Saturday, August 8, 2009

Shop Hopping on Way to South Dakota - 8/1

Began the day early, picked up the rental car and hit the road. The first stop was Quilted Treasures in Rogers, MN. I was first introduced to this shop through the MN Designer Blog Hop earlier this summer. Since then I faithfully check her blog ( and looked forward to visiting the shop in person. I was not is an incredible shop. The samples and selections were off the charts...almost too good to be true! The owner was busy doing and block of the month club meeting...I waited around and shopped as long as I could, but eventually had to leave. The staff did not allow me to take any pictures, but take the time to check out their website,, that will give you a taste of what I saw...wonderful shop!

Next it was on to Alexandria, MN to Dawn's Quilt Shop. What a delightful place, filled with creativity!

Here is a picture of the owner, Dawn Gieseke (she is on the left) with her mother. It was so fun to talk to them! They were both very personable and made everyone feel comfortable.
Dawn had many samples in her shop, I really enjoyed how she put her own twist on many of the patterns we all commonly see.
On the left, in the above picture, you can see how she chose to use the Minnesota fabrics. Very simple concepts that pack a punch that really shows off the fabric.
Her displays were nicely done...
...and again samples everywhere. I really enjoyed my time spent here. I found several unusual fabrics that I hadn't seen before...the shop owner and her mother made you feel like an old friend...tons of creativity...a very bright future lies ahead for this young shop owner. I can't wait to visit again! You can visit her online at
Common Threads is a shop that used to be located in Alexandria but since my last visit has moved about 5 miles away to a small town called Garfield. I have visited them many times over the years and looked forward to seeing their new location. As you can see they are in a beautiful log building.
Their fabric collection is outstanding...
...the samples are beautiful...
...traditional quilts at their best. I have received their newsletter for years, and love hearing about the quilting classes and events they host. If you would like to see and hear more check out

As you can see I dillydallyed my way to South Dakota and enjoyed every minute of it. Actually, that is not entirely true...adjusting to "real world" traffic was a bit frightening, but by the time I reached the last exit for St. Cloud I had gotten my grove back! Spend some time dillydallying!

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