Saturday, August 8, 2009

The Fifth Shop - 7/31

Welcome to Charlotte's Quilting Web located in Stillwater, Minnesota. Mr. DillyDally's favorite novel as a child was Charlotte's Web, so I thought of him immediately. This is my second visit to this shop as well, and it was great to return.
Here is their staff, the owner is the second one from the right. They were all a bit camera shy, but I told them how much my Quilt Buddies would enjoy knowing the people behind the creativity...I appreciate them being good sports, as I also hate to be in front of a camera. Thanks ladies!
Again...samples everywhere! I loved this rocket ship is made with fabric that has a rocket/space theme. I came awfully close to buying the kit...I just may have to contact them later. This was the only place I saw this fabric and pattern!
How lovely...two of my favorites...hand embroidery and 30's fabric. Of course...I bought the pattern!
I purchased this pattern last year...more favorites...30's and aprons...took the photo to inspire me to make it...wish you could all see it live!
Another apron...amazing retro it! It was so kind of the shy staff person to model it for me...yes, I coerced her into it...I know...I have no shame...but it was so cute and wouldn't have looked nearly as nice without the model! Hope she forgives me!
More lovely samples...
...such diversity in style for a shop this size...I was very impressed again this year! Take a look yourself at

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