Monday, January 26, 2015

DillyDally Trail -Day 5

Blue skies again today ...
... and Lilly and I started climbing!

Today, I found the following quilting jewels tucked in amongst the mountains!

The drive, again today, was beautiful ...
... and I am "sew" looking forward to revisiting again in July ... with QBees!

Do what you love.  Do dillydally!
Mrs. DillyDally

Blazing Trail - Day 4

Traveling through Cowboy Country yesterday ...

... was amazingly beautiful!
Because it was Sunday, the stores were closed ...
... but I could peek in the windows.  I was inspired!
I love small towns ... their quilt shops are so proficient at reflecting the culture of their community.  They give me a glimpse of what living in their community is like.
God Bless America!

Yesterday was another 60 degree day ... blue sky ... open spaces ...sprinkled with quilt shops along the way ... what a fantastic day on the DillyDally Trail!

Do what you love.  Do dillydally!
Mrs. DillyDally

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Trail Blazing - Day 3

It was another wild and wonderful day on the DillyDally Trail!
First stop was an absolutely charming quilt shop ... the owner was equally as charming!  Lots of ideas and samples I haven't seen anywhere else.
This shop was in a sort of industrial park ... when I entered, I felt like Dorothy who had just landed in the land of Oz!  Amazing store, I wanted to bring home everything!
This incredible shop hosts a different quilt exhibit every month on the second floor ... stunning!  Great place to find unusual fabrics!
Outstanding diversity of fabrics in this treasure of a shop!  Simply wonderful!
Another wonderful day here in Cowboy Country!  I am so blessed.

Do what you love.  Do dillydally!
Mrs. DillyDally
You know you're in Cowboy Country when the bar stools are shaped like saddles!  What fun!

Friday, January 23, 2015

Trail Building - Day 2

Miss Lily and I accomplished a lot today!
We began the morning here ...
... in Oregon's Capital city!  The shop windows are sew inspiring ... wait until you see the quilty goodness inside!

Then Lily and I traveled over mountain passes to reach ...
... the place where this dream began!
I cannot wait to return in July!  Seriously ... I want to squeal out loud when I think about it!

Next we traveled on into the high desert ...
... where I saw more horses and cattle than people!
Super cute quilt painted on the store siding!  Love a quilt shop that reflects the culture of their community!
Welcome to Cowboy Country!

Miss Lily politely asks me multiple times everyday ... "Where to?"  Who knows what tomorrow will bring ... stay tuned!

Do what you love!  Mama, DO let your babies grow up to be cowboys!  Do dillydally!
Mrs. DillyDally

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Building the Trail - Day 1!

OH MY GOSH GOOD GOLLY!  What a wonderful dillydally day!
Just to remind everyone ... I live in the middle of nowhere.  There are no traffic lights ... or "traffic" for that matter in my remote corner of the planer!  I am familiar with the city of Minneapolis/St. Paul, so when I travel there, driving is relatively uncomplicated and the adjustment comes quickly.  I am completely unfamiliar with Portland ... so the idea of driving alone through Portland scared me silly!  But ... fears are to be faced ... fears do not drive a dillydallier!  Pun intended! ;-)  Truth is ... someone did travel with me ... and helped me handle the stress.
Meet my copilot ... my new travel partner ... best friend ... and lifesaver ... Lily!  Yep, I named her Lily DillyDally.  She is not a silly ... and thankfully ... she was able to direct me to everywhere I wanted to go!  Lovely Lily!
We visited some wonderful women here!
We listened to the surf!
We fondled fabric here!
We were awestruck by the vista!
And this pink building was filled with quilting perfectness!
I have been trying to cover two itinerary days in one on the road.  I am so grateful that I took this trip, because I have already found out that I need to make some major adjustments.  I could fill the entire week with just the coast ... have been busy taking notes ... refiguring ... making alterations ... building a dillydally trail!

Do what you love.  Build a trail.  Do dillyally!
Mrs. DillyDally & Lily  

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

I'm a Believer!

Just two short years after the concept of a dillydally lifestyle began, I came across something wonderful.
I believe that when you find something good, you should share it with your friends.  I came home and insisted that they should come to Minnesota and join me.  Let's just say that they looked at me in disbelief.

Sew ... in 2009 I had to find a way to take them along!
Yep ... that is the sole reason why I began blogging!  Dilly-Dally Days is the result!

Then in 2011 ... we made it happen!
First of 24 Minnesota Quilt Shops we visited!
Four QBees joined me!  We had many adventures and not all of them involved fabric!  Lots of giggles, quilting treasures, map reading and all kinds of silliness!  If you are were not a reader of this blog back in 2011, the fun begins here!
A visit to the studio of designer Roseann Meehan Kermes!  The first quilt celebrity we met!
I cannot begin to share the amazing time we had ... all the quilt wonderfulness we enjoyed ... and the memories we made.  They are dillydally believers now! ;-)

In 2012, my mother's side of the family held a reunion, "The Randall Round-Up"
It was held in central Oregon, my mother grew up there ... and it is where I was born!  It was a wonderful time to reconnect with extended family!

