Friday, November 22, 2019

My Auction Items!

What?  The world keeps turning ... even when you are immobile and in pain!  Time stops for no one ... not even for Mrs. DillyDally! 😊  The local quilt guild hosts an annual Tea and Auction fundraising event every fall ... and the 2019 date was swiftly approaching.  I needed to stop whimpering and get busy!
Went through my patterns ... seeking ideas and possibilities!  Came across one of my favorite table toppers that I hadn't done in several years ... Terry Atkinson's Happy Holidays!  Perfect!  Found fabrics from my stash and got busy cutting and piecing!  This design goes together quick!
Before long I had it layered and was machine quilting.  The fabrics each have a bit of metallic gold ... sew I pulled out my metallic threads!
It was finished ... and ready for someone's Holiday table!
I was really happy with the results ... and confess that I thought long and hard about how it would look on my Holiday dinner table.  I resisted ... it was auctioned off.  I knew while making my auction items that I would be in Anchorage for surgery during that time ... and sew ... would miss the fun!

The event has both a live and silent auction, so I usually make something smaller for the silent auction.  While going through my Holiday fabric stash, I came across a few blocks left over from a panel ... they became a set of potholders!
On the back side they have loops, for those who like to hang potholders!  A very fun project!  Pretty potholders make such a nice gift!
White Christmas ... my favorite Holiday movie.  In 2016, while visiting family in northern Minnesota, the local quilt shop had a sample of this on display.  It stole my heart!  I came home with the pattern and kit ... and so it has sat patiently for three years.  You can find the pattern here.  It is a wool appliqué wall quilt ... so yes, the kit was an investment.  It is also very traditional in color.  I truly want to keep this for myself ... but it would make a great auction item.
DillyDalliers always find a way!  Use the design, but make it contemporary rather than traditional looking!  Back to my stash I went ... blue is my favorite color ... I have an abundance of blue Holiday fabric ... the fabrics had a metallic silver accent ...
... and The Net Loft here in town has a wonderful selection on wool!  It was meant to be!
I found the embellishments I needed in my stash ... silver rick rack, beads, and embroidery threads!
Eventually the top was pieced ... the appliqué and wool pieces were ironed on ... it was layered and ready to be quilted!
Back to the stash of metallic thread ... honestly ... is it legal to have this much fun while in pain?  Not sure about legality, but it was a great distraction from the pain ... plus it made the days pass by more quickly!
I machine quilted all of the wool pieces down.  Many will have opinions about that ... but ... my project, my rules!  I used an iridescent thread that I was unable to capture with my phone camera, but I really liked the results!  You can barely see it in the above pic.  The snowflakes I hand embroidered with floss, metallic thread and silver beads ... again, hard to capture with the camera.
Flicka was ever attentive and not at all helpful!  Shiny thread and beads are difficult for a kitty to ignore.  When I use my firm voice ... she usually tucks those little paws away. I love how this picture captures her restraint!  Such a good kitty!
Finally ... it was done.  In this pic, I am trying to capture the details in the top half of the wall quilt.
Attempted to capture details in the bottom half.  Honestly ... I was completely in love with this wall quilt when I finished it! 💙
It includes all my favorite things ...
... and I had so much fun making it!  Yep ... I found out that one can have fun, even when in serious pain!  Good to know!
My friend from Minnesota donated this adorable book bag that she made to our auction!  So nice of her to contribute!  She is a soul mate ... and a blessing!
I truly had a hard time letting this project go up for auction!  And obviously, so did Flicka!  But it has a new home ... and I hope it brings joy to the family it serves!
The auction was very successful ... our guild can cover their scholarship costs and begin planning our next Rock Star event!  A friend took a few pics for me, it was so fun for me to see some of the other items guild members had made and donated!
Our quilting community is so vibrant and supportive ... every guild member is generous with their talent ...  I am grateful for the quilters and their influence in my dillydally life!

