Friday, August 14, 2009

Homekeeping and Peder!

Introducing...Peder DillyDally! He was a rescue kitten that Sister adopted last summer. Above is a photo taken of them August 2008. He had serious health problems the first three months she had him.
But as you can see...he is big and healthy now! I refer to my grandkitty as Mr. Naughtypants! He is charming, but very deviant! And...Sister DillyDally spoils him rotten!
He is accustomed to being on the table while people are eating! He knocks everything that isn't on the floor over! It never stops!
If you open the cabinets, stove or refrigerator...he jumps in. Here he is making himself at home on the carton of eggs! He is naughty...but oh so we let him get away with it!
Mr. and Mrs. Julie from Cordova sent three jars of kippered salmon with me for Sister. Here we are about to make a dinner of it! Yes, we had to lock Peder in the bedroom!
Sister and Boyfriend DillyDally on their way to attend a wedding! Notice the crazy curves quilt I made behind them on the wall. Mrs. Valerie mastered that technique and taught us all how during a workshop last fall. It has been fun helping Sister make her apartment feel like a home. I have loved every minute of parenting, and now it is fun to watch her develop her own sense of style and comfort as an adult.

Tomorrow I return to Alaska and Monday I begin another year in my classroom. I'm torn...I love being here with my daughter...miss my son when he is in the lifestyle Mr. DillyDally and I have together in Cordova...I love it all, but can't have it all at the same time. So...I learn to savor and appreciate the moments of time I do have of each...

Take time to dillydally helps us appreciate those moments!

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