!

Do what you love.  Embrace the wind!  Do dillydally!
Mrs. DillyDally

Thursday, April 3, 2014

I am Grateful

Long contemplative walks …
… spending time at my sewing machine …
… and quiet moments knitting with my sweet fur baby as I privately struggle with sorrow.  We all process grief differently as we seek comfort during a loss.  As I work through my emotions, I've chosen to shift my focus from the tragic event surrounding their deaths and redirect my energy towards the wonderful journey in life that they enjoyed.  It is helping the hurt.  
I have been overwhelmed, touched and humbled by the many ways people have shown their support and concern for Julie and her son's family and friends.  As my heart aches, I also find it filled with gratitude.

I thank you for ...
… the prayers.
… the comforting comments.
… your thoughtfulness.
… your generous support.
In the midst of darkness, your gestures of kindness help to slowly bring back the light.  I am humbled.  I am grateful.  Thank you.

Do what you love.  Please.  Do dillydally! 
Mrs. DillyDally 

Saturday, March 29, 2014

QBee Julie

This is difficult …
… those of you who have been followers of my blog have grown to know my close knit group of QBees (Quilt Buddies).  It is with deep sadness … that I share this ... Julie and her middle son lost their lives in the mudslide that occurred a week ago in Washington.
We QBees are an eclectic group of characters … each adding an element of fun, craziness and hilarity!
Julie's sense of humor was exceptional … she literally kept us in stitches … laughing until we hurt all over!
My troop of QBees … we know how to enjoy a good meal!
Guess that is pretty obvious as most of our photos include food! ;-)  Julie was a great cook … but in my humble opinion, she made the best pies on the planet!  Seriously … her crust was perfect!  She was famous for her apple pie … and would not share the recipe … I should have wrestled it out of her!  Truth be told … if we had wrestled, she would have won!
Mississippi Headwaters
I loved traveling with Julie!  Her sense of wonder and adventure made every trip extra enjoyable!
Mississippi Cruise in St. Paul
She loved new experiences and liked learning about things unfamiliar to her.  Her intellect and curiosity were infectious.
Quilt shop loot!
Yep … she made everything fun … so you can imagine shopping with her.  
 We would enter a shop … and find all sorts of things the other should buy!  We never needed sales assistance … we were always selling … to one another.  Much of the fabric and patterns I own are because Julie convinced me I needed them!  Shop owners were always happy to have us walk through the door together!
We grew together in multiple ways over the past 30 years.  Quilting is what brought us together, but our friendship was really about so much more.  We shared all the things that matter … the joys and sorrows of parenting … our concerns for our community … marriage and careers … solving all of life's problems with sincerity and humor.
When I was in the process of developing the dillydally lifestyle … Julie was an important source of support!  She immediately "got it" and did everything she could to encourage me in my efforts.  We often talked about how friends should serve as cheerleaders for one another … I am so grateful for her friendship.  I love that she shared in the enthusiasm for my dillydally silliness!
  Two years ago Julie and her husband realized their dream of retiring and moving south to live near their grandchildren.  And returned to spend summers here at their cabin.  A dream they had turned into reality!
My heart is broken … I am consumed with sorrow.  Initially I clung to hope … and eventually I wrapped myself in my faith as I work to accept the unimaginable.
 I'm not ready to say good-bye … I treasure the memories … but we had intended to create new ones … acceptance is difficult.
As much as I ache, my heart bleeds most for her family.  They lost everything.  Her surviving sons have lost their mother and brother.  Her grandchildren have lost their grandmother and uncle.  Her husband has lost his soul-mate, life partner, best friend … his wife and a son.  My grief is nothing in comparison … please keep them in your thoughts and prayers.  So many are suffering from this natural disaster.

My sign off has added meaning now …

Do what you love.  Do dillydally!
Mrs. DillyDally