Do what you love!  Do dillydally!
Mrs. DillyDally

Saturday, November 9, 2019

Twists & Turns

Life is unpredictable ... filled with twists and turns that we cannot plan for!  The DillyDally family enjoyed one of our best spring and summers ... it was filled with travel, our daughter's wedding, and unusually warm/dry weather!
Those who follow me on Facebook or Instagram joined us on our journeys, daily outdoor activities and my dillydallying!  We had such a great time ... but things changed quickly the third week of September.  The photo above and below were taken on my last walk, September 16th.  My knee was a bit cranky at the end of that day ... but that wasn't necessarily unusual.
First came the TWIST.  Autumn was in full swing and the weather was beautiful.  The next day, I decided to "baby" that cranky knee!  Instead of going for a long walk that day, I walked two blocks for a dillydally playdate with a friend ... and it became so difficult to walk I nearly didn't make it home! The next morning ... I was completely immobile!
Long story short ... a local doctor appointment, X-rays, and consultation.  By that Friday, I was left believing that there would be another total knee replacement in my very near future.  I am not going to lie ... between the chronic pain, immobility, and that news ... I found myself feeling real despair.  Our fur babies know when we're hurting ... they empathize ... they hearts hurt.  Nissa was confused when I could no longer join in her and Mr.'s walks.
Flicka became clingy.  She took more than normal interest in supervising my more sedimentary lifestyle.  Honestly ... the additional kitty snuggles did help.  However, returning to chronic pain ... after enjoying a few years without it was grueling! I had to work very hard not to jump into the "pool of self-pity".  I could knit ... I could sew ... I spent time doing the things I could do in order to distract me from the things I was unable to do.  That effort helped ... but chronic pain is difficult to ignore!
Then came the TURN!  It takes a while when you live in the middle of nowhere, but two weeks ago I finally had an appointment with an Orthopedic Surgeon in Anchorage.  Another long story short ... I don't need a knee replacement! When the surgeon told me the news ... I wanted to get up and dance!  Such great news!  Yesterday (11/8) I had an arthroscopy meniscectomy ... Monday I have a post op appointment with the surgeon ... and if all goes well we will be home that evening!  Within 6 weeks my dillydally lifestyle should be restored!

The twist and turns in life teach us so much.  My knee is iced ... my brain is on meds ... my heart is grateful! Grateful for medical professionals, for friends who have been supportive during this difficult time, and the love and care I have received from family!  Mr. DillyDally has been the best!  My heart truly is full!

Onward!  Forward! Upward!  Do dillydally!
Mrs. DillyDally

Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Fall Dressmaking I Class!

What better way to celebrate autumn's arrival then by adding a new garment to our wardrobe!
Welcome autumn and refresh your wardrobe by taking a Dressmaking I Class!
Let's make a garment for ourselves!  I offered the first session of this class last April ... sew much fun!  I've chosen a pattern that allows me to teach basic clothing construction skills ... is available for all body sizes and shapes ... and includes many design options!

 I began sewing at the age of nine and by Junior High was making most of my wardrobe.  My mother taught me to sew initially, and I took every Home Ec class available in High School.  Textiles were my first love ... a passion that has remained with me my entire life!
Spring Dressmaking I Class - 2019

When choosing a college ... my first concern was whether or not I could study textiles!  I took every textile class available!  My passion grew ... and clothing construction was always my first love!

I enjoy sharing that passion for clothing construction with others! The remaining photos in this post are of the Spring session participants in their finished dresses!  These women are so inspiring!
Spring Dressmaking I Class - 2019

 I am thrilled by the interest and current popularity of clothing construction!  Sew ... my excitement in offering another class for adults makes this dillydally heart sew very happy!  We are going to have such fun!
Spring Dressmaking I Class - 2019

Here are the details:

  • We will be meeting four times, September 24 & 26th and October 1st and 3rd.
  • Set up will begin at 6 pm with instruction from 6:30 - 9:30 pm.
  • High School Home Economics Room
Participants will Learn the Following Skills
  • Body measurements & Determining Size
  • Fabric preparation & Grainline
  • Pattern Layout & Cutting
  • Marking
  • Staystitching & Darts
  • Clipping corners & Curves
  • Seams & Finishes
  • Grading Seams
  • Bias Facings
  • Side Seam Pocket Construction
  • Gathering Techniques
  • Multiple Hem Options

