Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Another Birthday!

Mrs. DillyDally - Age 9 months

Today is my 53rd birthday!  Mr. DillyDally asked me this morning if I felt older ... I said, "No, I feel younger."  He thinks I look younger too!  Gotta love a man who knows how to say the right thing at the right time!

Celebrate today ... I'm going to ... ;-)  Wishing you a dillydally day!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Pity Party Time!

I am in serious need of a PITY PARTY!
In order to believe how bad the weather is ... you would have to live here.  Granted ... we expect bad weather living on the Alaskan coast ... in fact we're used to it.  However, we usually get a break between storms ... and one or two days of nice weather makes us easily forget a week long storm.  Last Friday was the only break we've had in the last five weeks ... and believe me ... it wasn't long enough to forget the rain and wind.  The weather doesn't usually get to me ... I can usually ignore it by focusing on my dillydally projects ... key word here is ... usually!

After walking around ... tweaking ... staring at my California Cruisin" Stars quilt all weekend, I began sewing the blocks together yesterday morning.  After sewing the first three rows together ... look what I noticed...
... Ugh!!  Most of you don't know this ... but I'm a recovering perfectionist.  I took several deep breathes ... talked myself into believing that future great-grandchildren would sleep under this quilt and talk about how their great-grandmother wisely accepted life's imperfections ...
... what?  Another one?
More?  What kind of cold medication was I using when I pieced these?  I found an additional two ... total of five ... just within the first three rows!  You'll notice that all of these are seamed in ... none of them were on the perimeter ... double UGH!  I knew I had better check the remaining 4 rows of blocks that were not sewn together yet ... 
... yep ... found one!  I was feeling super frustrated ... and who added those ridiculous toes into the works? Geeze!  Only the silliest person on the planet would "fantasize" that future generations would "romanticize" the  imperfections found in a quilt she had made.  That was it!  I quit!  I turned off the sewing machine and left the quilt right where it was on the floor ... all day.  Yes ... I had to walk around it ... and look at those imperfections ... the entire day!  
In an effort to forget the obvious imperfections on the floor, I decided to add a post to this humble blog. Well, even though I tried to hide my current mood in the post I wrote ... my attitude didn't improve during the process ... here ... take a look ...
... yes ... I am playing solitaire, the old fashioned way.  Our internet is so slow here ... it takes 6-15 minutes to download a photo when constructing a blog post.  I normally play cards, sudoku or knit while blogging, but yesterday ... I had little patience for it!

At this point ... it was about 11:00 am ... the storm inside my head was far worse than the one outside my window!  I needed to do something ... quick!

I took a very long hot shower ... put on my face ... and left the house.  QBee Terry B had invited me over yesterday to see her studio was just the excuse I needed to escape my reality.  She recently purged, painted and reorganized her sewing room.
Isn't it beautiful?  I love the color she chose for the walls!  It is such a creative space ... 
Look at how nicely organized her stash is ... so inspiring ... and there is room for more!  Love it!
The best thing about purging and reorganizing is you find treasures that you'd either forgotten or pushed to the recesses of your memory ... Terry made this several years ago in a beginning quilting class offered by the community college ... it was the second quilt she made!  Don't you just love her peeking over the top of the quilt?  Just too cute!  The pattern in called Minnesota Hotdish by Terry Atkinson ... she plans to tweak it and then finish it!
Her most recent quilt project is Popsicle Sticks ... also by Terry Atkinson ... yes, she is a huge T.A. fan as well!
This is the view that Terry enjoys from her sewing machine.  Her home is located on Eyak Lake ... even during bad weather it is inspiring!  Terry retired a year ago, so her current full time career is dillydallying!  She deserves this gorgeous space to create the lovely quilts she makes!  All of us QBees are so happy for her!

Terry won't know until she reads this ... my time with her yesterday afternoon was just the medicine I needed to get over the serious case of crabbiness I had.  A change of scenery ... touching fabric ... discussing projects ... sharing ideas ... giggles ... the company of a dear friend.  Before long the sun broke through the clouds in my head ... the healing effect of a kindred spirit.  I wish for you the same cure when you need it ... do dillydally with a friend! 

