Monday, August 10, 2009

For Terry Atkinson Fans

Here is the back Quilt Buddies and I are HUGE Terry Atkinson fans. My dear friend Dena and I claim to be co-presidents for the Alaska Chapter of her fan club. Summer of 2007 a group of us were on a quilt vacation in Soldotna. While shopping at Robin's Place Quilt Shop, Dena and I were discussing Terry Atkinson. The owner, Pat, shared with us that she had met Terry at market. We were mildly impressed, then Dena asked her if she had "touched" Terry Atkinson. When she said yes, we were thrilled and asked if we could then touch her! Of course it just kept getting more ridiculous as the vacation went on...and here we are three years later and the silliness continues! That is why I asked those who have touched Terry Atkinson to raise their hand! Above we have the chicks from Glad Creations!

Next are the "shoots" from Blue Bamboo!

The Darlings of Fat Quarter Quilting!
Bus Mom, Saint Mary in the center!

The Zookeepers from Bear Patch Quilting!
The one who tried to get I've posted her photo twice!

The Sweeties from Charlotte's Quilting Web

The Sugar Lumps from Rosebud's Cottage!

These ladies from The Sampler were a hoot! The one on the right is raising both hands because she has also touched Terry Atkinson's husband! Too much fun!

The angels from Heavenly Patchwork!

The Mother/Daughter team from Eagle Creek Quilt Shop!
They were so fun...maybe they'll adopt me!

The Lovely Ladies of Quilter's Haven!

I want to thank everyone for their spirit of fun! Because of our isolation ( we use that excuse for everything that is odd about us) we find unusual ways to entertain ourselves in the far north! Please tell Terry that we aren't really dangerous...just really weird! Make time to dillydally!

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  1. I'm certainly glad I know Mrs. Dilly Dally personally. You are a great friend and an awesome mom. Isn't it cute what the boys request to make their 'homes' more like 'home'. My grown up boy requested I share some of my woven rugs Darlene makes from quilt leftovers. He got 4 from me and Darlene is sending him 4 more.