Spring Dressmaking I Class - 2019
Dress Pattern
  • We will be making the Hinterland Dress by Sew Liberated.  
  • In Dressmaking I, we will be using this pattern to make a pullover, sleeveless version. 
  • The pattern is available for purchase at The Net Loft.
  • Sizes range from 0 to 24.  It is a style that is comfortable and flattering for all body shapes.
  • It is very versatile.  Participants will choose between a tunic, short, or midi length dress.
  • If you would like to view this pattern made by people from all over the world, use #hinterlanddress on Instagram.
Equipment Required to Participate
  • A sewing machine in good working order
  • Sewing Machine Needles, size 12  
  • Fabric scissors
  • Tape measure
  • Straight Pins
  • Seam Ripper
  • Sharpes (hand sewing needles)
Supplies required to Participate
  • After you register, I will be emailing you a supply list that includes the fabric and notions necessary to take the class.
  • Fabric, notions, and equipment is available at both The Net Loft and Forget Me Not Fabrics.
Spring Dressmaking I Class - 2019

Registration and Cost
  • Space is limited.  Be sure to register online by clicking here.
  • Once you register, I will email you a supply list.
  • The class fee is $100 (due at the first session) and includes over 12 hours of instruction.
Questions and Concerns
  • Feel free to email me at
  • Use Dressmaking I in the subject line.
  • I check my email every morning and evening, and will reply as soon as I read your email.
Spring Dressmaking I Class - 2019

Spring Dressmaking I Class - 2019

Spring Dressmaking I Class - 2019

Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Lots to Celebrate!

Here in DillyDallydom, I am always embracing different ways to celebrate!
This is the first week of a new month ... always a time to refocus on my goals and current intentions!  Every month is like a new beginning ... a fresh start!  Welcome September!
September is also ... National Sewing Month!  I have been celebrating this since the 1980's!  In my classroom, we always began the new school year learning how to create with a sewing machine!  Now that I have retired from teaching ... I still celebrate ... "Her Majesty" and I are busy.  I usually sew a bit every day!
A 10 year anniversary passed quietly in July ... I have been celebrating privately ... but now it is time to celebrate with you all!  Ten years ago ... while developing my dillydally philosophy ... I began this blog!
The Minnesota Quilt Shop Hop was the original purpose behind Dilly-Dally Days ... I had happened upon it in 2007 and wanted to share it with my QBees (Quilt Buddies)!  In 2009, I returned to Minnesota with the purpose of journaling this statewide event ... blogging seemed the best way to accomplish that ... and here we are 10 years later!  Sew fun to revisit those early posts ... seeing the adventures I had ... and eventually it did lead to four QBees joining me in 2011!
As you can see, sewing was the driving force behind the beginning of this blog!  It made complete sense to celebrate this blogging anniversary in September!
Then the question was ... how to share this anniversary here ... with you!  I wanted to make something that was sewing related and would spread the dillydally message! A plan formulated in my mind ... it had to include my beloved Alaska Forget-Me-Nots ... accented with my favorite fabric, gingham!
Her Majesty and I got busy ... privately celebrating as we worked together creating ... definitely in our happy zone!
Appliqué, quilting, and binding done!  All that remained was the hand stitching!
We took that task outdoors!
Long time followers know how much I love dillydallying outdoors.  In order to truly reflect me and my nonsense funsense ... some of its construction had to done "out the road" here in my remote corner of the planet!
Finished!  It is a sewing machine cover!  But actually it could be used for other purposes as well!
It could be a toaster cover!  If the ties were tucked in ... it could be a table mat!  It can cover the back of a dinning room chair!  Oh ... the possibilities!
I love how the bow ends up looking like it is part of the Forget-Me-Not bouquet on Her Majesty!  Originally I had intended to give this away through a drawing ... collecting comments and then randomly drawing the recipient!
But then it occurred to me ... why not reward a follower ... one who has shown their loyalty by commenting the most often.  When you are a blogger who lives in the middle of nowhere ... the fact that anyone reads your musings is humbling ... add to that a comment ... and my dillydally heart is filled with affirmation!  Sew ... Marilyn ... from Waukehsa, Wisconsin ... I have sent you an email requesting your snail mail address!  Thank you Marilyn for consistently reaching out and supporting my silly dillydally life!  Your comments and kindness have touched me in ways that are impossible to measure!

Do what you love!  Celebrate!  Do dillydally! 
Mrs. DillyDally