Monday, July 26, 2010

Bad Weather Equals Dillydally Time

Living on the Alaska coast has taught me many things ... one being, when and if the sun shines stop what you're doing and get out there and enjoy it ... you never know when you'll have blue skies again!  Yep ... remember Q/KBee Barb and I on the deck ... well within 8 hours we received a very cold, windy, and rainy storm ... and it is still blowing and raining ... great knitting and quilting weather!
I'm not sure ... but either Teacup or the storm woke me especially early Saturday morning.  We did our usual morning routine ... leg rubs ... coffee ... "wet" food ... sudoku ... Teacup must have been especially anxious to begin our day.  When I finally wandered into my sewing room to turn on the lights, she had already taken her supervisory post.  It was pretty darn cute, finding her there ... sitting in the dark ... waiting for me to get busy.  Even after I turned on the lights and radio ... plugged in the iron ... ran to find the camera ... took this picture ... she remained in the "ready" position.  How fortunate I am to work under such resolve ... she often reminds me ... without her, I would accomplish very little!
We finished the second summer skirt for Sister DillyDally!  Even though it feels like October here, it felt good knowing that she would be wearing these in the summer heat of Minnesota. 
Next ... we laid out a quilt ... of course it is another Terry Atkinson pattern! ;-)  This is from her California Cruisin' book, I used the instructions for the Fat Quarter Stars quilt.  For the stars and chain I used a fat quarter pack that I received as a birthday gift from QBee Valerie ... they are a pastel, embossed floral print with a high sheen.  I pulled the floral prints from my stash ... I really tried to use Bonnie Hunter's theory and scrapped it up!  I've had the blocks done for several months and Saturday seemed like the perfect day to lay them out.  When I make scrap quilts I like to lay them out to do some tweaking and rearranging.  I usually leave them out for at least 24 hours ... the tweaking process is a lengthy one.  Poor Mr. DilllyDally ... he had to walk around this all weekend!  
Nordic knitting is my favorite style ... it provides me with the most flexibility as a knitter ... I usually design my own charts and patterns ... which results in everything fitting and an immense sense of satisfaction.  I finished this pair of mittens for myself on Sunday.  You wouldn't believe how many people say, "Why are you knitting mittens in the summer?"  I usually respond with a smile and shrug ... but the truth is ... summer is when you should be knitting mittens!  We wouldn't dream of waiting until winter to start cutting firewood for our wood stoves ... why should we wait until it snows to knit mittens?  Honestly, we humans are too funny sometimes! ;-)
Finished the 007 project as well ... can't show a picture yet ...but will in the near future.  Gosh, it always feels so good to make 007 projects, but even better to give them to the recipient!
Here is a hint of the next 007 project ... polar fleece ... an old friend I haven't sewn with in a long time ... stay tuned! ;-)

Aside from all this dillydallying, we also attended two weddings this weekend.  They were both lovely ... former students ... neighbors ... parents are family friends ... how I love living in a community where I witness life as it travels full circle.

I really want to complain ... no ... whine about the weather!  The long term forecast looks like we won't see blue skies for quite sometime.  Oh well ... miserable weather results in more time to dillydally!  

Saturday, July 24, 2010


This week was filled with firsts!  Monday was the first time that I met someone in "real life" that originally I only knew through my "cyber life" ... this blog.  Susan found my blog last winter and occasionally left comments ... actually, she has commented more than anyone!  When I celebrated my 100th post, she won the pillow I gave away.  What was unique about it all is that it wasn't my quilting or knitting that sparked her interest in my blog, as she does neither.  She is a professional photographer and lives in North Pole, Alaska.  Her photography is amazing and her blog a joy.  You can catch up with her here.  She and her husband, Steve were in Cordova for a few days to explore.  We had them over for dinner ... lovely people ... wonderful conversation ... by the time they left, it was like they were old friends.  Right after they left that evening, I realized that I hadn't taken any pictures!  Can you believe it?  UGH ... I am so sorry that I didn't document their visit with a photo ... but I am so pleased to have met them personally!
Next came the first birthday of Dilly-Dally Days!  It was a joy to create the quilt post cards for my followers ... to write each one a brief note ... to send them off in the mail!  As a child and young adult, I always kept a journal ... after college, career and family happened ... too tired to journal!  Summer of 2007 I had an epiphany and made some major life changes ... the concept of dillydallying began to take form.  Last year, I began to journal again ... in the form of this very simple and humble blog.  My only intent is to document my very modest existence in this remote corner of our planet, and am honored that anyone bothers to read it.  Thank you.
The next first ... yesterday I woke to scraps of blue sky!  No ... I am not exaggerating!  We haven't had blue sky since I returned from Minnesota!  I had a dillydally date with QBee Barb C. planned ... lunch out and knitting in the afternoon ...
... yes ... it was the first time we could eat outside ... in the sun!
We spent the afternoon, knitting on the deck ... sipping Crystal Light and eating dark chocolate ... soaking up the sun ... temps reached the upper 50s.  No ... again ... I am not exaggerating. 

I love firsts.


Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Happy Birthday Dilly-Dally Days!

