Saturday, March 28, 2015

Hopping Down the Bunny Trail!

The calendar has announced the arrival of spring!  Mother Nature has a habit of not listening to the calendar ... but she has no control over what happens within the walls of DillyDallydom!  In my small home ... here in my remote corner of the planet ... spring arrives when the bunnies come out to play!
First to arrive ... some old friends ... wool peeps and eggs!
Want to arrange them differently this year ...
... I like to switch it up a bit ...
... the peeps and one egg found their temporary home ... rub-a-dub-dub some peeps in a tub!
These bunnies also came out to play!
A raw edge applique' chubby bunny ... I refer to her as my sophisticated bunny.  Doesn't she look like she is on her way to a victorian tea party?
Mr. Cottontail is a tinted embroidery bunny ... making his Easter egg deliveries.
These little wool bunnies are busy frolicking amongst Easter eggs and button flowers.  Bunnies  are just so dang sweet!
I came across a few other bunny friends that have been waiting to join the fun.  I began this project a few years some time ago ... everything was cut and fused in place.  Sew ... time to layer it and get it quilted!
They are part of McKenna Ryan's Forest Hollow design, which is actually "owl" themed.  I purchased this pattern for the bunnies ... I'd been looking for a rabbit wall quilt that wasn't necessarily "Easter" related.  This little wall quilt can hang from spring through summer ... well past the Easter holiday season.
It had been some time since I had done any raw edge applique' ... yep, it was scary!  It was a relief when my mojo somewhat returned.  Let's just say ... I will not be sharing any close up photos.  ;-)
The facial features were the biggest challenge for me ... I am not a natural at machine quilting and drawing ... thank heavens for FriXion pens.
Yay!  Binding is always a time to celebrate!
All done!  Two new bunnies to add to our Bunny Trail!
Mr. Chocolate bunny had been very lonely ... so they joined him!  Another PhD finished ... yep ... we are all doing a "Hoppy" dance here in DillyDallydom!

Do what you love.  Hop!  Do dillydally!
Mrs. DillyDally

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Spring Fever with a Hook!

Welcome Spring!
Mother Nature gifted us with a beautiful first day of spring ... yep, spring fever is an epidemic here in DillyDallydom!  I was so feverish that when I came across a video tutorial for a crochet flower bracelet ...
... I grabbed a hook and some yarn from my stash ... and gave it a try!  If you've been hanging around here you know that I have very limited crochet skills ... the tutorial was excellent ... making it easy for this beginner!
It is highly unlikely that I would wear the bracelet ... so I took the flower motif and made a garland instead.  Of course one garland led to another ...
... eventually there were three!  And here they are hanging out with some bunnies!  Happy Spring!

Do what you love.  Try something new!  Do dillydally!
Mrs. DillyDally

Monday, March 23, 2015

Do Dillydally!

It has been a very busy dillydally week!  I did a crazy amount of dillydallying.
I filled the week with quilting, knitting, socializing and even expanded my crochet skills.  Yep ... it was zoom, zoom, zoom all week long.

St. Patricks Day ... first day of Spring ... a quilt guild event ... committee meeting ...  the Oregon trip ... all helped to to create a hyper drive pace.
 Even Mother Nature contributed to the craziness.  She gifted me with beautiful sunrises, lovely weather and stunning sunsets.  There are no deadlines ... this frenzy is entirely self-imposed ... I needed to be in hyper drive ... I created it because my heart is heavy.
As a Viking Warrior, my response is to fight through emotions.  The good news is that my weapons of choice are knitting needles, a rotary cutter, a sewing machine and crochet hook!  Busyness helped me cope this week.
It was a year ago yesterday that QBee Julie and her son lost their lives.  I am unable to put my loss into words.  I find that I am unable to set my grief aside.  Every time I sat down to blog over this past week ... I just couldn't ... I certainly had created "stuff" to blog about ... but ... I just couldn't.
It is impossible for me to share all the things I could and want to say about Julie and what our friendship meant to me.  So many treasured stories and memories ... they make me smile.
Friendships enrich our lives ... we learn so much from one another.  The loss of Julie reconfirms for me the dillydally principals I began creating nine years ago.  Don't delay ... do dillydally!

Mrs. DillyDally

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Happy St. Patrick's Day!
Do dillydally!

Sunday, March 15, 2015

DillyDally Flashbacks!

