Monday, August 10, 2009

South Metro Bus Tour - First Shop - 8/7

It was raining Cordova style, so I didn't take a storefront photo...I didn't bring my Cordova style raingear...we literally ran from the bus to the shop...someone should have been taking a video...can't you just envision it on utube...quilter's run to participate is shop would be hysterical! I know...once again my warped sense of humor is at work. Back to business...

Our first stop today was The Sampler located in a beautiful area called Chanhassen. The staff was great and I think the woman wearing black was the owner. This is a very talented and artistic staff as the following pictures will prove. Stunning samples!
Very creative displays as well! This was the view as we entered the shop. It makes me want to place a dress form in my living room so that I can display bed sized quilts the same way. Love it!
Another great way to display larger quilts...covering a barrel and then it is filled with other items... is such a clever and unique way to display quilts and other related items! Love it!
Look at the quilts behind the counter...the photo doesn't do them justice. The one on the left was made with the 2009 Minnesota Fabrics...see how the stars build the letter M? Awesome, isn't it? Now look at the one on the right...that was made from the 2007 Minnesota Fabrics...see how they used tiny squares to build the shape of Minnesota! Talk about amazing! If you look closely you can see how they used the colors strategically to identify major water ways. Completely unbelievable creativity and workmanship! Stunning!
Here are a few more samples using the Minnesota creative.
Lovely samples for us to see and touch!
What an inspiring place! Be sure to visit them at

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