Friday, July 8, 2011

Wishing Summer Would Slow Down

Do you ever have those moments when you wish that time would slow down ... and yearn for the opportunity to savor and truly absorb all that surrounds you?  This past week has been like that...
... it has been a week of cooking, entertaining, household duties, and teaching ... all accomplished in true dillydally fashion! ;-)
Brother DillyDally's special friend was here for her first visit to Alaska.  That girl saw and did more in the week she was here than many locals do in a year!  It was fun watching him introduce her to his Alaskan lifestyle ... she was such a good sport and seemed to enjoy discovering all that our community offers!

She celebrated 4th of July with us ... Alaska style!  
We introduced her to fresh Copper River King salmon ...
... we made popcorn balls for dessert...
... no hotdogs or hamburgers for this picnic ... we put that salmon on the grill instead!  
We invited a couple of friends over as their families were out at sea harvesting salmon!  The best holidays are those when my table is filled with family and friends!

There were quiet moments early in the day when I had time to do a bit of dillydallying... 
I was able to finish a sweater that I had started last summer!  
This sweater is the primary reason I bought this book, although it is filled with other wonderful patterns, this Yellow Duck pattern is the one that really pulled my heart strings.
When we were expecting our first child (Sister DillyDally), we decorated the nursery in a yellow duck theme. I made this in size 4T and it will be saved for her future children ... as were the items that were used to decorate her room. ;-)  I love how the designer has the ducks floating around the yoke of the sweater, but my favorite feature is how the neckband represents the sun and it is shining rays of warmth down onto the duckies.  I know ... I'm pathetic ... but the design concept is just too dang cute! ;-)
I love hosting new visitors in my home ... seeing what I enjoy through the eyes of another is a reminder to appreciate what I often take for granted in my remote corner of the planet.

Savor your summer ... do dillydally!

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