Long time visitors to this blog are very familiar with the view from my front deck.  I have lived in this home for 29 years and I still take pictures of the view nearly every day.  But this photo stands apart from the thousands of others I've taken.  Time for a few DillyDally flashbacks!
This sunset photo was taken on September 21, 2011 ... here in DillyDallydom this picture is legendary!  Seriously ... I am not exaggerating!
That evening Quilt Rock Star Bonnie Hunter and several QBees were in my home enjoying an Alaska themed potluck dinner ... and that view!  Flashback ... you can read the post here.  Her entire visit and the classes she taught were incredible ... you can visit those moments ( more flashbacks) here, here, here, and here!  Bonnie was and continues to be a very active inspiration in our lives ... she is amazing in every possible way!  Now ... let's get back to that infamous, yet very humble sunset photo.
Every fall, Bonnie hosts a mystery quilt online ... thousands of quilters from all over the world participate ... it is truly a global quilting event!  On November 1, 2011, I nearly had a heart attack!  Her mystery quilt was based on that sunset picture!  Yes!  The one at the top of this post!  Another flashback ... my initial reaction can be found here!
Found on Pinterest by Joy Vale
I found a picture of the Orca Bay quilt finished on pinterest ... yep, I worked on the mystery, but with teaching, life demands, and other commitments ... it was eventually packed up and placed on a high shelf in my sewing room.  I intended to finish it ... someday.
Then along came our guild's chapter of Quilter's Anonymous!  Yep ... I refer to this as an official "intervention"!  At QA we list six PhDs that we would like to work on ... then roll the dice ... the number it lands on is what we're to work on that month!  The dillydally stars were in alignment and the dice selected my Orca Bay quilt!  At home, I got a footstool, pulled down the tote it was stored in, dusted it off, and brought it with me to QA!
Opening the storage tote was like opening  a treasure chest ... it was wonderful to see these old friends!  So many wonderful memories of Bonnie and her visit to our remote corner of the planet!
The pattern was eventually published in her String Fling book.  I reread through the pattern and figured out where I was in the process.
Then it was time to get busy!  I used Triangulations to make my half square units.
Paper piecing makes it fool proof ( I hope) ... ;-) ...
Paper removed ...
... and all 354 of them are pieced and pressed!  Whew!  It was fun and it felt sew good!  The next unit on my agenda will be pieced using Bonnie's Leader and Ender techniques.  No deadline ... just gradual and steady progress.  It feels wonderful!
Recent sunset 3.8.2015
I am so grateful for the nudge that QA gave me to pull this beautiful project out of storage and make some progress.  It is too easy to put things off ... and the worry is that 'some day" may come too late.  Someone who (obviously) doesn't know me very well ... ;-) ... asked if I felt bad that I had put it off so long!  Poor soul ... she doesn't understand that guilt and/or shame are not good motivators nor do they accomplish anything constructive.  Without being snarky in any way, I told her how happy I was that I had started it in 2011, how wonderful the memories of Bonnie and her visit are, and how I'm looking forward to making progress on it.  I also clearly communicated that it has no deadline.  It is sew important to enjoy the process ... never let anything rob you of the happiness dillydallying brings to your life!  Experience your flashbacks with fondness, not regret.

Do what you love.  Embrace those flashbacks!  Do dillydally!
Mrs. DillyDally

Friday, March 13, 2015

Quilty Fun Finish!

I've had so much fun with this pack of fat eighths ... I fell in love with both the designs and colors!
When I saw the fabric ... I immediately knew what I wanted to do with it!  
A year ago, I made this machine cover as a door prize for our guild's spring retreat.  Loved the process and the results!  Back story here.
I have been working on this, 10 minutes here and 20 minutes there, all week.  On Wednesday, I finally had all the hour glass blocks pressed and trimmed.
Or sew I thought!  ;-)  Yep ... I was four blocks short!
Whew ... got that done!  Time to sew them together.
The process of piecing them together was made easier by two of my favorite tools ... a Steady Betty and rubber mallet!  Together ... they make those corners with eight seams behave!
Machine quilting was next ... nothing fancy, just stitch in the ditch.  I love "Her Majesty" for many reasons ... her built in walking foot is at the top of the list!
Next ... time to apply the pockets!  I love Lori Holt's designs ... super cute and fun!
Binding applied ... and we're finished!  It is crazy busy and scrappy looking ... I'm very happy with the results!
Her Majesty insisted that she try it on!  She is sew bossy! ;-)
It was such fun to make Lori's sewing machine cover again.  I love all the designs in this book and dream of making others!  She is currently doing a "Bloom Where You're Planted" sew-a-long on Instagram using her flower block from the book!  Looks like such fun ... I am tempted!
We woke to fresh snow and this view today!  By nine o'clock it was snowing again ... which is good news!  We need the snow pack at the higher elevations!  Great weather to sew by.  Flicka and I are singing ... Let it snow!  Let us sew!  Let it snow!

Do what you love.  Do dillydally!
Mrs. DillyDally