Afterwards, Mr. DillyDally and I just drove around and explored some of Oregon for a couple of days.
Guess where I made sure we stopped?  It was the week before the Annual Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show!  An event I have enjoyed reading about for years ... and have had on my bucket list ...
... and that was when I made a HUGE dillydally decision!  Yep ... I decided that 2015 would be the year I attend!  And QBees are invited to join me!  Sisters has been hosting this show for 40 years and it is time to attend!  I am sew dang excited!

Sew ... I arrived in Oregon tonight!  Tomorrow I pick up a rental car and hit the road!  I am here to make final decisions about the itinerary, to meet with potential shops we'll visit, check out hotels and actually drive the route I've chosen!  Sew ... stay tuned!  Many adventures ahead!

Believe in your dreams!  "The DillyDally Quilt Trail: An Oregon Shop Hop" is about to happen!

Do what you love!  Be a believer.  Do dillydally!
Mrs. DillyDally

Monday, January 19, 2015

Treasure from the DillyDally Vault!

I promise!  This is not a post about my love and affection for all things Disney!  Although it is true that I love Disney ... especially "cheesy" Disney!  But that is another subject for another post on another day!  Whew!  Hope that clears things up ... and that you're willing to continue reading!
I am always excited when Disney opens their vault to re-release a vintage movie from the past.  Well ... here in DillyDallydom, I have been opening my DillyDally vault and pulled out some quilt tops from the past.  Hmmm ... I wonder ... how old must they be to be considered vintage?  You know what?  I don't think I want to know! (insert a wink & giggle)
Long time readers of this blog know that my favorite part of the quilting process is piecing!  Decades Years of piecing has resulted in millions thousands hundreds many quilt tops!  The truth is that there are too many to count!  Some things are best left unknown!  Ignorance can be bliss!  Every 2-3 months this past year, I have had a couple of tops quilted!  Several have just been waiting for binding.  With all the wet and dreary weather last week, I finally got three of them done!  I'll begin with the most recently pieced one.  ;-)
Let me be honest ... I LOVE fabric ... that fact is not an exaggeration.  Fat Quarter Packs were designed for people like me!  They are perfect ... a piece of every print in an entire collection!
This happy fabric was designed by Me & My Sister for Moda in 2008.  It was called Strawberry Lemonade.  I bought tons of it then ... and now this many years later ... I wish I had bought even more.
This pattern is from Terry Atkinson's book, Spring Cleaning.  It is the same pattern I used for the lap quilt I made my MIL for Christmas.
My long arm quilter worked her magic and custom quilted this very bright and busy quilt beautifully!
Flicka gave her final approval! ;-) She spent a lot of time rolling around on this one!
It is queen size ... probably too bright and busy for Mr. DD ... but it is one of my favorites!  It is just so dang happy and makes me smile every time I look at it!
This beautiful quilt was made entirely from stash!  I pulled colors that were in the novelty print I used for the borders.  Can you believe the detail my long arm quilter put into this simple piecing?  She turns my very average quilts into treasures!  I am so grateful!
The pattern is another Terry Atkinson design called Yellow Brick Road.  I purchased the pattern in 2002, and made this as a way to test it for possible use in my classroom.
The super cute border is a fabric I bought in the mid 1980's called Cucumber Kitty!
Fabric bought and used long before Flicka came into our lives!  The kitties in the fabric look just like her!  Sometimes forces outside of our control are in charge!
Flicka was really involved in the binding process of this quilt.  I think that she was partial to the hot pink flannel backing!  Yep ... this kitty loves pink!  Doesn't every Princess? ;-)
It is twin sized ... some little princess that walks into my future will receive it.
I dug deep into the vault for this quilt top.  Long time QBees and I figure that I pieced this top in 1990 or 1991 when we all took the Pineapple Quilt class together.
I remember Brother being very young, as it was difficult to be away from home all weekend.  I used scraps that I had on hand, but found I was short when it came to the colors of orange/peach.  Yep ... I still have a difficult time using those colors!  Some things never change.
Back then embossed muslin was all the rage, and that is what I used for the background and border.  For the back I chose bleached muslin.  I wanted it to have an antique feel and had the quilter use a featherweight polyester batting.  I love the results!
I am so impressed with the job the long arm quilter did ... again, she took a mostly average quilt and turned it into an heirloom!  I especially love how she took the wide border and quilted it as though it were two ... genius!
Flicka thought this quilt was for wrestling!  Hee-hee!  She is such a goofball!
I loved this quilt when I made it years ago ... and I love it even more now!
It feels wonderful to pull quilt tops from the vault, have them quilted and finished by applying the binding.   Someone asked me if I was sorry I had waited this long to get them done.  The answer to that question was simple and did not require any thought.  No, I am not sorry ... nor do I feel any guilt.  These quilts were not forgotten or neglected ... they were waiting ... for the right person to come along to quilt them!  I am so fortunate that my long arm quilter is willing to take on my mountains of tops!  She is a blessing!
Happiness is a pile of finished quilts with a kitty on top!

Do what you love.  Do dillydally!
Mrs. DillyDally
P.S.  The DillyDally vault remains open ... two more quilts are currently on their way to the quilter!