Monday, August 10, 2009

Bemidji to Mpls - Shop Four - 8/6

The final stop for the day was Colorz for Quilts in Brainerd, Minnesota. I was unable to get a storefront photo as it is located on a very busy street. The interior was not only pleasant but a feast for the eyes...very inspiring!
Lots of diversity in style of quilts...creative use of commonly found patterns...
...wonderful fabric collection... much to soak up. The owner and staff were just delightful to talk with, very friendly and knowledgeable. This shop will definitely become a "must stop" when I travel between Minneapolis and Bemidji. They don't list a website, so you'll just have to come and visit in person!

After this stop, I had to seriously concentrate on getting to Minneapolis to return my car on time. There were other shops along the way that I would have liked to visit, but I simply ran out of time...I arrived with 15 minutes to spare! Was dillydallying in 4 quilt shops worth the worry of driving through city traffic and returning a car rental in time? ABSOLUTELY! WITH OUT QUESTION! Dillydally minutes are priceless!

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