Monday, August 10, 2009

South Metro Bus Tour - Second Shop - 8/7

Welcome to Heavenly Patchwork where blessings abound! Yes! That is Sherri Falls (Quilt Rock Star) of This n' That fame, with her daughter and mother standing in front of her Frosted Memories cover quilt! I couldn't believe it when I went to have some fabric cut and it was Sherri Falls behind the counter. I recognized her from her blog...she was very humble and asked me not to tell anyone who she was. What a delightful person, so generous with her time and talent.
It isn't often you come across a staff as helpful and cheerful as this one. It was a cold and wet morning in Minnesota, entering this shop was like enjoying a cup of hot just want to relax, sip slowly and savor all the warmth that surrounds you!
More samples from the Frosted Memories book. Beautiful...makes me want to make everyone!
Samples in the classroom area.
Another version of Over the River embroidered pattern...I am just going to have to get it is lovely when finished.
There were samples everywhere! Love it!
Every square inch provided inspiration!
When my Quilt Buddies and I work at solving life's problems, I often say, "The acorn doesn't fall far from the tree." It is certainly true in this mother, like daughter, like granddaughter...three generations of wonderful women. On the shop's business card you'll find, "And the Heavens are the works of Thy Hands" Hebrews 1:10b. This shop truly is a little patch of heaven...visit them at


  1. Hey, I found the comment section. You are having way too much fun without us. Can't wait to see all you bought. Next time I am going with you!

  2. I can't believe you actually got two emails from Terry Adkinson. Disbelief when you opened your email??? I can't wait for you to share them when you get home. I guess you can now raise both feet - not hands cause you haven't touched her yet. haha