Friday, August 14, 2009

Out and About with Sister DillyDally!

What a wonderful week with my daughter! We have been busy spending as much time as possible doing the things we love. Above is a picture of her last summer in front of her "future store".
Here she is in front of "her store" today! It is beautiful and doing well! We couldn't be more proud of her!
We have really packed in the activities...we went antiquing in Stillwater, MN for a full day. We both love hunting for treasure. We came back with antique linens and glassware...the weather was perfect...a wonderful dillydally day! This is a picture of her in front of the "best cheese and wine shops" in the twin cities. It was too hot to carry cheese around, so we bought honey and wine. It was lovely...
At Mall of America we had to spend a couple of hours at the American Girl shop and bistro! Gosh it brought back wonderful memories for us both. Here she is with the Bitty Babies, she had twins, David and Emily.
Toddlers with hair weren't available back then. We had so much fun looking at the dolls that have been added. Sister DillyDally was very much into the accessories and clothing as a child, often making her own. We had so much fun looking at what was available today!
Kirsten was her first doll, so we had to take a picture of her with a current one!
We then had lunch in the was soooo fun watching all the girls having lunch with their dolls...watching them play...moms...dads...and brothers...what a hoot!
Later in the week we went out for dinner at the top ranked restaurant in Minneapolis, Heidi's!

Boyfriend DillyDally joined us for an incredible french meal! It was to die for. We had gone to see the movie, Julie and Julia earlier in the week, so we were primed for the excellent cuisine! Wonderful food... lively conversation...great was terrific!

We mall hopped...saw several movies...went to a dinner theatre...and in amongst all this Sister was working. It is so fun to spend time with her...I love every minute of it!

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