Friday, July 16, 2010

Dillydally Dating!

Don't worry ... Mr. DillyDally and I remain happily married ... even though he sometimes wears white crew socks while wearing short pants ... I mean, really ... if that doesn't prove that I'm hopelessly in love with the man, what would? ;-)

I've had a dillydally date everyday for the past three days ... I keep telling you ... the dillydally lifestyle is the way to live!  Let me explain ...
... Tuesday involved a 3.5 hour lunch date with several QBees celebrating Julie's 29th birthday!  Here she is holding her favorite gift of the day ... a framed post it note ... we laughed so hard, everyone in the restaurant gave us "stink eye".  It was so fun to get together ... catching up ... talking quilts ... life's troubles and accomplishments ... the time passed so quickly ... several had to return to work.  One QBee confided that she was taking a long lunch in hopes that she would be fired!  What a hoot!  I love every moment I spend with these women ... lucky me to have friends like this in my life!
On Wednesday the focus was on knitting and Q/KBee Barb C!  She has had a lot of family visiting from the Lower 48 since I returned from Minnesota ... so we had tons to catch up on!  We went for lunch ... then shopping at The Net Loft ... next we spent the afternoon at her home beginning new knitting projects.  I began this cardigan for Sister DillyDally ... Barb designed and began a Christmas Stocking for her granddaughter, Princess Cora, who will be arriving in October!  It was such a lovely afternoon ... sipping tea ... the soft click of knitting needles ... intimate conversation ... thanks for the date Barb!
Early Thursday morning was spent cutting out and constructing a summer skirt for Sister DillyDally.  I invited KBee Krista over for a dillydally date.  I had gotten so sidetracked with the skirt, that she arrived for our date before I was even dressed!  Nothing like making a good impression on the first date! ;-)
Krista lives in the Seattle area and spends her summers here while her husband commercial fishes in the Sound.  Krista spent the afternoon knitting a stocking cap for her twenty-something daughter while I did the hand work on my twenty-something daughters skirt.  I popped us some popcorn for lunch ... what?  Come on ... I put real butter on it!  The more I get to know Krista ... I realize we have a lot in common ... I really enjoyed the afternoon getting to know her better!  Hmmmm ... I wonder if Krista will go out on a second date?  If she does, it won't be because of my hostess abilities!   I'll keep you posted ... ;-)

Gosh ... with all this dating I am really behind on the non-dillydally part of my life!  I really need to get around to doing dishes ... dust mopping would be nice ... but I'd rather work on some of my top secret 007 projects ... take a peek ...

... I don't make a very good undercover agent ... I am social by nature ... that is why I am on the dillydally dating circuit ... fortunately these projects will be given in the near future ... then I can share them with everyone!

Soooo ... dating is an important part of the dillydally lifestyle ... I enjoy both group and individual dating ... and so far I haven't had to register on eharmony or!  I encourage you to call someone ... invite them on a dillydally date!  Lovin my dillydally life!


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