Saturday, August 8, 2009

Minnesota Shop Hop - Day One - First Shop 7/31

Finally! I got the camera and computer to work together! I have been having the best week ever and dying to share it with my quilting buddies! We began the day at 8:00 am. This tour was the northern route of Minneapolis / St. Paul. It is so relaxing to be on a tour bus...not having to worry about traffic or directions...I could get used to this! Our first stop was Glad Creations...isn't the store front picture perfect?
This was the staff that greeted us! This store has been open for 33 about success! It was a Mother/Daughter team, now the daughter owns it. She is the one second from the left. You can tell these ladies have a good time, the atmosphere was so warm and inviting...I could have spent all day here!

The patterns hanging (with the black borders) are published by Glad Creations. They are all beautiful and are of pieced quilt designs. I have bought some of them over the I know where they originate from. I added a few more to my collection! They had samples of these quilts (some in several color ways) hanging up in a special area...they were hung like rugs at Home was soooo inspiring! They were difficult to photograph that'll just have to come and see them yourself!
Our bus of passengers filled the store!

There were samples everywhere! Here are some hand applique' quilts! I'm glad that I accidentally got these two women in the photo. They are Lola and Marcie from Washington state! Lola is a teacher close to retirement who intends to begin a quilt vacation business! They were so fun...I plan to stay in contact with Lola...Washington state quilt vacation here I come!

Check out Glad Creations at, you'll be "glad" you did! It was a wonderful way to begin our tour!

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