Monday, July 11, 2011

A Dillydally Lesson from the Past

When we woke Sunday morning ... the sun was shining ...
... Mr. DillyDally suggested we spend the day, "out the road"!
At 30 mile we could see our final destination farther up the Copper River ... our intent was to go as far as the "road" will take us!
Here we are ... at the end of our 50 miles of road!  The Nat'l Forest Service has a campground and picnic area located directly in front of ...
... Child's Glacier!
We held our picnic here at the end of this trail.  The glacier was very active ... dropping quite a bit of ice into the river.  We never tire of watching it calve.
Even with a very cool breeze coming off the glacier ... Kysa had to find shade from the sun ... I guess her fur coat was just too hot! ;-)
Mother Nature finds a way to bring her flowers to even the most hostile of environments ... I never cease to be amazed by natures resilience.
We spent hours just soaking in the sun, roasting hot dogs, and watching Mother Nature's version of fireworks!  It was lovely.
Every time we drive back from Child's glacier ... I am transported back in time when this view comes before us.  Sister DillyDally is three ... Mr. DillyDally is driving ... I'm in the front passenger seat and Sister is behind me in her car seat.  "See dat mouten, Mama?"
"That mountain on the end?"
"Yep, dat mouten!  My Papa can wift dat mouten!"
"He can?"
"Yep, he can wift it."
"Of course he can."

Now ... I did not share this story to discuss my husbands ego ... my daughters speech impediment ... or the fact that at one time our children thought we were superheros.  ;-)

This story really represents the essence of the dillydally spirit.  What I love about preschoolers is that they completely understand and embrace the dillydally lifestyle!  They view the world through dillydally lenses ... all things are possible!  It is all they know and it empowers them!  We can learn a lot from preschoolers.
It was a beautiful day ... dillydallying with my husband.  Do what you love ... do dillydally!


  1. Every time you share pictures of your beautiful state I think it can't get more beautiful than that. Then it does!! I am officially adding this to my bucket list. I need to see that in person. :) Thanks for sharing all this beauty.
    Loved the story about wifting the mouten. We should all be more like preschoolers sometimes. :)

  2. What a lovely place you live in....

  3. Yep, just another day in paradise! Your blog is turning into Lonely Planet meets PBS Saturday afternoon line-up! Love it!

  4. Found you site through Rosebuds Cottage. I really enjoy your photos. Have been to Alaska twice and am hoping to visit again in the future. Love you positive upbeat attitude.Happy Day to you. Judy