Monday, July 19, 2010

Celebrating Summer with Popsicles!

It sure didn't look or feel like summer yesterday ...
... gray skies ... pouring rain ... a high of 50 degrees ... most people would assume that there was little about summer to celebrate.  But the women in our little corner of this planet, never let the things they can't control (weather) get in the way of their intent ... by golly we were going to celebrate summer!  In fact, the only one who missed the party was summer! ;-)
No party would be complete with out some drama! ;-)  I was so worried that the patterns wouldn't arrive in time ... they were mailed on Tuesday ... but mail service here is always a bit sketchy ... so it was a real concern.  I went to the post office twice on Saturday ... no patterns ... checked one last time Sunday morning ... what a relief to find them there.  They must have delivered them to our box very late on Saturday!  Whew!  It felt sooo good to have dodged that bullet!

An hour before the party, I was finally forced to make a decision ... and chose to combine these two Bali Pops ... it will be fun to see how it comes out!  QBees began arriving shortly before 1:00 ... we were excited to party!
Jeannie used the Accuquilter to cut her strips.
Susie and Chris cutting their Bali Pop strips in half.
Neva, Debra and Emma busy setting up.
Barb, Valerie and Diane ... patiently waiting to party!
Dixie and newlywed Ria, caffeinated and ready to begin!
Cece, set up and ready...
It didn't take long for the hum of sewing machines and giggles to fill the air.  The sun may have been hiding behind the clouds outside, but it was shining in this room!  

These are women who make things happen ... so it wasn't long before a lot of progress had been made ...
QBee Emma ... three Bali Pops ... twin size quilt for her brother.  Don't you just love how when you open a bali pop, it just seems to explode and multiply?  He is fortunate to have her for a sister ... I'm fortunate to have her as a QBee!
QBee Valerie cuts her first units.
QBee Susie's quilts are always beautiful ... but I love her contagious giggles best!
QBee Diane's fabrics match her personality ... bright and cheerful!
QBee Barb's jelly roll was all about the love ... hearts ... just like her!
QBees Julie and Terry were joining the party long distance ... they were in a cabin, across the inlet!  Look at those smiles ... you know the sun was shining in that room as well!

Several QBees who couldn't spend the afternoon dropped by to visit and soak up our version of sunshine!  It was so great to see and visit with one another ... lots of inspiration ...
QBee Cece brought in her Montana Cartwheel ... absolutely stunning!
QBee Kelsey brought in a jelly roll project that she designed herself ... talk about inspiring!

What a lovely dillydally day!  Using a new quilt pattern by a favorite designer ... thank you Terry Atkinson!  Getting the patterns here on short notice ... thank you Kirk Atkinson!  This party would not have been possible with out the assistance of  Quilt Rock Star, Roseann Kermes of Rosebud's Cottage! Without her quick thinking and proactive efforts, this party could not have happened!  I feel so fortunate to have her support and involvement in my humble dillydally life ... thank you for making our Popsicle Party possible Roseann!  Your efforts brought some sun into our very dreary summer!  Thanks a million!
Look at these beautiful women ... how lucky I am to have them in my life ... and how relieved I am that they ate their popsicles with their shirts on! ;-)

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