Saturday, August 8, 2009

Sixth Store - 7/31

OK...all my Quilt Buddies know that after visiting Rosebud's Cottage last year, I check Roseann's blog daily ( and that I consider her a "Quilting Rock Star". I was so impressed with the personal assistance she and her staff gave me when reserving both Metro Bus Tours. They were so generous and kind with their time and efforts.
Having this painted on their wall is a testament to the atmosphere Roseann and her staff create in this shop. It is a place where you immediately feel comfortable!
The shop is located in North St. Paul in what appears to be sort of a main street with charming buildings and two lanes. Roseann explained that every Friday night during the summer North St. Paul hosts an antique car show. People from all over park their retro cars on the street, there are food vendors and live music, they were beginning to arrive while we were there. It looked like such fun. Above is Roseann and her staff, Roseann is the one wearing red.
Her samples were displayed in such a way that you could easily appreciate each and everyone.
Lots of eye candy...
...I just wanted to soak it all in!
The displays were very creative...
...lots to see and touch... shortage of inspiration.

Every shop in the Metro area gives out a charm that represents their shop. While talking, Roseann offered to give me extra charms for my Quilt Buddies back in Alaska. I thanked her for her generosity, but told her that I had too many to count and that they should come and earn their own charm. We laughed and then Roseann offered to put on a special workshop if a group of us decided to come. What a thoughtful and kind offer! Quilt Buddies...lets take the savings plan we created seriously...I would love doing this again with all of you! We'll talk more when I get home! Thanks to Roseann and her staff...Rosebud's Cottage was a wonderful way to end a perfect dillydally day! The website is

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