Yep ... it's true!  This blog began a year ago today!  Sister DillyDally insisted that I come up with some way of celebrating today ... after thinking about it ... we decided that I would make each follower a fabric postcard!  Here they are ...
... simple (remember, I am not a designer) ... my hope is that you'll hang it somewhere to remind yourself ... and the message is clear ... do dillydally!  I included the Forget-Me-Not flowers to remind you of where this postcard comes from ... Alaska! 

There are a few followers that I don't have an address for ... they are Nicolas, Delvi Tandi and Laura.  Please send me your mailing address ( so that I can mail your postcard to you soon!  I am humbled that you would choose to follow my silly dillydally life ... this is my way of saying thanks ... I'm touched ...

I enjoyed looking back at my early blog entries today ... I still have no idea what I'm doing ... ;-) ... but I'm enjoying the journey!  Remember ... do dillydally!

Monday, July 19, 2010

Celebrating Summer with Popsicles!

It sure didn't look or feel like summer yesterday ...
... gray skies ... pouring rain ... a high of 50 degrees ... most people would assume that there was little about summer to celebrate.  But the women in our little corner of this planet, never let the things they can't control (weather) get in the way of their intent ... by golly we were going to celebrate summer!  In fact, the only one who missed the party was summer! ;-)
No party would be complete with out some drama! ;-)  I was so worried that the patterns wouldn't arrive in time ... they were mailed on Tuesday ... but mail service here is always a bit sketchy ... so it was a real concern.  I went to the post office twice on Saturday ... no patterns ... checked one last time Sunday morning ... what a relief to find them there.  They must have delivered them to our box very late on Saturday!  Whew!  It felt sooo good to have dodged that bullet!

An hour before the party, I was finally forced to make a decision ... and chose to combine these two Bali Pops ... it will be fun to see how it comes out!  QBees began arriving shortly before 1:00 ... we were excited to party!
Jeannie used the Accuquilter to cut her strips.
Susie and Chris cutting their Bali Pop strips in half.
Neva, Debra and Emma busy setting up.
Barb, Valerie and Diane ... patiently waiting to party!
Dixie and newlywed Ria, caffeinated and ready to begin!
Cece, set up and ready...
It didn't take long for the hum of sewing machines and giggles to fill the air.  The sun may have been hiding behind the clouds outside, but it was shining in this room!  

These are women who make things happen ... so it wasn't long before a lot of progress had been made ...
QBee Emma ... three Bali Pops ... twin size quilt for her brother.  Don't you just love how when you open a bali pop, it just seems to explode and multiply?  He is fortunate to have her for a sister ... I'm fortunate to have her as a QBee!
QBee Valerie cuts her first units.
QBee Susie's quilts are always beautiful ... but I love her contagious giggles best!
QBee Diane's fabrics match her personality ... bright and cheerful!
QBee Barb's jelly roll was all about the love ... hearts ... just like her!
QBees Julie and Terry were joining the party long distance ... they were in a cabin, across the inlet!  Look at those smiles ... you know the sun was shining in that room as well!

Several QBees who couldn't spend the afternoon dropped by to visit and soak up our version of sunshine!  It was so great to see and visit with one another ... lots of inspiration ...
QBee Cece brought in her Montana Cartwheel ... absolutely stunning!
QBee Kelsey brought in a jelly roll project that she designed herself ... talk about inspiring!

What a lovely dillydally day!  Using a new quilt pattern by a favorite designer ... thank you Terry Atkinson!  Getting the patterns here on short notice ... thank you Kirk Atkinson!  This party would not have been possible with out the assistance of  Quilt Rock Star, Roseann Kermes of Rosebud's Cottage! Without her quick thinking and proactive efforts, this party could not have happened!  I feel so fortunate to have her support and involvement in my humble dillydally life ... thank you for making our Popsicle Party possible Roseann!  Your efforts brought some sun into our very dreary summer!  Thanks a million!
Look at these beautiful women ... how lucky I am to have them in my life ... and how relieved I am that they ate their popsicles with their shirts on! ;-)

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Hard Choices! Easy Choices!

Life is all about choices.  If I had a dime for every time I've said that in my life ... well ... lets just say that Bill Gate's bank account would look small.  We're having our Popsicle Party today ... and I can't decide what to make mine with!

Common sense might lead one to assume that living in a very remote, small community would mean that my choices are somewhat limited.  Of course the internet has allowed us access in ways none of us could imagine 10 years ago ... however, I don't usually buy fabric over the internet ... I'm one of those that likes to see and touch fabric before I buy it.  So I tend to collect ... and hoard fabric ...
... I love all of these ... of course I do ... that's why I bought them!
I love the precuts concept ... whoever thought of it was genius!  Great marketing ... they are irresistible!  So as you can see ... I have in my stash four bali pops and four jelly rolls ... I like them all ... and I can't decide which one(s) to use today!  This is hard ... knowing me ... I'll decide at the very last moment what I'm going to use.
Some choices are easy ... today we'll be eating popsicles with our shirts on!  Remember how these used to stain our clothing when we were young?  My mother hated them for that and often made us eat our popsicles topless.  Around the age of eight ... I became very uncomfortable with that ... I had to choose between my self respect and this frozen treat. It was a difficult choice to make ... and it wasn't until I was ten that my mother realized my shame and allowed me to keep my shirt on!  

