Saturday, August 8, 2009

Fourth Store - 7/31

The Bear Patch Quilting Co. is located in a town or suburb called White Bear Lake. It is a lovely location in a "downtown" sort of area. A beautiful building and wait til you see what's inside! This shop is famous amongst my Quilt Buddies because this is where I purchased the charm square bag pattern. After making it, one of our local quilt shop owners ordered the patterns and I taught a workshop.
Here is the staff, minus one. I got the impression that the woman second from the left was the owner. They were all so pleasant and helpful, just a joy to talk to. The woman that I think is the owner, noticed my bag as soon as I entered the shop. I told her that I had bought the pattern here last year on the tour, and how our local shop has had to order the pattern multiple times...isn't it rewarding to see how far those common threads can travel? Love it!
Here is the photo of the staff member who tried to get away! She gets her very own photo! Too cute!
Samples everywhere....
...and fruit! I just thought this collection was so cute...I may have to get the patterns later...good thing I have their business card!
I loved how they displayed the precuts...look how they used the fastest jellyroll pattern ever as a tablecloth...what creativity!
More samples... about eye candy...wonderful. During our one hour visit, it came out that I was a big Terry Atkinson we were leaving the store owner stopped me and gave me a coin purse that she had recently made during a workshop with Terry. I was so generous...a random act of kindness...the world really is a wonderful place filled with wonderful people. Check out this shop at

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