Chances are good that today my Popsicle Sticks quilt will received a few popsicle stains ... I am choosing to quilt with my shirt on ... and in Heaven, my mother will be smiling!

Yes ... we drank Kool-Aid topless as well ... now you have an idea of why I am so quirky. ;-)

Friday, July 16, 2010

Dillydally Dating!

Don't worry ... Mr. DillyDally and I remain happily married ... even though he sometimes wears white crew socks while wearing short pants ... I mean, really ... if that doesn't prove that I'm hopelessly in love with the man, what would? ;-)

I've had a dillydally date everyday for the past three days ... I keep telling you ... the dillydally lifestyle is the way to live!  Let me explain ...
... Tuesday involved a 3.5 hour lunch date with several QBees celebrating Julie's 29th birthday!  Here she is holding her favorite gift of the day ... a framed post it note ... we laughed so hard, everyone in the restaurant gave us "stink eye".  It was so fun to get together ... catching up ... talking quilts ... life's troubles and accomplishments ... the time passed so quickly ... several had to return to work.  One QBee confided that she was taking a long lunch in hopes that she would be fired!  What a hoot!  I love every moment I spend with these women ... lucky me to have friends like this in my life!
On Wednesday the focus was on knitting and Q/KBee Barb C!  She has had a lot of family visiting from the Lower 48 since I returned from Minnesota ... so we had tons to catch up on!  We went for lunch ... then shopping at The Net Loft ... next we spent the afternoon at her home beginning new knitting projects.  I began this cardigan for Sister DillyDally ... Barb designed and began a Christmas Stocking for her granddaughter, Princess Cora, who will be arriving in October!  It was such a lovely afternoon ... sipping tea ... the soft click of knitting needles ... intimate conversation ... thanks for the date Barb!
Early Thursday morning was spent cutting out and constructing a summer skirt for Sister DillyDally.  I invited KBee Krista over for a dillydally date.  I had gotten so sidetracked with the skirt, that she arrived for our date before I was even dressed!  Nothing like making a good impression on the first date! ;-)
Krista lives in the Seattle area and spends her summers here while her husband commercial fishes in the Sound.  Krista spent the afternoon knitting a stocking cap for her twenty-something daughter while I did the hand work on my twenty-something daughters skirt.  I popped us some popcorn for lunch ... what?  Come on ... I put real butter on it!  The more I get to know Krista ... I realize we have a lot in common ... I really enjoyed the afternoon getting to know her better!  Hmmmm ... I wonder if Krista will go out on a second date?  If she does, it won't be because of my hostess abilities!   I'll keep you posted ... ;-)

Gosh ... with all this dating I am really behind on the non-dillydally part of my life!  I really need to get around to doing dishes ... dust mopping would be nice ... but I'd rather work on some of my top secret 007 projects ... take a peek ...

... I don't make a very good undercover agent ... I am social by nature ... that is why I am on the dillydally dating circuit ... fortunately these projects will be given in the near future ... then I can share them with everyone!

Soooo ... dating is an important part of the dillydally lifestyle ... I enjoy both group and individual dating ... and so far I haven't had to register on eharmony or!  I encourage you to call someone ... invite them on a dillydally date!  Lovin my dillydally life!


Thursday, July 15, 2010


... I shared with her that QBee Dena and I were the co-presidents of the Alaska Chapter of her fan club.  That is literally all I remember of our conversation ... I was so "star struck" that I behaved like a fruit loop!  QBee Julie teases me that she has probably sought a restraining order against me ... truth be told ... it's true, I am a fruit loop ... but I'm harmless!  I think?

Anyhoo ... the Cordova Northwind Quilter's Guild members are enjoying their moment of fame ... this is just too darn fun!  Hope to see you all at the Popsicle Party on Sunday!  Gosh I love this dillydally life!

Monday, July 12, 2010

Guild Popsicle Party!

The Cordova Northwind Quilters Guild is hosting a Popsicle Party!  Check out the details at the guild blog, here.
We'll be using this new pattern by Terry Atkinson called Popsicle Sticks!  Am sure we'll have a ton of fun!  Spread the word!  It doesn't get much better than spending an afternoon dillydallying with QBees!  Love it!